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Witches House: the Chronicles of Rosario
By: Chrsitian Jensen

He smiled down at her, the jaundiced look in his green eyes reflected brightly in the wide begging stare of hers, his fingers digging into her throat too tightly and hurting the soft fleshy things inside. Something crunched a little and she tried to flinch but he was abnormally strong, especially for someone so fucking skinny. The nails on his fingers were starting to draw blood in crescent shapes on the delicate white flesh and bright lights began to appear around the periphery of her fading vision.
This is it, she thought to herself. I went out with the wrong guy and I won’t be coming home. Everyone warned her this would happen, all of her friends speaking out at one time or another about her carelessness, her willingness to drop everything and head out with the first good looking guy who smiled at her. Now she was paying the price they had warned her she would eventually have to pay, and it was costing Mary her very life.
“I am going to hurt you.” His voice was deep and heavy in her ear, but it sounded like it was coming from a million miles away.
Mary was getting tired, and the pain was starting to fade away which was scaring her a little. Darkness was coming in around the edges and the bright lights she had been seeing were all but gone now. It was hard for her to see, her eyes had rolled up into her head and she was looking into her eyelids.
He let go of her throat and smiled down at her, the bright white teeth reflecting the soft light of his apartment and shinning down on her like spotlights. Mary sucked in a deep breath and launched herself into a coughing fit. Her throat hurt worse than it ever had, even worse than the days following her tonsillectomy. She tried to remember what that was like, but the red-hot pain that tore through her body right now was eclipsing all other thought. Mary struggled to focus on anything, but the pain was her only world.
“I want to hurt you so bad that you will never forget me.” He moved the thin fingers of his hand down her throat and over the smallish breasts, his fingers running over the fabric and the nails scratching at the printed logo of her shirt as they moved down the small collection of fat on her stomach and curved around to cup the jeans between her legs. “I am going to fuck you.” he grabbed a handful of flesh and squeezed, the pain flaring up again immediately and somehow, mercifully, taking some of it away from her throat.
Mary sucked in a pained and surprised breath and began to cough again. She whimpered and tried to beg him to stop, but no words would fit out of her ruined throat.
“I am going to fuck you and hurt you, and then I am going to kill you.” He laughed a little, but it was a fake sound, something dead and empty. There was a lack of emotion to everything; his smile, his eyes, his laugh. Mary wasn’t sure if he was real, and she didn’t know if that should matter.
He kept one hand clamped between her legs and used his other to rip the shirt off her in one quick motion. She wasn’t wearing a bra; Mary never thought she really needed one. Her tits were just over a B cup, and she liked the attention she got when her nipples poked into the fabric of her shirt. She looked down at herself, her round breasts bobbing around like loosely filled bags of water, her pudgy belly shaking as she forced air into her lungs and let it out in shuddering breaths. His hand was moving slowly over her stomach, the nails leaving small red lines behind them that pooled slowly with her blood. Her skin was covered with gooseflesh and her nipples puckered up and pointed out to the sides.
The fabric of her jeans didn’t tear away as easily as her shirt. He had to place a hand flatly on her stomach and force his other hand upwards, the pain building inside her belly until the seams finally gave way and he ripped them off her, throwing them to the floor with her shirt. She didn’t think it should be so easy to tear blue jeans off someone, yet this guy didn’t have too much trouble with it.
Mary was now lying naked on his couch, her hairless pubis gleaming in the pale light, shinning like a beacon. His hand instantly gravitated there, the fingers running over the cool flesh of her labia. He was being gentle, and she thought that maybe once he got what he wanted he would let her go.
Mary never thought of herself as pretty or sexy, but she knew what guys wanted enough to accentuate her better features. Her wide hips made her stomach look thinner than it was, and her tits stood out far enough that her shirts would hang off them, the nipples visible through the shirts enough to draw the eye away from anything else. She kept her hair long and lipstick on her thick, bee-stung lips so they stood out from her plain face. She used her words more than her body to lure men into buying her drinks or getting her high. It was easy to get someone to buy them a drink when you offered to suck their cock for it.
“How may men have made this thing their home?” He looked into her eyes and there was the same lack of emotion. “How many cocks have slipped into this hole while you lay under their sweating bodies and bask in the attention these men give you? How many seconds of self esteem have you been able to get from their seeds?”  He shook his head slowly from side to side.
The man stood up and began to get undressed. He was slow about it, deliberate and careful. His shirt was unbuttoned, folded, and placed on the chair behind him. His shoes and socks next, placed carefully under the chair. After his pants and underwear were hung neatly on the back of the chair he turned slowly and smiled down at her. His flaccid penis was small, the head pulled into the wrinkled shaft and the fleshy foreskin covering it completely. He was hairless; not a single hair stood out on his body underneath his neck, even his nipples where devoid of the usual thatch of fur most men had. His groin wasn’t just shaved it was smooth. There were no razor bumps that would indicate he had recently shaved it off. If he weren’t so tall and covered in thin ropes of muscle he would have looked like a child.
He lowered himself slowly to his knees and spread her legs easily, Mary allowing herself to be moved around like a rag doll. He brought his mouth down between her legs and she could feel the heat of his breath on the smooth flesh of her lips. It didn’t feel good. She looked down at him and saw the gleam in his eye, something bright and hungry that hadn’t been there before. With one quick fluid motion his head snapped to the side and there was a bright flash of teeth as he bit into her thigh. She tried to scream but all that would come out was a small squeak as tears streaked out of her eyes.
Something strange happened as he sucked the blood from her flowing wound; Mary began to enjoy it. The pain in her neck began to dissipate, and she was able to breath without pain. She even heard herself making small mewing sounds of enjoyment. His mouth was dangerously close to her pussy, but not on it. Still she could feel electric bolts of pleasure shooting through her body much stronger than anything she ever felt when a guy went down on her. Mary’s pussy was swelling and getting wet as he sucked at the wound, her nipples growing stiffer and more sensitive. When she came Mary screamed out, one hand running through the wetness of her sex and the other buried in the thick black hair of his head.
It was like nothing else she had ever felt; pleasure rolled through her body in thick waves, smashing into her again and again, feeling like some magnificent drug. Mary gasped for breath, sweat breaking out on her skin, as she grew dizzy and weak.
“Do you like me?” He looked up from between her legs and smiled, blood covering his mouth like clowns make-up. There was something wrong with his mouth, but Mary was too light-headed to figure out what it was.
She rolled her head back onto the pillows of the couch and giggled like a small girl.
“Yes.” She dipped two fingers into the soaking flesh of her pussy and brought them up to her mouth. They were shaking as she sucked the come off her fingers. “Are you going to fuck me now?” Mary batted her eyes at him thinking this may be her only chance to stay alive. “Please, I want to feel you inside me.”
He smiled at her and nodded his head. She felt his fingers playing over the soft wet flesh as he worked a finger into her, then two. She melted into the soft cushions and moaned out as he worked four fingers, stretching her painfully. Mary gasped as his entire hand was forced into her, the nails on his hand biting into the soft insides of her vagina. She screamed out and tried to sit up as he pushed his hand farther inside of her, his nails slicing her open as he reached up into her body.
“Not what you expected?” He laughed, a humorless sound that echoed flatly in the sparse room. “If I don’t kill you now you’ll turn soon, and I can’t have that. There is only one woman I ever wanted to spend eternity with, and this is her fault. Don’t blame me about this, blame Victoria.” He pushed his hand deeper into her, his elbow and bicep disappearing into her bloody hole.
He felt her heart pounding just outside of his reach. Mary was writhing around screaming and crying, her body flopping around on his arm as he struggled to get the last few inches that would put her beating heart in his hands. He stretched and pushed and caught hold of the throbbing muscle. He gripped it like an unripe fruit and twisted it free, pulling it out of her quickly and showing her dead eyes the organ before biting into it and sucking the thick dark blood from it.
“I gave Victoria my heart,” he dropped the heart to the floor, withered and drained and he stomped a bare foot onto it and ground the thing into his rug. “And she stepped on it. I know just how you feel Mary.”

Stanley is a bad mother fucker. He is one of the Vampires that does not sparkle. He keeps to the shadows and hunts, slaughtering any woman who reminds him of Victoria. You’ll love her; Hot red head with an incredible body and an insatiable sexual appetite.
You can buy Stanley everywhere, along with The Bitch (5 STAR reviewed) and The Evil Breed.
All the books are available on KINDLE, NOOK, and SMASHWORDS. 
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Guest post 5 SIREN By: Alyn Day

Now I bring you guest post number 5 by the untapped talent of Alyn Day. She is a fixture on twitter, and if you’re not following @z0mbiegrl than you are missing a treat. She is funny, touching, and just plain sweet. This girl wears her heart on her sleeve for the world to see. With Alyn Day, what you see is what you get. I can do nothing but respect that.
She started a blog, finally. While that is an ongoing work in progress you need to stop by and say hello. I know a lot of people were telling her she needed to create one, but I am going to take all the credit. Fuck everyone else.
I have had the honor of watching her writing progress over the past couple months, and I am excited to share Siren, her first erotic horror story, with all of you.  She is another young writer who wanted to keep adding and changing and editing her story so that it was perfect. I got to watch the progression from rough draft to finished version 1, 2, wait…I have a few more days let me get another draft done… until I finally was able to rip this version from her hands and post it.
I am sure you will agree it is an incredibly sexy and frightening tale. Enjoy.

By: Alyn Day

Jacob Russell rubbed his temples. His head was throbbing and he needed a smoke. His job as a late shift EMT was starting to get to him. It wasn't the strung out cokeheads who often got violent when he tried to check them out, it wasn't the beaten and abused children he saw on what seemed like a nightly basis, it wasn't even the amount of death, it was that fucking siren. Hearing it over and over again, night after night, was doing something to his brain, he imagined.
He had been having constant headaches since he had begun the job, but he hadn't really associated them with the fact that he had recently given up smoking. Possibly the late nights and long hours were having an effect on his memory if nothing else. If only he could forget Karen as easily.
She had left him less than two weeks prior, citing his smoking as one of the reasons she needed to "move out and move on", as she put it. Jake knew he wasn't the easiest person to live with, his bouts of depression, fits of anger, and over all personality were a lot to take, but he had loved Karen and loved her still. He had decided to give up smoking with the idea of winning her back somewhere in his head, although he would have been hard pressed to admit it. 
He sighed, hunched over the steering wheel in the big, boxy ambulance, waiting for his partner Rick Creegan to come back from the coffee shop across the street with caffeine and donuts. It had been a long shift in a string of long shifts, one that seemed to go on practically forever, although in actuality it had only been 4 hours since he had signed in and taken the keys to #27 off the little hook in the EMT office.
The caduceus, embroidered on his sleeve in shiny metallic silver, caught the orangey light from the arch sodium lamps overhead and reflected it brightly on the window. Jake stared dimly at the image of the twin snakes wrapped around a staff reflected in his window, thoughts returning once again to Karen and the way her hair always fell just so into the shadows made by her collar bones, the sound of her laugh and the way she smelled.
Jake startled when Rick whipped open the passenger door and plunked into his seat, deftly balancing a paper bag, already stained with grease, and a paperboard cup holder containing 2 full cups of hot black coffee. He set the cup holder down between them and Jake picked his beverage up, not even pausing before he took 3 long swallows of the hot black liquid.
"It's going to be a long night. I can feel it." he sighed. Rick nodded, powdered sugar on his lips and a mouth full of jelly donut, as the radio squawked to life in front of them, issuing orders and giving the location of their next call in a staccato filled with static.

A little over 3 hours later, Rick and Jake sat in their ambulance once more, having dispatched and delivered more of the city's dead and dying into the waiting arms of Mercy General Hospital. Both men were exhausted. Jake had pulled into an empty parking lot on the outskirts of the city. It was near the ocean, and the sound of the rolling waves was incredibly soothing. Rick was asleep in the passenger seat, feet up on the dashboard, drooling slightly and snoring.
Jake could find no respite. Thoughts of Karen, of that morning he had come home from his shift a little early and found her packing, of the look in her eyes when she told him it was over, haunted him. Finally, temptation took over and he opened the driver's side door, hopping down onto the uneven pavement and reaching into his pocket for a smoke. He had kept the pack there, in his breast pocket, as a testament to his supreme willpower, but looking back he supposed that was a stupid idea at best.
He grinned sadly as he placed a cigarette into his mouth, brandishing a silver lighter. The flame flickered, highlighting his face in stark contrast to the darkness of his surroundings as he lit up and sat down on the Ambulance's rear bumper. He inhaled deeply and exhaled, almost a sigh. Shaking his head, he looked at his feet, blood from an earlier bout with one of the homeless still smeared on one shoe. He took another drag and looked out to the ocean and that was when he saw her.
She was nude, what he could see of her, but somehow that wasn't what captivated him, held him entranced instantly. It was her eyes, even at a distance they were pools of remarkable depth and clarity and they were fixed on him intently. Her lips were full and slightly parted and the color of coral, even in the dim light. Her long blonde hair was carelessly tousled and the effect was ridiculously sexy. It fell down her smooth, creamy shoulders and drifted past her full breasts, each capped with a rosy nipple like the cherry on a sundae. There it faded from view past her slim waist where the shadows began. Jacob was utterly speechless, transfixed. He couldn't breathe; the sight of her had him mesmerized, as she stepped out into what little light there was. She was completely naked and absolutely stunning, the most perfect example of exquisite feminine beauty Jacob had ever encountered. Her long slender legs moved below gracefully curving hips, smooth flat stomach over a patch of glistening blonde pubic hair. She beckoned. Perfect coral finger nails motioned on the one the end of a slender alabaster arm.
 The cigarette, still glowing like an ember, fell from Jake's lips as he stood, walking towards her as if in a daze.
She stepped back into the shadows, onto the sandy beach, luring Jake after her. He followed without question. The darkness enshrouded them both. Once past the shallow pools of murky orange light cast by the street lamps edging the parking lot, she encircled him in her arms, which were unusually strong despite their slenderness, and pulled him into her.
Already Jake’s nostrils were filled with her aroma, musky and deep, wild and untamed, dangerous. Her skin was cool to the touch, Jake noticed, as he slid his hands down her back and over the firm curvature of her ass. He was pulled close to her and became instantly erect.
 Her mouth tasted of the briny sea. She kissed him hungrily, pressing her body into his, her tongue parting his lips and exploring the landscape of his mouth. She gently yet insistently probed, her hands roaming over his biceps and shoulders, playing over his neck, fingernails scraping teasingly at the base of his hairline. Her delicate hands sent tiny electric shocks throughout his body. There was something primal in the scent of her, and that only excited Jake more.
She moved against him, silken skin sliding over the throbbing bulge in his pants through the thin fabric of his uniform. He noticed that only her mouth and the damp recess between her legs possessed any warmth. They were like flames unto themselves, furnaces burning with the fire of lust and passion ignited between the two of them. She kissed him harder, more fervently, and Jake was powerless to resist her dark embrace. He moved with her as she pulled him towards the sandy dunes near the waves as they lapped languidly at the shore.
Jake's hands moved restlessly over every inch of the maiden's skin, her firm breasts and deliciously hard nipples, the slim curvature of her waist and her long, smooth legs and the graceful arch of her back. He was only dimly aware of being shoved to the ground before he was on his back. She was on top of him, pinning him to the cooling sand.
Her movements belied a desperate intensity as she writhed on top of him. She ground into him, pressing the delicious warmth of her sex against his throbbing manhood. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt, ripping it from his body and casting it aside, the feel of her on his bare skin adding a new layer to the already unbearable sensations of arousal Jake felt. He was powerless against her, his thoughts consumed with nothing but the idea of feeling the stiff shaft of his cock enter her wet slit.
Jake tasted blood as she bit his lip in her fervor but it barely registered as her hands found their way into his pants, the cool velvety texture of her skin as she began to stroke him slowly. Before he knew what was happening he was inside her, stretching her tight glistening warmth with his hardness. She undulated atop him with quickening strokes. Just as he was nearing climax, wave after wave of pleasure breaking over him like ocean tides, she leaned forward and locked eyes with him.
Within her eyes he saw suffering, pain eternal and unending. She tore out his throat savagely with fangs that had sprung to her delicate mouth during their tryst, his hot blood spilling down her breasts and over her stomach, onto the area where their bodies joined in the throes of passion. She rocked herself to a climax of her own.
Jake screamed out his last breath, whether in pain or in pleasure it no longer mattered. His lifeblood poured out of him, mingling with the fluids from both of their bodies and pooling on the sand. She pulled herself off of him, her legs already warping and lengthening, scales springing out on her pale skin where Jake's blood had splashed. Her tail formed. She began to consume his flesh, peeling long hanks of flesh and muscle from his chest.
Somewhere nearby came the sound of a door slamming and shoes on pavement. She hurriedly finished her meal and dragged the remnants of Jake's carcass into the ebbing tide.
Rick stepped onto the beach to the sound of something splashing through the waves and found torn clothes, pooled blood, and tracks that looked like those of a very large sidewinder leading into the ocean...

As always please leave a comment for Alyn Day and let her know what you thought of her story.  Tell your friends and if you’re not doing so please follow this blog. Thanks so much.

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Guest post number 4.
I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share the immense talent of Amy O Rizzo with all of you. She pretends to be such a nice girl, but as I’ve always suspected nice girls have a naughty streak. Amy proves that here with this amazing tale of erotic horror.
 I’ve read this story in two or three drafts because she is a perfectionist. No matter how many times I told her it was perfect she would revamp it, whisking it away to her land of rainbows and unicorns where she would shut the blinds and lock the door and let Evil Amy out to play.
She is an incredibly talented writer and a very good friend of mine. We bonded over a muffin (yes, I said MUFFIN, not MUFF) discussion a while back, and ever since then we have been great friends. She is an invaluable critic, editor, and friend. 
She is better known as @punkrizz on twitter, and her hysterical blog (which is ABSOLUTLY nothing like this one) continually gets rave reviews by everyone who comes across it. She even let me guest post over there earlier this week, which just shows how sweet and kind Amy can be when she isn’t letting her freak flag fly. She also has a book coming out the beginning of next year, Book Burning, which she has told me absolutely nothing about, yet I can’t wait to read. You can find out more about her on her website.
So make sure the kids are put to bed, the shades are drawn, and your gimp is safely stowed in the overhead compartment. Loosen the ropes on your wrist enough to allow movement of your mouse, and enjoy the brilliance that is:
@PunkRizz chained to my laptop
Blogger of creativity, Writer of paranormal fantasy,horror and general raunch. First novel Book Burning tbr 2012. My tweets are a minor scandal.

By: Amy O Rizzo

He was needed at home. There hadn’t been a phone call from his security man, Jerrold, warning him of an emergency. Yet he had the feeling anyway, a build-up of tension in his gut that spurred him to press heavily on the accelerator. The German sedan responded beautifully, taking a tight corner without disturbing the body behind him. The gentle rhythm of wiper blades seemed to echo his thoughts.
There were few cars at this hour, and the weather was taking a turn for the worse. When the fat sound of rain had been replaced by the staccato of sleet, the man permitted himself to relax slightly into the leather seat. He silently thanked the dismal weather and the perfect cover it would provide when he dragged the body inside. His neighbors, in the off chance that they were awake, wouldn’t see more than gray shadows.
 He pressed a button on the console to call Jerrold and dismissed him with a few words in their native tongue. By the time he drove the car through the wrought iron gate, the brownstone was dark and deserted. The high narrow windows looked sorrowful around their heavy damask curtains where no light could escape. Not that his pet would anticipate lighting the way for his arrival, nor was she permitted to roam the house unaccompanied. With that thought, his earlier sense of urgency returned.
The brick was icy at the back of the house as he made his way along the path that led to the cellar door. His hand-stitched loafers almost finished him on the stairs, but he made it safely inside and emerged moments later with a bundle of sailcloth. It was a simple task to haul the corpse out of the backseat and onto the cloth, the stranger’s head making a meaty thud against the edge of the car. With a practiced movement he unlocked the back door that led to the mudroom and tugged the unresisting man inside, but the harsh overhead light did little to dispel the mystery surrounding the stranger.
His evening had begun in a typical manner; dinner and cigars at the club, followed by cognac and a hand of Madrasso afterwards with several associates. The stranger approached their table soon after the second hand had been dealt. That’s when the trouble began. The stranger smiled as he asked his subtly persistent questions, spoken in a familiar accent that could not go ignored.
Cursing himself for his distraction, the man wrapped the body tight and hoisted it over his shoulder. With one arm gripping the solid mahogany banister, he made his way up the oriental runner to the second floor. One more flight of stairs, this one slightly smaller, and he was outside her bower. In moments he would be with her, and all the tortured desire of the day could be assuaged inside her tender flesh. He would lay this tribute at her perfect feet and permit her to feed. But only after she gave him what he craved.
Theirs was a symbiotic relationship, a mutual need that first inspired him to drag her from the bloody tatters of her mother’s womb many years ago. Under the watchful eyes of his family, he had raised her in their honored tradition. She was carefully reared in the manner of her forebears, and when she reached the proper age, she was trained to please him in any manner he desired. She couldn’t survive in the world without him, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
After the complicated lock gave way, he pushed the door open to reveal a long, sparsely decorated space. The room ran the entire length of the house with the roof sloping on each side into dormers. Light from the hallway trickled along the stone floor to feebly pluck at the corners.
His entrance didn’t go unnoticed, and as he stood there breathing in the scents of their shared space, his pet rose from her nest of silken sheets. Her long blond hair was tousled from sleep, and she gave him a half-smile as she rubbed her eyes. She padded towards him, her breasts swaying tantalizing under his gaze, until she was almost within reach. He watched her face avidly and knew the exact second she scented the corpse. Her delicate nostrils flared, and he caught a flash of her strong, pointed teeth.
“Master,” she purred, “you have brought me something, I think.” Her voice still carried the full vowels of their homeland, forcing him to think of the stranger again.
“I have, although that wasn’t my intention,” he snapped.
She stilled at his tone and brought wary eyes to his face. Inwardly he sighed with satisfaction. He loved watching her respond.
He let the body drop, the limbs rolling within their shroud. He gave a brief inspection of his driving gloves and then abandoned them to the pile.  There was no help for it. They would have to be burned with the rest.
“Have you missed me, pet?” he asked. She wasn’t permitted to touch herself when he was absent, and he scrutinized every inch of her body looking for the telltale signs of pleasure. She was petite and perfectly formed, her lithe body camouflaging a deadly strength.
“Yes, Master,” she said, relaxing slightly at the familiar social exchange. She was nude except for her collar, and the contrast of the thick leather against her porcelain skin never failed to arouse him.
“This man trespassed into my club today and began asking questions about you. He hinted that he was into collecting exotics, and did I know of anyone who was interested.” Leaning down, he yanked back the flap of sailcloth. “Do you know him?” he demanded.
She dropped to her knees and bent low over the stranger’s face, strands of her hair shielding her expression. Finally, she looked up at him with wide, gray eyes. “I do not, Master.”
He knew it was ridiculous to ask her, although he’d never admit it out loud. If he wasn’t in this room with his pet, then she was locked behind a steel reinforced door and safely shut away from the world. She returned to her inspection of the stranger, and her inattention irked him.
“Do you like him, pet?” he asked and hooked a finger over the edge of her collar.
“He smells like home, Master.”
The wistful comment made his heart twist, but this was one thing he could never give her. They could never return to their homeland. Even if it wasn’t forbidden, the chances of them being able to live peacefully were almost nonexistent.
He gave the collar a hard yank to aid in focusing her. “You’ve forgotten something.”
“Yes, Master,” she murmured and began helping him out of his wool overcoat. The cashmere scarf came next, and he watched with delight as she stretched on tiptoe to unwind it. Impulsively he captured a pink nipple in his mouth and gently applied his teeth around the areola. She made a noise in the back of her throat, and he knew that she was his again.
He released her breast but grabbed a thin wrist, tugging her forward. He didn’t need to look for his equipment or glance at the squat desk that held them. His eyes were only for her and her growing excitement. Once he had bound her hands, he hooked them to a chain dangling from the center beam. Her breathing had grown ragged with anticipation, sweat coating her skin in a fine sheen. With a few minor adjustments, the chain was slowly lifted until her body was stretched almost to the point of pain. He shoved the desk under her feet, and she exhaled a small sigh of relief.
At this height she was perfect for him, and he traced an open palm down her side, over a hip bone to the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. The muscle quivered under his inquisitive fingers, and as he soothed her with one hand, his other hand found the heat between her legs. She obligingly widened her stance, her clitoris swollen and hypersensitive.
The corpse had been calculated foreplay on his part. Killing the man had been an accident, but he couldn’t let the opportunity of a fresh corpse go to waste. His pet could see the dead man from her perch on the desk, and he knew that the combination of her building sexual and physical hungers would lead to a mind-blowing orgasm for both of them.
He glanced down and began unbuckling his belt, sliding it free from its loops.
“Be still,” he murmured. The zipper had become stuck, and swallowing an oath, he pulled at it again. He’d have to leave a note for the housekeeper to send the pants to the tailor.
Master,” she said, and something in her voice made him look at her.
Her eyes were the color of thunderclouds, and they were fixated on his neck. The hairs along the back of his neck prickled in warning.
“What?” he asked, touching the base of his throat. He felt the telltale wetness before he brought his fingers up to the light. He stared at the smear of glossy red across his fingers and ran through the events of the night in a detached way, suddenly remembering when the stranger had stabbed him. In the heat of their struggle, he hadn’t given the shallow wound much thought. It must have opened up again when she took off the scarf.
His pet.
She stared at him with an intent look, her top lip curled in mimicry of a smile. He had observed that particular expression many times over the decades, but it had never been directed at him. He had never been food.
Shoving his fear ruthlessly to the side, he drew up to his full height, every inch the commanding Dominant that only years of superior breeding could produce. He opened his mouth to command her, and she stuck.
She lunged faster than he thought possible, her shoulder dislocating with a pop as she fought her bindings. With a loud groan the chain gave way, dropping around them like a metal snake. Even as her teeth sank into his neck, part of his brain refused to accept that his pet was capable of such disobedience. A strangled scream left him when one of her arms wrapped around his torso, her hand gouging into the tender skin below his ribcage. He grabbed her shoulders and tried to pry her off, but in the end, her strength was greater than his. She rode him to the floor, crushing his elbow to further incapacitate him. The pain was excruciating as he felt her mouth worry the wound at his neck, sinking deeper to find the artery beneath.
He knew he was going to die soon, and he was grateful for an end to the indignity. He hadn’t managed to pass out when his pet had ripped open his stomach, and the sodden noises of her feeding were too much to bear. His parents would be very disappointed in him. To allow a pet to act willfully and beyond control was inexcusable. As his vision dimmed, he could almost hear their voices. They would view the carnage, shake their heads and say, “what a damnable way to submit.”
He agreed.
The End
…And there goes her nice girl image. Just like that.
If you are not following the gorgeous Amy on twitter (@punkrizz) than you need to do so. Her posts are hilarious, insightful, and just plain fun. Check out her blog. When the book comes out, buy it. Leave lots of comments for her and let her know just how amazing her story is. I know you are going to be seeing a lot of her in my dark little corner of the internet.

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A Very Special Guest Blog: UNLAWFUL ENTRY By Joe Kesonu

My good friend Joe wrote this delightful piece of sin which I thuroughly enjoyed. I was actually laughing loudly and hooting while i read it, much the chagrin of my dogs who found the whole thing rediculously amusing. Its a slight departure from my usual style, but isn't that the idea when you have someone do a guest post? I hope you enjoy this tasty bit. Take my hand and walk with me off the beaten path and into the shadows where it is cool and frightnening. Be careful of the shadows, they bite with sharp teeth and what they touch tends to turn green and fall off. Mind your manners as we head deeper in, the life you save might just be mine.
Enjoy the guest post.

Unlawful Entry
By Joe Kesonu

                Jodie got off his bed and walked to the bathroom to wash himself, he turned on the light and saw his hand, face and cock were covered in blood.  “What the fuck?” he thought. It hadn’t been the first time he’d fucked this bitch and it was always the same, no matter what. The bitch always bled. He turned and looked at her on his bed. She was still withering in delight and ecstasy.
                “Any of your friends want to come by tonight?” Lori asked, her voice filled with hope and excitement.
                “Nah, I called most of ‘em and told them you were coming over tonight but they all said they were busy.” He lied easily to the dumb 18 year old cheerleader. The truth was, he really just wanted to fuck her himself. Abuse her the way he wanted to without the pressure of all his buddies watching.
                “That’s too bad. I was really hoping to have a cock in my ass, cunt and mouth all at the same time again.” Her statement immediately made his cock hard again and when he looked down he saw the mixture of jizz, blood and female cum dripping into his sink.
                “Well, I think I can manage to fuck your ass if you’d like. Just let me clean up a bit.”
                “No need for that.” Lori said, “Bring that cock over here and let me clean it up for you.”
                Jodie walked over to the bed and looked down at the little slut lying there in the glow of his bathroom light. She was covered in sweat, jizz and blood from her pussy. “Damn babe, you look as if you just walked out of a slaughterhouse.”
                “I like being bloody.”
                And it was true, he remembered she’d told him that when she was 14 her stepfather and brother had raped her for 4 days straight and she’s grown to love being treated like a cesspool. “Alright, well, clean my cock off and make it nice and slippery for your ass.”
                Lori sat up, grabbed a hold of his cock and started licking off the co-mingled juices of their bedroom lust.
                Damn. Jodie was really fucked up over this. He knew fucking his co-workers kid was out of bounds but the little whore just loved to be abused. He’d even used a couple of his ball peen hammers on her cunt while he fucked her. She loved it and screamed for more. When he tied her tits up with rope and then duct taped her nipple she asked to be electrocuted. He obliged. When he found his ex-girlfriends curling iron under his sink and started to fuck her ass with it she demanded he plug it in and lube her asshole with WD-40. He did. Man did that little bitch fuck his cock hard then!
                He just couldn’t get a handle on her. She wanted, no she needed to be beaten, fucked, ridiculed and abused till she was unconscious. And when she woke up, she wanted more. Jodie had never met a bitch like this. He didn’t know what to do. But, he thought, if this is what she wants, hell, I’ll give it to her.
                “You like the taste of all that shit on my cock? Don’t you, ya little skank.”
                Lori stopped sucking his bloodied prick, leaned back and placed her hand onto her bleeding, cum filled cunt, scooped up a wad of genetic expulsion in her hand and lapped it up like a dog. “Ruff! RUFF! I’m a bitch in heat!” she screamed.
                Jodie’s cock started throbbing harder than ever before. He grabbed her head and forced his eight inch cock down her throat and held her head there until she started gagging. Her fists beat on his chest and stomach, he felt her throat convulse on his prick and then he felt a warm, lumpy mass of mucus and vomit cover his cock and balls. He pulled her head off his groin. “What the fuck? Bitch? You vomit on me?”
                “Not for long!” Lori said and then started to lick up the regurgitated mess of her dinner. Once she’d cleaned Jodie off, she got on all fours and started to lap up the puke that had spilled onto the floor and sides of the bed.
                “Don’t just stand there.” She demanded. “FUCK MY ASS! STICK THAT COCK IN ME! TEAR ME APART!”
                Jodie did just that. He mounted her ass and shoved his cock in until his balls hit the bloody walls of her snatch. Lori bucked and screamed out in rage and pleasure and demanded more. “Punch me! You PUSSY COCKSUCKER! BEAT ME! MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE!”
                Jodie grabbed a handful of her crimson hair and slammed it into the side rails of his bed. Lori screamed and her pussy squirted bloody juice all over his thighs. “MORE! FUCK ME! BEAT ME! KILL ME!” She demanded.
                He didn’t know what to do. His mind was absent of thought and creativity. Until… he saw his buck knife gleaming on the bedside table. He grabbed it, and in one swift motion flipped it open and started to cut Lori’s flesh. It felt good… real good. The bitch screamed, he screamed. Blood flowed, his cock throbbed. She came like a water faucet that had been left on all night. He came until he was numb and then passed out.
                Jodie woke up to the sound of slurping and a pleasant yet uncomfortable feeling. He was face down on the floor and there was a firm weight on the back of his thighs. Something warm was tickling his ass and his cock was still hard. “Ugghhh.” The warm feeling on his ass stopped.
                “It’s ok… It’s ok.” The soothing voice of his bitch said. I was just a bit hungry.”
                Jodie tried to roll over but he realized his hands were tied to the feet of the bed and his legs had been tied to the feet of his dresser.
                “You fucked my good. Now it’s my turn to fuck you. Hope you don’t mind if I invited my family over to help.” Lori said in her most innocent of voice.
                “What?” Jodie said as he turned his head to the left. He saw 5 pairs of feet attached to legs but saw no faces.
                “You see,” Lori explained “if your friends had come over to help you fuck me right, then I never would have had to call my family. Pop-Pop is gonna video tape this shindig so we can watch it over and over. And brother Ray even brought his favorite bat so we can fuck you properly.”
                “Dat’s right Boy!” A voice said behind Jodie “You fuck our little girl…. We gets to fuck you. Dems da rules of the family and now dat Lori-girl has cleaned out your poop hole we gonna have us a real nice time.”
                The ensuing pain was only relieved by the blackness that descended him.

                                                                          THE END

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Unfinished Symphony Part 3: The Finale

I waited two weeks so everything would blow over. I never saw the cops again, so I guess I was off the hook. I walked through the field between our houses and snuck up to her window. Mary Beth was sitting in the kitchen with another guy. He looked like a college kid; neatly parted hair, clean shaven, expensive clothes. His hands were neat and clean, like he aint never seen a hard days work in his life.
Mary Beth was handing him a beer, her perfect skin glowing as she giggled at something he said. She stood in front of him and unbuttoned her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The man reached up to touch her, and I headed for the front door.
We don’t lock our doors in these parts. Aint got no reason to. I walked right in and headed for the kitchen as quiet as I could. I got there just as she plunged a big carving knife into his neck. He flopped to the ground and began to twitch, blood pouring out of his neck and covering the floor in a flood. Mary Beth smiled as she looked down at him, her hands clapping like a small child’s.
“What the fuck is the matter with you?” I walked around the ever-widening pool of blood and smacked her hard across the face. She fell to the ground and crawled across the floor to slink against the cabinet. One petite hand covered the hot spot on her face where I slapped her. Her blouse was still open and her breasts hung out looking smooth and perfect and inviting.  “Why the fuck did you send the cops to my house?”
I was furious at her. Not just for sending the cops to talk to me but also for getting me into this mess in the first place. I wanted to strangle her, to watch the life ebb away from the gorgeous blue eyes. I wanted to do a lot of things, but I couldn’t. I loved her, and I always would. Slapping her was the most violent thing I would ever be able to do.
“I…” She began to sob uncontrollably, and this time I didn’t think it was part of an act. She knew she fucked up. “I… Oh god I screwed everything up so bad.” She crawled through the blood and pulled herself up using my pants as a rope. Her face was red and covered in tears and sweat. My handprint stood out red and angry on her cheek.
I pulled her to her feet and kissed the hurt cheek gently. Then I kissed her lips. She let me. I hugged her tight and smelt the familiar fragrance of her hair. Despite the death and anger and fear I could feel my cock starting to grow. Her naked breasts were pushed against my shirt and I could feel her nipples sticking me.
“It’s not that bad.” I pulled her away from me and looked into her eyes. “It’s just a dead body. I can take care of this.” 
She sobbed louder and threw herself back into my arms. She hugged me tight and I could feel her tears soaking through my shirt. I held her, my hand slowly stroking her back. She struggled to breath through the tears, finally regaining her composure.
“It’s so much worse than that.” Mary Beth took my hand and led me to the basement door. She opened it. I turned on the light and looked down the stairs. Five bodies lay in a tangle of limbs. The smell was horrible.  I gagged and turned away from the greasy smell of death.
“What the fuck did you do?” I glanced back and saw blond hair and bright red high-heeled shoes. The tattoo on the ankle cinched it. “Did you kill your mother?”
“I had to.” She screamed at me before collapsing to the ground.

It took a long time to finally get her to calm down again. We sat on the couch holding each other. I whispered quiet words of consolation to her, but nothing worked. I told her it would be OK but she didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe me either. My mind was racing as I tried to formulate a plan. Nothing was coming.
I thought I was the monster Mary Beth had made. It turns out she was twice as bad. Maybe I was the Dr. Frankenstein here. I was the one who agreed to help her kill; I was the one who cleaned up after her. I was the one who made it all work. If I just told her no that first time none of this would have happened.
I would have to save her this one last time.
I covered my mouth and nose with a dishtowel and headed down into the basement. Mary Beth stayed on the couch weeping softly. I think she was asleep, but I wasn’t sure. The smell was like a living thing crawling all over me. It wormed its way into my nose and mouth and lay in my hair. I could taste it and feel it like a greasy brown thing on my flesh.
I managed to get down the stairs and look real good at all of them. It was her mother and three local men. My father was good friends with two of them. The other was a shiftless piece of trash that spent more time in the bottle than at work. That made this a much bigger problem. The locals would be missing, and someone would have seen her with one of them. The cops would be here soon, and this time she wouldn’t be able to flirt her way out of trouble and send them down the road on a wild goose chase to my place.
I could feel the plan snap into place in my head .  It meant I would have to touch these dead things, and the thought of that made my flesh crawl and the bile rise up in my throat. Something big and foul dislodged inside my stomach and splashed around down there sending bitter tasting nastiness up into my mouth. I had handled a few dozen dead bodies before, but they were still fresh, still human. These things were anything but.
I grabbed the biggest guy first. He weighed over two hundred pounds when he was alive, and seemed to have doubled that since he had died. I could hear the constant drone of flies buzzing around him and the wiggling of maggots just below his flesh. I tried to keep my hands on his clothes but everything was so loose I kept slipping.
Finally I gave up and ran to the kitchen for some gloves. I took a sheet from the hallway and brought it down into the basement. I think the smell got worse while I was gone. I couldn’t shake the sound of those flies. They filled my head and invaded everything except my sense of smell. That was dedicated to the sickly sweet smell of rot as it permeated off the four corpses.
The sheet got spread out on the ground and I rolled the big man onto it. I had to grab his wrists to do it, and the skin kept slipping and peeling away, the muscles like pudding as they squished and ran in thick liquid blobs between my fingers. I managed to tie the sheet around him tight enough o drag his body up the stairs and get him into the bedroom. I did the same with the other three corpses, carefully placing her mother on the bed and laying one of the dead men on top of her. I figured she wouldn’t mind spending her death the same way she spent most of her life.
Damn whore. This was all her fault.
I went to work on the college kid. It was almost refreshing dealing with a body as fresh as his, but the coppery smell of blood did nothing to cleanse my nose of the smell of decay. I made quick work of him and managed to shove the body into six garbage bags. After I tossed him into the bed of my old truck I paused outside for a minute. A few deep breaths made me feel a little better, but there was still something I needed to do before I left this place of death. Something that would make me feel a lot better.
Mary Beth was lying on the couch, her dace resting on one of the ancient pillows and her feet tucked up to her belly. The smooth flesh of her naked breasts was illuminated by a wash of moonlight that drifted through one of the windows. I placed a hand on her back and gently touched her skin. It was cool and smooth and perfect. Just feeling her skin on my hand everything I did that night worthwhile. I really did love her.
“Is everything alright?” She looked up at me with those big eyes and something inside me melted. “Did you fix it?”
“Most of it.” I whispered. I dropped down to my knees and she rolled over a little, her arms going around my neck as her lips found mine. She kissed me deep, her tongue invading my mouth and dancing around. I placed a shaking hand to her breast and squeezed a little, the supple flesh cool and heavy in my hand. She pulled me closer and went to her, our kisses becoming more urgent. Finally the stench of death was gone, all I could smell was her perfume and the musk of sweat and need on her skin.
Her hands left my neck and she unbuttoned her jeans. I did the same, and within seconds I was laying naked on top of her. This was the moment I had waited my entire life for, the one thing I had needed since before I was old enough to understand such things.  My dick felt like it was going to explode as it lay in the field of long thick hair between her legs. As badly as I wanted to be inside of her I was afraid too. I had dreamt of this moment forever, obsessed over it for so long and now I was finally here.
Mary Beth finally did it herself, and that it made all the more special. She slid her hips up and took my hardness into her hand, stroking it slowly as she brought it to her wet opening. She lifted her hips a bit and pulled me in.
She was so incredibly hot and wet. Her nipples puckered and her back arched as I slid fully into her. That was enough for me, this moment, right now. Our hearts were beating out in rhythm. Our eyes locked together, our smiles identical. I leaned down and kissed her. She had her arms around my back, mine were wrapped under her arms and my big hands clamped down on her shoulder, the dirty nails digging soft half circles into the perfect flesh.
She worked her hips slowly, rolling them around under my weight as the muscles inside of her massaged and worked around my cock. Every second was excruciating perfection, and I pleaded that the universe would let this last forever.
Of course it couldn’t. I wasn’t skilled with women the way some men, and this being my first time making love meant it wasn’t meant to last. I struggled against the tidal wave for as long as I could, but she felt so fucking good and smelt so sweet and tasted better than anything else in the world. I came. It was an experience I’ll never forget, something I will play in my mind forever.
I didn’t know if she could tell or not until I looked into her eyes and saw the smile light them up. Her hips bucked faster and the muscles inside of her sucked out every last drop. I fell on top of her, my muscles as loose as discarded rope. I couldn’t move, and she didn’t want me to. I could feel the sweat between us and the heat our combined bodies made threatened to light the couch on fire. My dick was shrinking inside of her, but the tightness of her pussy help me captive.
That was how I fell asleep.
Sunlight struck my eyes and when I opened them she was still underneath me, her arms wrapped gently over my back. I was still inside of her, and making the decision to finally get up was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I moved a little, pushing myself up on my arms, but that little bit of movement was enough to make my penis start to grow. I felt it like a slow tingle, then the blood opened like a floodgate and filled me. I arched my back as my cock slid deeper into her, exploring the recesses of her. The more I grew the better it felt, and was soon pumping my hips into her wetness.
Mary Beth opened her eyes and smiled at me, quickly finding my rhythm and joining, her hands grasping the cheeks of my ass as she pulled me in deeper. Her legs lifted up and I found the right spot. Her mouth opened wide as a loud “Oh!” escaped between those full, sexy lips. She smiled, her eyes a light with glee as something happened inside of her. Mary Beth spread her legs wider and slid a shaking hand down her belly and between her legs. She began rubbing the swollen pink button just above the opening to her cunt, wet slipper sounds getting hidden under her moans and dirty words.
Her hips bucked up violently and her eyes rolled back into her head, a sudden tightness gripped my cock and as the muscles inside of her moved around like waves. Her muscles seemed lock up and she clutched at me frantically, bulling my weight down onto her as her teeth sank into my shoulder. She was panting like a dog.
The tightness relaxed but she was so wet it felt like I was fucking a bucket of water. Once Mary Beth regained herself she pushed me off and lay me back on the couch. Her mouth went over my cock and she began to suck it hard, her small hand slipping over it as she bobbed her head. There was a devious light in her eyes, a need so great it matched my own. After several minutes of the most amazing agony she positioned herself on top of me and lowered her weight onto the rigid shaft. She moaned out and leaned back, her flat belly sucking in and exposing the rows of ribs and light shadow of muscle, her massive breasts hanging and bouncing, the nipples relaxed. I noticed a cross thatching of delicate veins that all seemed to lead directly to her nipples. Her head was thrashing from side to side as she pounded her body onto mine, the feel of my cock hammering into her driving me crazy. I couldn’t get my hands to her body quick enough.
One hand squeezed her breast while the other kneaded the supple ass like dough, the pale skin alternately tight and loose as she pumped her hips over me. I could feel the hot wetness dripping down over my balls and soaking the couch. I was close, struggling to hold back the feelings and concentrate on her and what she wanted, what she needed. It was always about what she needed, and I knew instinctively that she needed to come now, that she was working towards something big. Her breath was coming in the same rhythm as her hips, her mouth open in a constant smile, eyes closed.
She swung her head around and her long hair covered her face, the sweat plastering it there and sticking to her shoulders and the top of her breasts. I had both hands covering them now, the feel of her nipples poking into my palm and rubbing on the rough flesh with each thrust of her hips. Mary Beth was in complete control now, and I guess she always was.
She purred. Not human sounds of contentment, a completely feline sounding purr, like a sound that would come out of a tiger. I realized then that something was moving under my palms, and I lifted my eyes from the thin muscles of her belly to the heavy breasts my hands covered. There were a lot more veins then before, and they all stood out thickly just under the skin. I could trace them up her chest and over her shoulders and down her sides. Something fluttered under my right hand and I snatched it away.
The perfect pink nipple was gone, replaced now with a slowly opening eyelid. The thing that looked back at me was solid black. I recoiled in horror, my other hand immediately leaving her breasts just as the other eye opened.
Then something happened inside of her. I can only describe it as the most intense pleasurable suction, like her mouth was sucking my cock while she simultaneously fucked me. The way the muscles moved over my body was amazing, and I caught another waft of her musk, the single-minded passion and need coming off in waves.
I couldn’t help it; I bucked my hips into her and found the rhythm. She worked closer to the orgasm she needed, expertly timing my own with her.
We came.
The scream that erupted from Mary Beth made my ears bleed and shook the walls of the tiny farmhouse. A window shattered. I could feel hot wetness spread over my crotch as her come covered me. Her nails dug through the flesh of my chest and into the muscle, but I was beyond caring. The orgasm that tore through me was like nothing I even knew existed. The power of it threatened to drive me insane, and Mary Beth was only drawing it out longer by using the muscles inside of her to suck every drop of come out of me.
When it was over she collapsed onto me, the tightness of her pussy holding my dick hostage inside of her.
“You belong to me now.” She said between ragged breaths. Her body lifted off me slowly and she rubbed her belly. “He is growing inside of me right now.” Her smile was the happiest thing I had ever seen in my life.
“You mean…”
“We are going to have a child.” She leaned down and kissed me. I didn’t know women could know that so quickly, but I had no reason to doubt her.
I was so thrilled at the notion that now Mary Beth was finally mine that I forgot about the eyes on her tits or the veins that were now standing out on her body like a roadmap. When she finally got off me and turned I noticed the tail. I knew she hadn’t always been this way. Like everything else that had shaped her life I figured I made her this way. And as always I would protect her and watch out for her.
Everything changed in that moment; I was going to have a family.

I finally got what I wanted. Mary Beth is my wife, we live together on my father’s farm, and everything is better now. My parents are dead. They gave their life to the greater good. You see, my wife is eating for two now, and her appetite is voracious. Death is a way of life here now, but at least I don’t have to burn the bodies anymore. Mary Beth takes care of them.
As for the child; it took some getting used to, but when I really sit back and think about it he won’t be the first monster I ever made.
Gotta go now, my wife is hungry, and what Mary Beth wants, Mary Beth gets.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unfinished Symphony Part 2

Hope you like the story so far. I still haven't finished it. Don't know how it will end. Maybe it won't. Maybe this is just the start to a novel and I don't realize it yet. You are along for the ride every bit as much as I am. So sit down, buckle up, and hang on. The road gets a little rough here...

“You don’t mean it.’ She purred. I was on my hands and knees and she ran a thin finger down my spine. It sent a shiver through my body that I can still feel. “You won’t go anywhere. You love me too much to leave me.”
I don’t remember getting up, but I was suddenly on my feet. I looked her dead in the eye and smiled. “Either we fuck or I leave. Forever.” There must have been something in my smile that let her know how serious I was.
“Why would you do that to me?” Playing the innocent victim wasn’t working. She was naked and gorgeous and I needed her.
“Why do you do this to me?” I motioned to her naked body. “You show off your tits and that gorgeous body, you tease me and lead me on, and then when I say something about it you try to make me think I am the bad guy.” I ran a bloody hand down my face and took in a deep breath. “I can’t take it anymore. My balls are going to explode. I can’t concentrate on anything, you’re all I think about. I love you Mary Beth, but I can’t be played like this for the rest of my life.”
She started to cry. It was her last line of defense and I knew it. I was finally breaking through the defenses. I was going to win this.
“Well, if you’re going to leave, then just leave.” She motioned to the door so quickly that her breasts bounced and jiggled in the wake of her arm.
I was shocked. I thought I was fnally getting somewhere, and in a way I was. I was getting out of the house.
“If I leave I won’t come back.” It was the last resort of a man who had lost. “Ever.”
“That’s just something I will have to deal with.” Mary Beth wiped her eyes with a blood covered hand and just shot me an angry look.  “I thought you were different.”

The night was hot and sticky. I was covered with blood and it seemed to attract the misquitos. I swatted at them absently as I drove through the fields towards my pit.
I had already set it up with the tires and wood and gas. All I had to do was toss in the body and drop the match.
I played the conversation in my head over and over again as I threw the body parts into the fire. At some point I lit it and the fire bloomed bright and hot in front of me. I casually tossed arms and legs and organs into the pit and heard them sizzle and pop, but nothing meant much to me anymore. I would never see Mary beth again. It hurt, that kind of loss. It was really just my own stubbornness that was going to keep my away, but I had to do something. She was driving me nuts and if she was going to tease me like that then I had no other choice. I had to sever all ties.
Or I could kill her.
Or I could rape her.
The thought of either didn’t make me feel any better so I chose to ignore them both and reject them as options. She would come back to me. Sooner or later she would realize I was the best thing that ever happened to her.

I spent the next week walking around like a zombie. I couldn’t shake the feeling of loss or the anger of her letting me go. I had no bodies to burn and no one to kill, and the only thing I could think about was her.
I was just as haunted without her as I was with her. I cursed fate and god and love and myself over and over. The hole in my heart was like a burning ember that didn’t let me eat or sleep. Still I remained stubborn and refused to let myself go see her. I could only hope she was suffering and badly as I was.
To keep myself busy I filled in the fire pit and removed all the ashes. I mixed up enough cement to finish off the fence posts all around the property and stayed busy pouring it and setting the posts. It was perfect farm weather; raining at night and hot and sunny all day. That week was all it took to fill in the dirt patch that used to be the fire pit with weeds. I went looking for it one night and couldn’t find it. I figured I was better off.
It turns out I was.
A state trooper was looking into the disappearance of the one of the men we had killed. He was last seen sitting in a bar with Mary Beth. The cops came and questioned her, and she sent them over to my house. She told them I was crazy jealous of anyone she liked or spent time with and I was always burning massive fires. She told the cops that I probably killed the man and burned him up.
“Do you mind if I check out your property?” The cop asked. He was a tall black man with a bald head and bright white teeth. He never smiled, his eyes bore through me like twin drills. I didn’t give him anything, just explained that I didn’t even really know Mary Beth except for the bus rides to school we used to share. Said I didn’t like her all too much on account of her mother being a whore and the apple not falling too far from the tree. I was a good Christian man and didn’t much like the way she flaunted herself and didn’t go to church.
The cop must have been satisfied with my answers. He drove through the field and even rode right over the old fire pit. It took him a couple hours of snooping around before he gave up and came back.
“Your neighbor says she sees giant fires burning back here at night.”  He rose an eyebrow and looked at me like I was supposed to volunteer the information.
“Fires?” I kind of laughed. “Sir, you would be hard pressed to find a fire burning on a farm unless its winter and you’re looking in the fireplace.”  I motioned out to the field and the crops that grew beyond. “If my crops burn I lose everything.” It was true, I had been incredibly cautious while burning the bodies.
“That’s about what I figured.” The cop looked into my soul. “Why do you think she would send me over here to question you?”
“I recon it’s cause my father got into it with her mother a few years back.” That much was true. “Our fathers were friendly, two old farmers sharing equipment and helping each other out, you know how it is.” I didn’t think he did, but the cop nodded and listened. “Then her father dies and her mother starts whoring around. Made it real public she was looking for another man. She remarried some fella who doesn’t know the first thing about farming. He sold off some prime land to a housing development instead of my father. The old man got pissed and saw her mother in town one day. He called her a whore and got into a fight with her new husband. My father kicked the hell out of him. I guess she still holds a grudge.”
The cop left, and with him went the ember in my heart. She was trying to get me arrested. She was playing dirty.
The monster that Mary Beth created was rattling at it’s cage. I thought I had put him down, but it looks like he had one more murder left in him.

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