Thursday, January 19, 2012


I received an interesting e-mail a few months ago. Armand Rosmilia, a well known Zombie/horror writer had read one (or more) or my books in the Zombies!...The beginning of the end series, and he liked what he saw. Cool.

He wanted me to write a non-fiction piece on why I write about zombies. Cooler.
Then I find out that I share my articles with 43 other amazing writers. Holy Fucking SHIT!

Armand took 44 authors and threw our sick, depraved, and humorous musings into a collection. I am in the same book with Joe McKinney, David Moody, and a ton of other incredibly talented authors. I feel like if you see my name amongst the who’s who of Zombie authors you would be inclined to start singing “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just don’t belong…” but I digress. I was invited and I contributed and now I am sharing pages with SO MANY incredibly gifted and successful authors that I can’t help but giggle.
The e-mail was simple: tell people why you write about zombies. Um…Cause I’m a sick fuck who likes to dream about the end of the world? Too short. What ended up coming out was a much more in-depth piece about how my brain works and why I write what I write. I admit some personal things, like my father was a zombie and ever since then I felt the need to win his approval by creating works around his “condition”…no, that’s a lie.

I don’t want to tell you what I wrote about, because I want you to get the book and read it. But here is the kicker…you can pick it up FOR FREE! – from now until Saturday the book is absolutely FREE on kindle.
Don’t do it cause my name is on it, do it for these other people, all of which are more successful and talented than I.
Neil Kloster * Mark Clodi * Richard Lee Byers * Joe McKinney * Jason S. Hornsby * Rie Sheridan Rose * Christian Jensen * Mainak Dhar * JD Gillam * Mark Justice * Michael D. Griffiths * Dane Hatchell * T.S. Charles * David Moody * Todd Brown * Craig DiLouie * Lee Pletzers * Andy Taylor * Kevin Coryell * Brent Abell * Sharon M. White * Kelly M. Hudson * Chantal Boudreau * Carole Gill * Marissa Farrar * Tim Waggoner * W.D. Gagliani * David Lee Summers * Lou Antonelli * Shawn M. Riddle * Keith Gouveia * Ian DG Sandusky * Tony Monchinski * David Dunwoody * DA Chaney * Adam Millard * Thomas Scopel * Jeremiah Coe * Jasper Bark * Ray Wallace * Eric S. Brown * Blaze McRob * Kate Madison * Armand Rosamilia
Thanks, Armand. I am so fucking honored for the opportunity, and so overwhelmed that you would think I belong in this group.
Oh, and one more quickie…Armand, myself, and 3 incredibly other talented authors (Patrick Rahall, Tamworth Grice, and Alyn Day) are currently hard at work on a fiction anthology. It’s zombie related, but that’s all I’ll say for now. More to come.