Monday, May 23, 2011


Having sex in the cramped bathroom was difficult, but it served its purpose. My mind was cleared and there wasn’t a trace of fear as we left the blue tiled confines of the room and headed down the stairs. I hoped my friend and his wife were oblivious to Meredith and I inappropriately using their guest bathroom, and when we got onto the main floor I saw they were embroiled in a tear streaked family conversation. Our absence was missed.
“OK, I hope you are all ready.” Meredith walked into the room like she owned it, something she did everywhere she went. Such was her personality. “We are going to start. While Chris handles setting up the ceremony I will walk each of you though what you have to do.”
I took my cue and headed back out to the living room to set things up. My part was pretty basic here; I would draw another circle of salt for protection, draw a few simple symbols around the perimeter, and then sit back and document what happened. Since I wasn’t attached to the house in any way I couldn’t be a part of the actual ceremony.
By the time I finished my duties and got the video camera everyone came walking through the door. Meredith took her spot in the circle and invited everyone to join her, one at a time. Tony was the last to enter, stepping carefully over the salt as he was instructed and taking his place at the southern end of the circle that I had marked with a pentacle.
Meredith called out to the guardians and keepers of the corners, blessed the circle and set about her duties. I noticed the familiar smell of sulfur and heard the scratching on the walls. The doorway was now fully open, and I would have to close it while they stayed safely in the circle. The camera stayed running while I grabbed the bundle of sage and lit it. Immediately the scent of sulfur died out and I began to follow the smoke through the house. It led me into Jennifer’s room.
The purple paint on the wall looked almost black in the shadows, the innocuous teenage things along the wall and floor took on an ominous shape, almost threatening me as I headed around her room following the tendrils of white smoke that drifted lazily from my bundle of dried burning plant. I watched the smoke slither through the statically charged air and flow freeform towards the closet, where it suddenly stopped.
The smoke had hit a wall and had seemingly stopped dead. I knew this wasn’t the case, the smoke was just continuing on to a realm I couldn’t see.
I let the sage burn on Jennifer’s desk while I placed the salt in a half circle around the opening of the door to prevent anything else from coming through. The symbols I drew on the floor made it a one way exit, calling the things that had come through already and sending them back. I could feel the wind pick up in her room, the posters and papers on her wall suddenly lifting off as if a cyclone had started at the heart of her bedroom.
The voices began shortly after, screaming, horrible voices that whispered from a thousand realities away, threatening me and begging me at the same time. I could hear the sound of claws scratching against the carpet and digging into the wood underneath, the heavy footfalls of things better left unseen as they were sucked back into the void. There were screams and wails and so many emotions my mind reeled as it struggled to keep them all in check.
I alternately became a vessel and a guardian, struggling within myself to remain closed off to everything that tried to claim my body and soul as it’s own.
Meredith yelled out from the other room, her voice carrying amongst the others. Either in this reality or another I heard her, the powers with her struggling against things so much more than her. She searched for the power to rid the house of this, but there was a massive darkness that seemed to fill every corner, something so much more than she had ever fought before. It was everywhere at once, yet hidden enough to be nowhere.
Everything we did was useless against this new power. It had found a way to hide under the veil, and Meredith just didn’t have the power to pull it out. I could hear her in my mind, screaming out and struggling and I was powerless to help her.
“Jennifer,” Meredith called out through the ether, “I need your help. I need you to find the power inside of you and wrap it around me so I can use it. I need you to concentrate.”
There were muffled objections but I didn’t have the psychic link with Jennifer that I did with Meredith. I couldn’t hear what the child was saying, but I could hear Meredith’s responses to her. I knew Jennifer didn’t think she could do, I could hear Meredith coaching her and trying to stroke her confidence into action.
Slowly the static charge in the room began to build. The hair on my arms and neck stood up, small pops of blue-green light exploded through the gloom. All the while I could hear Meredith screaming to Jennifer for help, begging her to try because the thing she couldn’t reach was slowly killing her. I could feel ice form around my heart as the fingers of death closed in around me. It was then that I realized I was in love with Meredith and she with me, and all I could do was remain a world away from her and listen to her die.
“Please Jennifer, I can’t do this on my own.” Her voice echoed through my head, filling me with a pain I won’t relive.
“I can’t” The sudden scream filled my head, and I knew Jennifer’s powers were building. “I just can’t. I don’t know how.” She was crying, her mind reaching out in all directions, the power leaking out of her. “I just can’t.”  It was taking an amazing amount of power from the little girl just for me to be able to hear her, yet there was no way for her to know this. I’m not psychic; I have no gifts above that of a normal man. If I can hear the psychic whisperings in my head it comes from someone else’s gifts.
“Yes you can Jennifer.” Tony’s voice filled my head. I instinctively looked around the room, expecting him to somehow be there with me. Jennifer’s power had created a surge effect giving Tony the ability to talk to her through her head. “I believe in you. You can do this. I know you can?” His voice ebbed and flowed, coming and going like the tide as the psychic energy from his step daughter washed and receded over him.
There was another static burst and I could feel something very powerful coming up to the doorway. The smoke coming off the sage bowed outwards away from the door and I was suddenly very afraid. I didn’t know what wanted to get in here, but I knew it was evil. I hoped my simple spells would work.
“Concentrate on my voice Jennifer.” Meredith’s voice was growing feint. There wasn’t a lot of time left for her. “Listen to me and send your power to me. Right to my voice. Close your eyes and listen to me talking, send me your strength, send my your power. “
There was a sudden shift in the atmosphere. My ears clogged as if I was taking off on a plane, my sinuses filling with pressure and making my ears pop. I found it very hard to breath and the small explosions of light that danced around me suddenly grew larger and more intense. I could feel whatever had been hiding getting pulled out and shoved through the door.
The evil that had just now arrived was pushing back, trying to get itself and the hidden thing back into our realm. It was a battle of wills, and the screaming in my head mixed with the pressure there to create something that felt like dynamite. The fuse was lit and my head was going to blow up, there was no way I could fight it.

As with most things in life, timing was everything, and boy did I pick the wrong time to walk into Tony’s house. I picked the wrong time to fall in love with Meredith, the wrong time to help to a friend, and the wrong time to help him make a stand.
But when my head exploded it was the exact right time.
Jennifer had been able to pinpoint her energy and send it to Meredith, but she couldn’t hold all that power in herself without burning up. She had to send it to me, along with everything she possessed. Meredith timed it right, the final burst of energy leaving her, that gorgeous body I had kissed and made love to collapsing into the circle dead just as I was hit with an overload of energy and died.
My head exploded outwards with a pop just as the two evil forces broke through the gate. The psychic force from my death creating a vacuum that pulled everything to the door and slammed it shut, never to be opened again.
Now I find myself with eternity to think about timing, love, loss, and friendship. If I had it to do over again I would.
Now Meredith and I float through the ether, our spectral bodies intertwined and exploring the infinite arrays of our beings. Spectral sex is so much better than I ever would have thought, but with most things in death, timing is everything. 


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding the doorway Part 6

 Meredith called Jennifer up stairs, and immediately things started crashing around the house. The wall beside Tony buckled outward, bulging fatly and cracking the drywall. He jumped from his chair and cursed under his breath, angry that it had frightened. He pursed his lips together and looked at me and then back at the wall.
“I’ve had enough of this.” Tony said to the room. “I won’t let you destroy my home. If you want to move the furniture around and make scary noises that’s one thing, but I will not allow you to break my families home.” He pushed on the bulging wall and forced it back flush. Drywall dust covered his hands and face. “If you want to torment anyone in this house, you can concentrate on me. Leave Jennifer alone, she’s just a child. Leave April alone. Attack me, damn it.”
I knew Meredith didn’t tell him that Jennifer was the cause of all this, and I certainly wasn’t going to let him know that. Our plan was to keep Tony and April in the dark, let them think it was just a normal haunting. Meredith would explain everything to Jennifer and teach the girl how to harness her power and control it. Once Jennifer could do that than Meredith and I could close the doorway Jennifer had opened, once we found it.
“While Meredith is upstairs with Jennifer we should go fix that door in the basement.” I suggested. I wanted to get Tony’s mind off things, let him open up to me a little bit. That would be easier away from April and everything else.
“I can’t leave April alone.” Tony said flatly.
I looked over at April and saw that she busy making lunch, her shaking hands more controlled now that they had something to do.
“I’ll be fine, Tony.” April turned around and looked at him. “We can’t leave the door off the hinges forever. You guys go downstairs and fix it, I’ll be fine.”  She gave him a brave smile and crossed the kitchen to kiss him on the lips. “Seriously. Go.”
“I can’t.” Tony said.
“Yes you can.” She pulled him reluctantly out of his chair and pushed him towards the basement. “If anything happens you are just down stairs and Meredith is upstairs. I’ll be fine, I promise.”

Once I got Tony into the basement it was easy to get him to open up.
“I hate this.” He was standing off to the side while I removed the remaining wood from around the cement doorframe. “I hate feeling useless. I hate not being able to protect my family.”
“You are protecting your family.” I explained. “It isn’t always something you can do alone. If Jennifer was sick you wouldn’t try to diagnose her yourself, right?”
“No.” Tony admitted. “But she isn’t sick. The house is sick.”
“In a way she is.” I stopped what I was doing to look him in the eyes. “You are all. This isn’t just about your house, it’s about your family.” I sighed and leaned against the wall. What I was about to say wasn’t pleasant and I really didn’t want to get into it, but if Tony didn’t understand this than there was no guarantee this thing would end. “Listen, you have said some really shitty things to your daughter. You treated her like a stepdaughter and made her feel like an unwanted second class citizen. I’ve seen it, Stanley’s seen it, and I know April has seen it. That kind of discord in a family opens the floodgates for things like this. I know you’re not doing it to be mean or cruel, I know it comes from frustration and exhaustion and fear, I get that. Jennifer, however, does not. She just feels unloved by the man who is supposed to be her father. You need to lose the step part of stepdaughter and love that little girl like she is your own. Period.” 
Tony just looked at me, the anger in his eyes becoming palpable. I knew he wanted to hit me, but I had to continue.
“Your heart is closed off at times, and wide open at others. You’re not a bad man; you’re just someone who bit off more than he was used to. When you do that you can’t spit it out, you chew it and swallow as best you can and learn to take smaller bites. You play the hand your dealt, stand the fuck up, and handle your business. If you want this thing to end you have to truly open your heart to Jennifer and April. You have to share their lives completely and give them yours. It sounds off coming from me, but you have to love them unconditionally and completely, no matter what happens.”
“I never…” Tony tried to argue the point with me, but I wasn’t about to let him.
“Right there. The anger you have towards me? That is what closes you off. When you get hit with something overwhelming your initial reaction is anger. You can’t fight me off, you can’t scare me off, and you can’t beat me. Not with emotions like that raging through you. The same thing is true with the house and the shit that’s going on now.”
Tony lunged at me, his thick frame speeding through the basement ready to kill. I saw it coming. I knew his anger and his proclivity for violence. I deliberately pushed his buttons and got him to this point. As he rushed towards me I sidestepped and used his considerable momentum against him, sending him crashing into the wall. He smashed against it with tremendous force, knocking the wind from his lungs and leaving his head spinning.
“Some things you can’t face head on.” I headed over to him and helped him to his feet.

Meredith spent several hours with Jennifer. I finished the rest of the door repair alone, Tony chose to head outside and let my words percolate inside his head for the better part of an hour. By the time I was finished with the basement door and headed upstairs Tony was back in the house cuddling with April on the couch.
The sounds inside Jennifer’s room were reaching a fever pitch, and I was sure I had found the doorway.
“They have been up there for a very long time.” April looked up as if she could see through the ceiling. “Maybe I should check on them?”
“No.” I retrieved my coffee cup from the floor. “They need the time to work things out. Meredith has to explain everything to Jennifer, she needs to teach her things.”
“Teach her?” April got up and followed me into the kitchen. “What do you mean teach her?”
I poured coffee into my mug and looked past her to the living room. Tony was still on the couch.
“Jennifer is a very powerful little girl. She kind of helped this whole thing along with her…abilities.” I disregarded the look of shock on April’s face and continued, whispering to keep Tony from hearing. “She didn’t do anything on purpose, actually she was kind of used. Certain girls are able to develop telekinetic powers around the time of their first period. Don’t know why, but it’s a lot more common than you think.”
“It runs in the family.” April whispered, surprising the hell out of me. “I was afraid of this. I should have known…”
“What do you mean?” I grabbed her gently by the arm and pulled her towards the back door. We crept outside and I closed the door behind us.
“I thought our house was haunted when I was growing up,” April began, “but it turned out that I was the one doing the haunting. My mother knew it was me the entire time but didn’t say anything until everything stopped. It lasted from around my eleventh birthday until I was almost sixteen. My bed would shake, I would hear things moving around in my closet, furniture would shift around, and things would walk around the house when no one was there. A lot of the same stuff that’s happening here. Turns out the same thing happened to my mother. I was hoping it would skip Jennifer because nothing happened to my sister.”
“OK, so we know where she gets it.” I was actually kind of relieved. “Meredith will teach her how to control her power. Once we have that taken care of then we can all set about righting things and closing the door.”
“How do you close the door?” April was a lot less afraid now that she knew her daughter was the cause of this.
“Well, first we have to find it.” I opened the back door and motioned for her to head inside. I didn’t want Tony to see us out here talking. “Then Meredith will usher the escaped souls back in and bind the door. It will never truly be gone, but she should be able to explain to Jennifer how to keep it closed. She will be more than strong enough to do it, and once she gets older and her powers fade then the door will eventually fade away and be gone forever.”
“Let’s hope.” She squeezed my arm and then headed back to sit down with Tony. I chose to stay in the kitchen, knowing he would come and talk to me when he was ready.

Jennifer finally came bounding down the stairs looking like a perfectly normal thirteen year old. She was actually smiling.
“OK,” Meredith followed her halfway down the steps and looked over at Tony and April. “The hardest part is done. I need about an hour to prepare for what we need to do, and then we attack.” She smiled at them, and I could see the tiredness in her eyes.  She looked over at me and gave me a very interesting smile. “Can you come up here and help me get ready?”
I walked to the stairs and looked over at the young family as they all hugged each other. I think at that point I knew things would be all right.
Meredith was standing in the bathroom. Her right hand was leaning against the wall; the other hand traced small circles on her exposed belly. I got into the bathroom and closed the door behind us, locking us in, I dropped to my knees and lowered her pants, helping her remove her feet from them with one hand while I squeezed her flawless ass cheeks with the other. Her hands were buried in my hair, pulling lightly as I brought my other hand up to spread her cheeks apart. I kissed around her navel and down over the soft pubis, kissing gently and letting my lips flutter softly over her amazing body.
She trusted me. The way she was arching her back left most of her weight in my hands, but she was light and I was strong and the hunger inside me burned so brightly for that gorgeous swelling slit between her legs I could have easily held her up for the rest of the day. I slid my tongue into the slice between the fat outer lips, the tip of my tongue just hovering over the gaping opening and dragging it slowly upwards until I hit the distended nib of her clit. I closed my lips around it and sucked gently, pulling it from the fleshy hood and rolling my tongue around it. Meredith moaned softly, her voice struggling to remain contained within the confines of the small bathroom. Her legs quivered as I worked my mouth over her, her hands clamping tightly to my head, pulling me tighter to the incessant heat of her body.
I lapped hungrily, sliding my tongue slowly between her lips and alternately sucking and grinding her clit in my mouth. The more she struggled to keep quiet the more she wanted to scream out, and the more I worked her over, adding to her frustration as I sucked and licked her pussy.
I could feel her getting closer to the orgasm; her muscles tensed up and stood out beautifully on her body, locking her in place. Her breath sucked in between clenched teeth and remained captive in her lungs, escaping in quick bursts that were louder than I would have liked. Her pussy fluttered around my tongue as I slid it inside of her and I knew the orgasm was raging. She bucked her hips and fucked my mouth as I quickened my pace and walked her through the orgasm, finally slacking off as she forced my head and mouth away from her.
Meredith was suddenly pulling me up to my feet, tugging insistently at my arms as she simultaneously lowered herself on shaking legs. My cock was in her mouth before I got fully to my feet, the length engulfed fully, the head pressed against the back of her throat. She moaned around it, sliding it out and then using just the suction of her mouth to pull it back in. She brought her hand around it and began to slide it over the shaft, trailing her mouth with a quick spinning motion as her head bobbed. She was attacking it, her intense hunger building to a fury inside of her as she sucked my cock.
I was quickly reaching the point of no return, my mind reeling to pull myself back from the edge. My erection was so intense it was actually painful.
“I want this in me know.” She held it away from her mouth and looked at through wide admiring eyes. “I need to have that hardness in my cunt.” She stroked her hand over it squeezing, feeling the rigidity and loving it.
I pulled Meredith to her feet and lifted her, my hands clamped over her ribs until she wrapped her legs around my waist. I placed one hand on her ass and slid the other under her left leg. When she was stable and her arms were tight enough around my neck I slid my other hand under her right leg. She adjusted herself so the joint of her knee was directly on my forearm. From there my cock easily found the intense wetness of her pussy, and she forced herself down, impaling her tightness around my throbbing dick.
She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and bit down hard enough to draw blood. Our bodies worked together quickly, her hips and legs lifting and dropping her as I held her aloft, the thickness of my erection stretching her. I felt the muscles on her body begin to lock up and I knew she was close, and so I was. Quickening my pace I bucked my hips and drew myself deep inside of her, releasing myself to an orgasm that threatened to drop me. I saw the small bursts of light exploding in my periphery, the buzz as my head filled with blood, and the rupture inside of my center as I pumped my come into her. She managed to kick her legs out of my arms and wrap her legs around me, my cock holding her up and pushed fully into her as the orgasm continued to rupture my seed deep inside of her. Her mouth found mine and we clamped out lips together moaning into each other’s mouth, sharing each others bread, and feeling the waves roll through us as we came as one.
We remained standing there in each other’s arms, my cock still in her and my seed spilling out in creamy white tendrils that covered my balls and legs and dripped in thick, fat drips to the floor. We struggled to catch our breath in between kisses, the smiled on our lips interfering somehow, but in a good way.
“Wow,” Meredith kissed the tip of my nose and hugged my tighter. “we need to find more haunted houses to fuck in.”

Next up: the end

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We lay in each other’s arms, our lust satiated in the most temporary way, hidden deep within the protective circle of salt on the living room floor. Sounds came from all around us, some the mischievous bumps of youthful spirits, others more malicious grunts and growls and slams. The house was alive around us, but neither of us could care at that moment.
“So what do we do now?” I asked Meredith as she traced a gentle finger around the tattoos on my left arm.
“We leave.” She whispered. Her eyes were nothing more than slits in the gloom. “We go back to my place and tomorrow morning you call your friend. “ She didn’t move, just the delicate touch of her finger on my arm and her heat wrapped around my body. “We’ll all meet up for breakfast, someplace neutral. I’ll explain things there and then we come back here and end this.”
She said everything very matter of factly, as if she was discussing our plans for any other date. Finally she rose to her feet and reached through the circle for her clothes. We got dressed inside the circle and then left the house. As I locked the door I could hear furniture milling about inside, as if it had gotten bored and simply decided to rearrange itself. Something crashed and there was a devilish laugh from somewhere deep inside the shadows.
I drove Meredith to her house and spent the night. We used each other’s bodies with reckless abandon, getting very little sleep and waking up tangled in each others arms, happy and very close to being in love.
“Call your friend and tell him to meet us at the diner.” She untangled her gorgeous body from the covers and got out of bed. “Then meet me in the shower.” Her smile was contagious and I had to return it.
            I called Tony and told him to meet us for breakfast in an hour, then rushed into the shower to play with Meredith some more. We were like two teenagers discovering sex for the first time, exploring our bodies and finding new and interesting ways to torture ourselves with a new found explosive lust.
We were late getting to the diner, but so was Tony and his family. Meredith and I walked into the diner holding hands, which got a strange look from my friend. I ignored it and we took our seats at a circular table, ordering an overly large breakfast with an extravagant amount of side dishes. Both Meredith and I had worked up an appetite.
“So what do you have to report?” Tony was getting annoyed with our playful banter wanted to get down to business.
“I bound the spirits to your house.” Meredith looked from Tony to me and then around the table at the rest of the family. “Which means the spirits can’t leave, they can’t follow you.”
“I don’t want them in the house.” Tony slammed his meaty fist to the table and everyone jumped. The dark circles under his eyes showed a deeper frustration there, an anger that came from his failure to protect his family. “I want them gone.”
“That’s the next step.” Meredith calmly explained. “First I bind them to the house, that way they can’t hide somewhere else. Then I will sit down with each of you in turn and get to know you, because each of you contributed to this in your own way. Once that is done I will now better how to evict the spirits and cleans the house.”
“What do you mean we all contributed to this?” Tony was flat out angry now, and I knew it would be up to me to explain.
“Relax.” I told him. “A doorway was opened up in your house and certain spirits attached themselves to each of you, it’s pretty normal for things to happen this way. Ghosts are like people, they find someone they can relate to and hang around them. For that reason you each have spirits that have connected themselves to you, so Meredith has to meet with you individually to see who and what has attached to you, and why. Once she knows this she can formulate a plan to rid your lives of them. It’s not a quick fix, things like this take time to do them completely. So just be patient and work with her. “
Tony calmed himself down and nodded slowly, sipping from his coffee and forcing his body to untangle itself. I could see the rage and frustration ebbing from his slowly as he quietly accepted everything and left it all in Meredith’s hands.
After breakfast we headed back to their house and I kept vigil in the kitchen with the family while Meredith prepared to speak with them one at a time. She meditated for a few minutes alone, allowing the house to wrap it’s energy around her and speak to her. Meredith was alone in the master bedroom, something I didn’t really like but couldn’t stop.
“Tony?” Meredith called from the top of the stairs. He gave me one last look and a feeble smile before heading up to talk to her. All of this was for show, and I knew it. Nothing that was going on in the house had come from Tony or his wife. Everything here was either a direct result of the telekinesis of Tony’s stepdaughter or something that attached itself to the energy she was creating.
Tony was upstairs for half an hour, and then Meredith called in April. She took hold of my hand and studied me for a few seconds before smiling at me. “Keep an eye on my daughter?”
“Of course.” I smiled back, braver and brighter than I thought possible, and April went up to meet with Meredith. Tony came down and sat at the table.
“Jennifer,” Tony took his stepdaughters tiny hand in his meaty paws and smiled at the girl. “You know how much I love you, right?”
“Um, sure.” The thirteen year old visibly blushed and couldn’t look him in the eyes. I tried to make myself invisible so they could share their moment.
“I know I get angry a lot, and sometimes I say things I don’t mean. I can be a real jerk sometimes, and I have no right to direct my anger at you. I promise that I am going to do better from now on. I promise I will treat you like a daughter, not a stepdaughter, because that’s how I see you. You’re my blood just as much as the new baby is, and I love you both the same. I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel any different.” A fat tear slid down his cheek and dripped onto the tablecloth. “Being a dad is new to me, and I know I am not very good at it. You deserve better, but I love you and your mom so much I want you to give me another chance, OK?  I want to do better. Maybe you can help me?”
“You’ve said some real mean things to me Tony.” Jennifer kept her hands inside of his, but now her eyes were looking back into his and the blush was out of her cheeks. “You’ve hurt me a lot, and made me hate you. I don’t want to hate you, I want you to be my dad. All I want is for you to love me.”
“I do love you, Jennifer.” Tony was crying now, tears rolling steady out of his cheeks as he worked to find the words. “I love you more than you will ever know, more than I could ever explain or show. I know I’m not really good at showing it, but I promise to try and do better.”
“Jennifer?” April walked into the kitchen and places a hand gently on her daughters shoulder. “It’s your turn honey. Meredith needs to speak with you.”
“It’s OK Tony. I love you to.” She looked at her mom and then back to her stepfather. “We can work on it together. Maybe you can take me to the park and we can hang out a little.”
“I would love that.” Tony said. He watched her leave the room and his wife rushed into his arms, hugging him and kissing his head.
“You’re a great man, and I love you.”  April squeezed him tight and kissed him on the lips.
“We’re going to be alright.” Tony pulled her away a little and held her arms, smiling through his tears. “We have a great family and we are stronger than this.”

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Monday, May 16, 2011


I could insert all kinds of macho bullshit here, like I headed bravely into the basement and fearlessly tripped the breakers before strolling out amongst the noise and ill feelings as if nothing was going on, but that wouldn’t be even remotely true.
I opened the door and something below me crashed loudly. The door to the basement was still somewhere in the back yard, the wind from outside whipping in through the gaping mouth like a constant exhale. There were things down there; things that didn’t like me, things that wanted to hurt me. I knew this immediately, but I pushed it all behind me and headed down the steps. My feet fell lightly on the carpet as I made my down the steps and through the open room, heading directly for the breaker panel. I opened the door and placed my hand on the main fuse switch, trying to ignore the growling sound that had started over my left shoulder.
I flipped the switch and plunged the house into darkness. Immediately there was a hand on my arm, something that felt small and feminine yet as cold as ice. I shivered and remained where I was for a moment, taking in deep breaths and trying to push my fears away. I could feel the cold breath of the grave in my ear as someone whispered, “join us”, and a dozen hands began to pull on my clothes.
I refused to run, choosing instead to walk slowly through the darkness as shadows scampered about and things crashed and slid across the floor. My outstretched hands groped through the blackness feeling things like spider webs slip between my fingers as I headed towards the stairs. Mercifully I found them and started up, the growling sound growing louder as if whatever was making it was suddenly rushing through the shadows to attack.
I found Meredith in the living room, surrounded by a circle of candlelight that shone against her pale naked flesh. She stood inside a circle of salt, the very same circle I had made only minutes before. God, she was beautiful.
I stood outside the circle feeling every bit exposed as I removed my clothes and left them in a heap beside the couch. When she motioned for me to join her I carefully walked over the ring of salt and into the protective circle. She immediately wrapped her arms around me and I could feel my heart slowing and my fear washing away. Soon nothing was left but Meredith and I, standing alone in the circle while the world crashed in around us.
Her hand found the heat of my erection, and as we stood there naked amidst the glowing candles she slowly moved her cool hand over it, a smiling touching her lips and her eyes glowing with mischievous light.
“First, we bind the power to this house.” She whispered, her voice husky and intense. “Then we make love right here.”
My eyes were locked on hers; my fear somehow subsided by the strength this woman possessed. She dropped to her knees and began her prayers to the corners, calling out to the ancient powers so long ago forgotten.
I stood behind her, my hands resting on her smooth shoulders as she turned to the North, South, East and West, closing the circle and gaining her power for the task at hand. She spoke in a language I didn’t understand, although I knew the meaning and the ceremony. Her mouth contorted around the words, forcing them out with practiced ease. Sweat stood out on her body as she used all her strength, pouring every atom of her being into her words, using every ounce of strength she possessed to make sure this thing was done right.
I remained standing behind her as she knelt on the ground, binding the power that was in the house and holding it there. It took a lot out of her, and by the end of it she collapsed onto the rug and lay there, panting and exhausted. There was a sudden stillness about the house, and Meredith slowly rolled onto her back and smiled up at me.
“The binding is done.” She took in a long shaking breath and exhaled quickly. Her body was like carved marble bathed in sweat. The pale flesh stood out against the glowing candles, her neon red hair a stark contrast to the porcelain flesh and smoldering green eyes alight with power and lust. “Your friend and his family can get a good nights rest, and tomorrow we will put an end to this.”  She raised her hand into the air and I took it, lowering myself to the ground next to her.
I ran a hand over the heat of her body, the tight muscles standing out contracting under my fingertips. Her nipples perked up, the pale nubs standing out as gooseflesh covered her exquisite body.  She smiled at me, and I was immediately lost in the moment. It was that smile that forced the blood from my head and created the erection, that smile alone that made me need her.
We were careful not to disturb the circle of salt on the ground, out sweaty naked bodies rolling around the carpet in the oppressive heat, two lovers exploring each other under the watchful eye of a hundred angry ghosts. Our hands and mouths handled the appetizers, but only one thing would do for the main course.
Meredith rolled onto her stomach as I kissed the backs of her legs and worked my tongue upwards with deliberate slowness, tiny kisses covering her hamstrings and buttocks. I slid my tongue slowly up her spine, letting it just touch the flesh. She shivered underneath me, the throbbing of my erection sliding over her legs as I kissed her shoulders and bit down onto the muscle of her trapezious. Meredith jumped, moaning out and settling in, the bite holding her in place as she wiggled her pert ass around my hardness.
She had her arms tucked under her head, and I slid my hands under them and grabbed her wrists tightly, holding them in place. My teeth remained clamped to the muscle between her shoulder and neck as her hips slid upwards and out, the wet opening of her vagina finding the slick bulbous head of my dick. I teased her with it, working the head into the heat and slowly backing it out. When she tried to force herself up further I bit her harder. This was my game, and I would remain in control.
I knew I had teased her enough, and in truth the incessant need had driven me as far as I was willing to go. My hips lunged forward and I impaled her fully, the tightness stretching out to accommodate me as I tore into her. Meredith screamed out and began to work her hips furiously in time with mine as we pounded our bodies together.
I felt the orgasm rip through her; her hands suddenly flexing and clawing at the carpet, every muscle in her body tightening as she sucked in a breath and held it, the tightness of her vagina at once spasming and growing incredibly slippery, and even though I couldn’t see it I knew her eyes had rolled into her head and she was clenching her teeth.
She let out the breath and quickly drew in another, gasping as she shivered against the influx of feeling, her body going numb and simultaneously tingling as if the blood was boiling in her extremities. She giggled, her body now completely relaxed and limp under me.
“Oh my god.” Meredith moaned, a gentle laugh playing at the edges of her voice. “Now it’s your turn ."

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Friday, May 13, 2011


I wrote a book a couple years ago called Paranormal Reality. It’s a really cool book, one of my favorites by far. It’s about a single mother and her daughter as they fight the powerful spirit in their house and the paranormal investigations team that comes in to help them.  There is a lot more to it than that, but I’m not trying to pimp my books (for once) so that’s all you are getting on that. Anyway, while researching this book I met with a woman who owned a very interesting bookstore that catered to the paranormal. She was incredibly helpful, and I quickly found pieces of her personality bleeding into the main character of my book.
Her name is Meredith, and she claims to be an eighth generation witch, one of the oldest lineages in America. Physically, Meredith isn’t what you would expect from a witch; standing at five foot two she is shorter than someone would think, considering the amount of the power the woman wields. Her body always took my breath away; a hundred and twenty five pounds of toned muscle that stands out like carved marble, her pale skin glowing like luminescence under the shocking neon red hair that falls in loose curls well past her shoulders and rests just above her tight little ass. Her bee stung lips fight for attention from her glowing yellow eyes, somehow falling short, but not by much. By all accounts the woman is gorgeous, and as such you would expect her to be standoffish, or at least rude or condescending. Meredith is none of these things; she is bright and friendly and outgoing.
She is a walking encyclopedia of all things supernatural, and an intense horror fan. We struck up an immediate friendship, especially since she had read some of my books and knew who I was the second I walked into her store.
We spent a very interesting six months forming a friendship and talking about ghosts and ghost hunters and the supernatural in general, sometimes sitting in her store and talking for hours over a couple dozen cups of coffee, and sometimes laying in her bed, holding each other in post-coital bliss.
Unfortunately for me the relationship was doomed from the start, but the time we spent together and the friendship we formed was more important than making her my girlfriend. She wasn’t the relationship type, and in truth, neither am I. So we had out fun, things faded for both of us, but we kept touch over the last couple years.
She was the one I turned to for help.

Meredith never pretended to be a psychic. I told Tony as much just before she arrived a few hours later. April had taken her daughters over to her sisters house for the night, leaving me, Stanley and Tony to sit around the house listening to things run through the house, slam doors, moan and scream and smash anything that could be smashed.  We sat there like eunuchs, unable to do a damn thing, afraid to speak out against the assault that was plaguing Tony’s home.
“You’re sure this chick is going to be able to do something?”  Tony looked like he wanted to cry; his red-rimmed eyes were swollen and overly dry, his face looking gaunt and pale. He didn’t like being helpless in any situation, and here he was unable to do anything at all while his home was being systematically destroyed.
“No Tony.” I got up and poured myself another cup of coffee. “I told you there are no guarantees with things like this. There is no way to know if Meredith can do anything, and even if she is able to quiet things down tonight neither of us will promise you it’s over.” I hated delivering bad news to my friends, but I prefer honesty to false hope. “Things might just stop on their own, and then start again in a couple days or weeks, or ten years from now.”
“Then I’ll move. “ Mike jumped to his feet and sent the chair crashing back into one of the kitchen counters. “I’ll sell the house and dump this problem on someone else.”
“It probably won’t do you any good.” I hung my head and leaned against the countertop. “It will follow you, most likely.”
“So what can I do?” Tony wanted to scream of hit something or rush into the living room and challenge the ghost to a fight. He felt like he needed to do something.
“You can wait for Meredith to get here.” I tried to sound as calm as possible, but in truth it felt like my head was going to explode.
“I’m going to head outside and cut some firewood.” He dropped his cup into the sink and headed out the backdoor with my pack of cigarettes and Stanley’s lighter.
“Tony’s pissed.” Stanley was finally sobering up, his words losing the slurred quality of drunk-speak.
“No shit.” I was too busy trying to think of what I should do to get ready for Meredith to start another conversation. “Why don’t you head out there and keep an eye on him.”
“You’re going to stay in here alone?” Stanley’s eyes went wide and he slowly got to his feet. “You got some giant balls man.”
“This thing isn’t’ interested in me.” I cleaned our dished off the kitchen table and took a pen out of the junk drawer. When Stanley finally walked out the door I was halfway through my list. Meredith would be here in an hour, and I wanted to be ready for her.

I sent Tony and Stanley out with a shopping list; salt, candles, bricks, chalk, markers, and some herbs he could get at the food store. It was all stuff we would need, but really I wanted to give him something to do, something to think about other than the destruction of his home.
Meredith pulled up to the house less then five minutes after they left. The timing was perfect. It would give us at least half an hour to walk through the house and figure things out before they got back, so we could talk openly about what was actually happening here. I had a really good idea about it, but I wanted to let Meredith walk the place and see what she thought. If I was right there was going to be a big problem with cleaning up this house. If I was wrong? Well, let’s just say I was hoping I was wrong.
“Hi honey,” Meredith rushed up the walkway and jumped into my arms, her soft lips closing around mine, her arms squeezing tightly around my waist. We kissed silently for a couple minutes, enjoying the taste of one another again, the familiar feel of our bodies stirring up thousands of memories, all of them happy.
“Thank you so much for coming.” I kept my hands around her, and she ran a soft delicate hand over my arm, as our eyes remained locked on one another. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”
“I’m sure I have.” Meredith looked up at the house, her yellow eyes glowing in the sodium arc of the streetlights. “Wow,” She paused, looking from one window to the other. “This is really bad.”
She pushed past me and headed to the front door. I had left it unlocked and open, but now it was closed and locked. No surprise there. Meredith just placed her palm on the door and smiled at the wooden face. “Please open.” Her voice was sweet and sounded so young. The door unlocked and swung open of it’s own accord, like it had a mind of it’s own.
“This is the worse I’ve ever seen too.” Meredith said with a giggle. “It’s amazing. There is so much energy here, so much malice.”  She headed into the living room and spun slowly in a circle, arms out at her side. I couldn’t help but notice how amazing her breasts looked, the stirring in my jeans familiar and exciting. A small crescent her stomach was showing above her jeans and under her shirt, just enough pale, tight skin to drive me wild. “”I want to walk the house alone.” She walked over to me and kissed me again, smiling as our lips touched. “Can we fuck after we’re done here?”
“Absolutely.” If it had been anyone else who said that to me I would have been shocked. Knowing Meredith as I did, however, it was almost expected.

She walked through the house, and I let her go. There was no point in following her, she knew where she was going and she knew a lot more about what she was doing then I did. Meredith held her arms out, away from her body with the palms up, the small fine hairs on her arm standing out from the electric energy in the air, her eyes wide and seemingly unseeing, although I knew she was seeing plenty. Her body slid across the floor seemingly of it’s own accord; smooth and lithe, walking through the main floor and then slowly heading up the stairs towards the bedrooms. I sat in the living room, my eyes closed. I felt someone sit on the couch next to me, but I knew if I opened my eyes no one would be there. I could it breathing, a loud mouthy sound that was more animal than human.
Something shouted in my left ear, I wasn’t sure it was human. My breathing remained calm and steady, my eyes closed and my mind open. Things crashed in other rooms, the couch moved, I could feel hands touching me and breath on various parts of my body. I ignored it all and just breathed, concentrating on keeping my heart rate down. The hairs on my body stood out, and despite the seventy degree weather outside I was freezing.
I stayed that way, trying to meditate, trying to concentrate on a happy place I had invented thirty years ago, trying to think about the worlds I had created as a writer. It felt like I was there for an eternity, but in reality I had spent less than fifteen minutes being tortured by everything that slipped through the door and was occupying the house. I was a pull toy, a lover, and a victim. I felt hands touching and punching and bites and pokes. None of it got to me though, I remained calm.
When Meredith finally walked down the stairs I could hear her in my mind, her voice as clear as if she was standing next to me. My eyes shot open and I got off the couch, surprised to find the bulky piece of furniture five feet away from it’s original location.
“Lets go outside. I need to start a fire.” Her yellow eyes still held the same glow, and she walked with such grace that I couldn’t help but stare after her. The bright red hair drew my eyes like lead to a magnet, and I followed her out the back door.
“Can you build a fire over here?” She put her hand on my shoulder and I felt so much heat coming out of her touch that I almost yelped in surprise. She was on fire; her skin so got it came off her in waves.
Tony had a fire pit, a large metal bowl that lay on metal feet and had a screen to cover the flames with. I collected some kindling and a couple logs and quickly made a fire. Meredith just sat quietly and watched me work, her eyes following me as I collected wood and stoked the flames. When the bright orange glow began to illuminate the shadows she finally spoke.
“I hate to tell you this.” Her voice was like music, the sensuality dripped from every word. “You were right.”
I had never told her my theory about the house, choosing to let her build her own hypothesis. I wasn’t surprised though, very little about her surprised me.
“It’s the daughter. She is making this happen, even though she has no idea about it.” Meredith hung her head a little and sighed loudly. “It’s the perfect storm; a girl just starting puberty, the new baby, the new step father, all the angst of being a teenage girl.” She leaned back against the white plastic chair and let the nights breeze caress her skin. A small smile played over her full lips and I noticed that her nipples were erect. “She hates your friend.”
“Things have been tough between them.” I knew the stories all to well, and I wasn’t very proud of the way my friend was handling being a stepfather. “He is having a hard time dealing with the teenage daughter and the new baby. They just bought a house, there is stress coming from work and home ownership and the wife and the new baby. Then you throw the usual teenage girl shit into the mix and things get volatile.”
“It doesn’t help that she has a huge crush on him either.” Meredith’s ability to know things that she couldn’t possibly know never ceased to amaze me. “Every time she acts out now it’s because she wants the attention from him. She wants him to smack her, it’s a fantasy of hers. She is a very dark little girl, with very mature tastes.”
“That’s really creepy.” I moved my chair over to her, the plastic legs scraped against the cement patio loudly. “She really likes that stuff? How does she know?”
“She is a cutter.” Meredith said it so matter of factly that it wasn’t shocking, until her words burrowed under my skin. “She likes the pain, it makes her feel more alive She cuts herself and thinks about your friend. She whips herself with a belt, often while touching herself. It’s not that unusual in older women, and BDSM is normal and healthy if done safely, but that kind of interest doesn’t usually develop until a woman has had a few partners, or at least a lot of sex with one partner. There is something very, very dark about this little girl, something that I don’t think is entirely her.”
The fire snapped and popped behind us, the heat drifting along with the smoke towards us. A loud crash from inside the house made me jump. A car came down the road and turned into the driveway, the headlights casting strange shadows around the yard.
“Don’t say anything to your friend about this.” Meredith said. “I need to meet the girl as soon as possible, and I need to talk to her alone. It’s the only way we can bring this thing to an end.” She reached over and took my hand. “If he knows about this it will only make things worse. I can calm things down here for tonight, but I need to meet the girl tomorrow.”
“OK, I’ll make it happen.”
Tony and Stanly turned the corner and saw us sitting by the fire, his tired eyes looking darker and more desperate in the fire’s glow.
“So what’s the deal?”  He pulled a chair over to us and sat down heavily, the bag of supplies I sent him out for resting in his lap as he leaned back too far in the chair.
“I can help you stop this.” Meredith said. She leaned forward in her chair and I couldn’t look at anything but her cleavage. She really was gorgeous. “But for tonight I can only put a band aide on it. I need the entire family here; I need time with each of you in turn, alone. In order for this to work I need to close the doorways in the house, and then evict every spirit that attached them to each of you. It will be a long, slow process, and it won’t be easy for any of us.”
“We’ll do whatever we have to.” Tony leaned forward and looked at Meredith. “You are sure this is going to work, right? You’re going to clear all this shit out of the house once and for all?”
“Yes.” Meredith was still leaning forward, her yellow eyes looking strangely orange as they reflected the fire. “But it won’t be an overnight cure. It will take time and energy, and a lot of patience. I will need you to work on some things that may seem stupid or unconnected to the haunting. If you do everything I say I can promise you will be free of it. If you only do part of it, or most of it, even if you do 99 percent of it nothing will change, until things start to get worse.”
“I’ll do whatever you want.” Tony was ringing his hands through the grocery bag, the brown paper crunching and complaining. “I’ll make sure everyone does. One hundred percent. I swear it.”
“Good.” Meredith leaned back in her chair and pulled out a tattered pack of cigarettes. She pulled one out with her long painted fingernails and placed it on her lips. I leaned forward and lit hers, than got out one of mine and lit it.
The fire snapped and glowed, keeping the shadows at bay.

Meredith needed time to prepare, so she stayed out next to the fire while I went into the house and set everything up. I had to light candles and pour salt under the doors and windows, and write symbols on the walls and doors. When all that was done I drew a big circle of salt on the living room floor. Everything was done for now, and Meredith walked in and headed into the circle.
Tony had gone to April’s mothers house to be with his family, and Stanley had gone home. Meredith had suggested they head out to get good nights sleep before the real work had to be done tomorrow. Under normal circumstances a change in location wouldn’t stop the haunting, but Meredith would pull all the power into the house and force it down deep where it would lie dormant until tomorrow.
While she stripped out of her clothes I headed to the basement to trip the breakers. I hated the idea of having to walk through the basement in utter blackness, but Meredith insisted.


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding the doorway PART 2

We rushed into the room and found nothing there. The room was just as it had been left, and no one was in there save the two of us. We let out a shaking laugh and I smacked Tony on the back, the fear and trepidation draining slowly out of me.
Until the door to his bedroom slammed shut.
We both jumped at the noise and spun around to look at the closed door, staring dumbly at it like we weren’t sure what it was.
“This is getting ridiculous.” I mumbled.
“TONY!” April screamed from down stairs. Once again we were on the move. “Something is in Amy’s room.”  April was crying now, her eyes rimmed and wide as the fear surged through her body. I could tell she wanted to leave, but to where?
Amy was still on the floor, her face buried in her knees as she rocked herself back and forth, muttering something to herself I couldn’t hear. Tony and I headed to her room and tried to open the door, but the thing wouldn’t budge. Tony’s shaking hands were frantically trying to turn the handle, but the catch wouldn’t disengage. The door might as well have been bolted shut.
“OK, on three again.” Mike said, his hand still on the door knob. A sudden crash from inside the room brought a low moaning sound out of his throat. “One, two, three!” He turned the knob and we slammed our shoulders into the door in unison, but nothing happened. We kept our shoulders on the door, our heads resting on the cool wood as we struggled to catch our breath. Something slammed into the door from the other side, something big enough to shake the house.
I will admit that I screamed like a little girl.
Stanley wandered over from the kitchen, his eyes still looking uneven and half closed, the alcohol not yet out of his system.
“What the hell is all the yelling about?” he muttered a small laugh and quickly snapped to attention when he saw the look of horror on our faces. “Seriously, what’s wrong?”
“Haven’t you heard all the yelling and slamming?” I asked.
“I thought that was just from them fighting.” Stanley motioned to Tony and then over at April. He caught on real quick. “What the fuck?”
“Something really fucked up is going on right now.” Tony explained. “We can’t open Amy’s door, and something is in there tearing it up.”
Stanley motioned for us to move aside and he tried the doorknob like that would have been something we would forget. The he tried to push the door, and finally he pulled on it. Nothing worked. I wasn’t surprised.
“Can’t you do something?” Tony looked over at me like a drowning man with his arm half way out of the water. “You know all about this shit, can’t you cast a spell or call out a demon or get the Ghost Adventures guys here?”
“Sorry, Zac Bagans hasn’t returned any of my calls.” I shot sarcasm like a defensive assault, but deep inside I knew there was a few things I could do. “There is something I could do, at least to get the door open. I would have to write on it though.”
“Dude, I am about to get my chainsaw out of the garage and cut this fucker into pieces. I don’t care if you write on it or piss on it or light it on fire.” Tony headed into the kitchen and brought me a sharpy. “Do whatever you can.” He walked away from me and into the living room where he threw his arms around his wife and held her close.
“OK, here goes nothing.”  I closed my mind and flushed the fear and panic away, taking deep slow breathes into my nose to slow my heart rate and clear my mind. Once I was calm I ran through the Rolodex in my mind and found the right symbol, holding it in my mind like a photograph as I slowly and carefully copied it from my mind to the door.
As I placed the last squiggle in the center circle the door popped open and the noises stopped immediately. I opened the door and looked into the room.
It was trashed.
“What the fuck did you do?” Stanley asked from behind me. I had walked into the room but he stayed out in the hall peaking in from a safe distance away.
“I locked the door.” My eyes scanned the room and took in the insane violence that had destroyed it. Slash marks tore through the walls at vertical angles; even the ceiling was torn up.
“You mean you unlocked it.” Stanley offered. He had gotten a little closer, but I didn’t think he would actually come into the room.
“No,” I turned around and looked at him. “I locked it. I pushed whatever was in here through the door it used to get into the room and then I locked it. This is the safest room in the house right now.”
“So what the fuck really happened here?” Tony walked into the room and looked around at the destruction with a sad kind of acceptance.
“Honestly?” I could feel the vibrations coming out of the room like waves on a stormy ocean. “Jon got pissed and opened a door.” Jon was the resident ghost, a normally quiet and always passive spirit that lived in Tony’s house, a previous owner who didn’t want to leave his home yet.
“What do you mean he opened a door?” Mike looked into the closet like he was afraid something was going to jump out and grab him.
“There is a crossroads that every spirit can call. One leads to the light, the other to the darkness. Both are sealed shut and take an incredible amount of energy to open. Jon came to the crossroads and chose the dark path, and when he got to the door he propped it open and let anything close enough to it free.” I could feel the fear and anger and hatred coursing through the house like a heartbeat. “Things are going to get really bad here, you need to get April and the kids out of here. Now. Tonight.”
“Can’t you close the door?”  Tony looked desperate, like he was going to start begging me. “Lock the damn things out, chain the door shit and weld it shut?”
“That’s the problem; the door is already shut. The things that are here are trapped.” More banging came from upstairs but I ignored it. “I would have to trick them back towards the door and then re-open it. That’s incredibly dangerous, I could let even worse things out.”
“Then kill them or exorcise them or whatever it is you do.” Tony was grasping at straws now, his nice easy middle class life torn to pieces. I don’t really know what he thought I was; I write horror books. I am not a witch or a psychic or anything like that. Sure, I research all that on a daily basis and I know more about it than most, but I am not a wizard. I honestly got lucky with the spell I put on the door. I didn’t have the skill to flush these demons out and cast them back into the void.
But I knew someone who could.

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