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Buy my books, or ELSE!

It's Flasher Friday, which, as you all know by now, means I saw a picture and wrote 100 words about it.
But TODAY  is special for more reasons than just one. My latest Rebel Ink Press release, AMY OBEYS II, is now available  at KINDLE, NOOK, ARe, and anywhere else ebooks are sold. If you like a little erotica with your horror, or vice versa, you will love this book. It has werewolves, revenge, bloody murder, and of course plenty of sex. I'll be posting an excerpt after my FREE flash, just to whet your appetite.

So here is the picture, and the 100 words follow:

Jen thought it was a game, but I was deathly serious. She regarded me with those cocky eyes, defiantly showing me the handcuffs around her wrists.

“Off.” It was a command.

I moved to her side, quicker than her eyes could follow. The cane sang through the air, striking her naked rump with a CRACK. Jen screamed, a sudden light blooming in her eyes as she realized how serious I was. She would learn, just as all the others had before her.

“You get it now?”

“Yes,” She wept. “I’ll buy your books, I swear!”

“All of them?” CRACK!


HAHAHA, I wanted to have a little fun with this one. Next time someone asks me how I market my books, I'll point them towards this post. It certainly sounds like a great way to find new readers though, doesn't it?

Don't forget there are other wonderful Authors doing this very same thing today, and you can enjoy their free flash here:

And now, without further adoooo...I am going to share an excerpt of my latest book, AMY OBEYS II

Amy got off her knees and eased onto the plush leather seat of the limousine. The large car swayed hypnotically as they sped through the desolate roads of some nondescript European town. Barren trees and unremarkable buildings passed by in a blur. The briny taste of the Master’s orgasm was fresh on her tongue, her full lips pulled back into a satisfied smile as she looked into his deep blue eyes. Remarkably, it didn’t seem as if the man had aged a day since Amy had seen him last,
“Are you happy to have me back?” She pulled his zipper up and turned in her seat to get a better look at him. Even after all these years she was still scared of him in the most erotic way possible.
“Ya,” His heavy German accent painted the word. “You are very good at being bad Amy. You always have been. It is why you are so special to me.”
She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, fighting the tears as her smile faded away to nothingness. She was certainly very bad, using and killing the one man who had ever truly loved her, just so she could deliver herself back to the Master.
Now that Amy was a werewolf she had no reason to fear this man, and yet she couldn’t help it. One look from those icy blue eyes and she was locked in place, terrified at what he would do, and excited by the prospect. His control over her was absolute and Amy knew that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him.
The limousine bounced over some obstacle, the suspension lifting her weightless for a brief second. Her stomach drifted upwards and then slammed back in place, and Amy was reminded of the way Chris made her feel. Never before had she ever met someone like him. He was handsome and kind, caring in the most intense way. From the moment they had met Chris was willing to do anything for her, and in several instances he had.
She made a concerted effort to stop thinking about him. Chris was dead now, his corpse rotting in the sun next to a lake deep in the woods. She would never again see his smile or the dangerous look in his black eyes. She would never feel his hands on her skin or the thrust of his cock. She knew he was dead because she had punched her hand through his chest and pulled his beating heart out.
It was dangerous to think of anything but the Master when she was with him and Amy knew this. She struggled to control her thoughts and feelings, pushing them down somewhere dark where they would die and rot just like…
No. No more time or energy would be wasted on the dead. She was here, where she always knew she would return. She was with Him, and it was what she wanted.
It was what she was told to do, and Amy always obeyed.
“When we get back home,” The Master didn’t look at her when he spoke, his cold eyes trained ever forward. “I want you to take a very long, hot bath. Scrub yourself raw. I want to see shinning new skin when I inspect you.” His voice was detached, something Amy was used to. The only time he showed her attention was when he wanted to hurt her, fuck her, or both. The rest of the time she was disposable. It hurt her and turned her on at the same time.
“Yes, Master.” Amy leaned up and kissed his cheek, then returned her head to his shoulder. The rest of the car ride was filled with a black silence, the kind that encompassed everything and left you feeling short of breath.
After driving for over an hour the limo made an exaggerated turn and headed down a long, winding drive that led to a mansion. Elegant topiaries stood sentinel along the concrete path, each of them molded to resemble a wolf.
“You see what I have done for you?” The Master gestured out the window. “This is the house of Wolf now, and you are the new symbol of my strength.” He grabbed her face and squeezed agonizingly, savoring the look of pain in her face as he bit her lower lip. “You will make me a new fortune, ya?”
“I’ll do whatever you ask.” She tried to smile, but the bite on her lip hurt and she couldn’t force it.
“Yes. You will.” He laughed a little as the driver brought the car to a stop. A few seconds later a large man with short blonde hair and a shinning chrome pistol opened the door. The Master exited the car, leaving Amy to follow after him.
You can purchase AMY OBEYS II on KINDLE, NOOK, ARe, and anywhere else great ebooks are sold. If you haven't already read AMY OBEYS, then buy a copy of AMY OBEYS II, send me proof of purchase here, and I'll send an Autographed trade paperback to the first 5 people.

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It’s still October, which means my thoughts can never steer clear of fear, chaos, and destruction. Horror is on my mind, and I have to be true to my muse. So what follows may not be what you are expecting, but fuck it. My world, my website. Besides, I am currently writing book 5 of Zombies!...The Beginning of the END. So check my hundred words based on this picture:


Things were falling apart. The world outside his door was utter chaos, the cacophony of screams and gunfire exploding through the open window a constant reminder of the battle that raged outside. The television faded to black and the electric had cut off. The world went insane. People were outside right now, killing their neighbors and friends, the sick eating the survivors.

Fuck all that. If the world was going to end, Jason would make the most of it. He finally had Jasmine, the hot stripper from across the hall, in his bed. Who cares if she wasn’t feeling well…


If you love zombies as much as I do, check out the first 4 books of my series Zombies…The Beginning of the END here:


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It's Flash Fiction Friday once again kiddies. And not only that, but it's the very first FFF in my favorite month. Yes, Halloween is nearly upon us, and as a horror writer I tend to get all excited this time of year. The air is growing a bit chilly, streets are scattered with fallen leaves, football season is in full swing, and the kids are back in school. What's not to love about Autumn? And did I mention that during this time of year, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest? That's right, the ghoul you just slipped a snickers bar to might be an actual monster.
Anyhow, I digress. I could speak about all manners of beasties and critters forever, telling scary stories and what-not, but why get into all that, when today a picture is worth a hundred words (like my segue?)

“I’ll love you forever,” Bill looked into her eyes and smiled. “No matter what, I’ll be with you on our wedding day.” Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. If he said anything else Rachel couldn’t hear him. The wail of incoming sirens drowned out the world, the flashing strobes painting the night.

Ten years later, and Rachel still remembered that promise. Her new fiancé waited outside, along with a hundred friends and family members. They waited for her, but she waited for someone else.

In the distance, just inside the shadows of the woods, Bill lurched ever closer.
As always, there are others out there enjoying the fun of writing 100 words from the very same picture. I am sure they are VERY different from mine, but I figured since this is October, I should head to my roots and go with something a little spooky, a liitle different.
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Flasher Fiction Friday - September 14th

Ah, Friday. Another chance (after several missed) to throw one hundred words (no more, no less) at a sinful picture. So without wasting any time, here is the pic, and here is the story:

It had all been white once upon a time. Nancy loved white, it was purity in color. But crimson…crimson was by far her favorite.

Bill was an easy mark; short, stocky, and a little drunk. He was quickly enamored by the leggy brunette as she strutted towards him in her fish net stockings. If only he knew what was hidden inside them.

After another drink they headed back to her place, quickly falling into each other’s arms. Nancy steered him onto the sheet carefully spread over her floor. Hands groped, tongues danced, and Nancy’s blade flashed through the low light.  

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It's Shrinking

It's Friday, which means a picture is only worth 100 words. Here is the picture, and here are my 100 words.

“ I don’t know what it is about him. He treats me like shit, talks down to me, verbally and emotionally abuses me, and I still run to him. I mean, the sex is amazing, but can it possibly be so good that I can forgive all the other shit?” She laughed. “He does have the most amazing cock. It’s thick and points at the perfect angle to hit me in just the right spot. It fills my pussy so fucking perfectly…”

“Um, Ma’am?” He looked around, a little embarrassed. “This is Ikea, I’m just a salesmen, not a shrink.”
As always there are a lot of other people playing with me in this massive sandbox known as Flasher Fiction Friday. Head over to!/groups/195315460530659/ to find out who they are and what they are up to.
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Flash Fiction Friday returns

I missed last week, so i was hell bent on getting one off today. Here it is, 100 words based on the following picture. Enjoy:

As his hands slowly worked upwards from her ankle, Melissa smiled to herself. It was a devious smile, lascivious in its meaning. She held all the power here.

“Please,” He whispered, not sure if he was allowed to talk. “Let me…”

“Shut up, slave.” Her voice was authority, law undeniable.

He whimpered and lowered his head, his fingers pressing through the delicate web of her stockings. He could feel the tight muscles of her leg working underneath his hand, her cool skin like marble.

He looked into her black eyes and sighed. All he wanted was to be set free.

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I haven't done this in awhile, and it feels so good to get back into it. You know the rules, 100 words about a picture of someone elses choosing.  Here is the picture, and here is my 100 words.

The creaking wood sounded much louder than it should in the empty room.  Sasha felt her heart beat double in her chest, a tiny bird trapped inside the cage of her ribs. He motioned for her, and she obeyed. Dropping to her knees she crossed the polished floor and crawled to him, always so ready to serve.

“You will give me what I want, yes?” Klein’s accent was heavy, Germanic.

“Yes.” It was always yes. She held the ropey flesh of his cock aside, and pressed her fangs into his inner thigh.

A blood soaked tear rolled from swollen eyes.
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Guest Post - Zombie Blog Tour - John O'Brien

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation II

                                                                                    John O'Brien

              So we’ve talked about brains (thinking your way through various scenarios) and conditioning.  These are just two tools of survival although two very important ones.  Then there is the gear you’d need and I’m not talking about what gear for the base camp or sanctuary, it’s about what gear to take on foraging operations.

The first thing is to pack light – the heavier you pack, the less endurance you have if you run into something.  Plus, there is the mobility factor to consider.  Having a large heavy pack on makes it a bit hard to bob-and-weave.  It’s also something that can get snagged on something or be grabbed.  There is not really only one way to do something but this is only intended to inspire the creative and thinking process.  It’s a matter of preference for each person.

If you don’t have something that goes “bang”, forget going out in my opinion.  Yeah, sorry for all the Brits reading this.  I certainly sympathize with you.  Distance and force are your best option for a primary weapon.  Make sure it’s accurate, has decent range, and you don’t have to reload between rounds.  Yep, semi-auto is the best in my opinion.  The caliber is up to the individual but it should be based on your ability to wield it and get back on another target quickly.  It’s not much use if your weapon launches you into the next block each time you fire it – although that may be a good evasion tactic.  My preference is either the .223/5.56 or .308 version of an AR-15 variant.  It’s light, durable, good range, accurate, and I’m quite familiar with the weapon.  I can break it down and clean it in an instant.  The maintenance is a breeze.  Now, if you can get into an armory, so much the better.  An auto is nice, along with the multitude of gear that can be found J.  Auto only works though if accuracy is not fully required.  Headshots will be limited if multiple rounds are leaving the barrel.  Get familiar and accurate with whatever you choose.

A handgun is a nice option for a secondary weapon.  Again, the caliber is a personal preference but I prefer the 9mm as it’s a nice combination between stopping power and accuracy.  Plus, you can carry more rounds in the mag.  I would also carry a crowbar just for the purposes of getting into locked doors of a building.  This would make pretty short work for that.  Yes, a machete and knives for that last stand moment.  No way would I enter a melee with a machete by choice.  Now this is assuming you are fighting zombies.  Keep in mind there will be bad other bad guys out there as well.

Additional items to think about:

A multi-tool

A small coil of insulated wire

A long coil of 550 cord – parachute cord


Dehydrated food and water in case you have to hole up for a few days

Flashlight – attached to your primary weapon

Batteries for the flashlight and whatever optics you are using

NVG’s are always a nice thing to have



Laminated map of the area

Radio – each member should have one

Tac vest or flak vest if bad guys are around

Gloves – thick enough to not cause rope burns

Leather coverings for the arms and shins – or similar

These are just a few thoughts and only give a glimpse.  The main purpose is to just think about possible scenarios and have the gear to open up options just in case.  Avoidance, stealth, and quiet are the best options.  Just don’t weigh yourself down covering every option.

John O'Brien is a former Air Force fighter instructor pilot who transitioned to Special Operations for the latter part of his career gathering his campaign ribbon for Desert Storm. Immediately following his military service, John became a firefighter/EMT with a local department. Along with becoming a firefighter, he fell into the Information Technology industry starting two large casinos in Washington as the Information Technology Manager and becoming the Network Manager for the Washington State Legislature, the Northwest Information Technology Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Network Systems Manager for Hollywood Video. Currently, John is self employed with his own Information Technology consulting company consulting and managing various businesses with their information technology needs. He also volunteers for a local youth center managing their computer lab. As a former marathon runner, John lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and can now be found kayaking out in the waters of Puget Sound, mountain biking in the Capital Forest, hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, or pedaling his road bike along the many scenic roads.

Web Site

Facebook Profile



A New World: Chaos

A New World: Return

A New World: Sanctuary

A New World: Taken

*   *   *   *   *

All six of us - Todd Brown, Mark Tufo, Ian Woodhead, Armand Rosamilia, John O'Brien and Dave Jeffery - hope you'll keep following us on the Summer of Zombie blog tour, and comment as we go along.

And… one lucky commenter for each blog will receive a Free eBook or Print book from one of the authors! Simply leave a comment with your e-mail address and we'll pick a random winner each day! Simple as that!

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Amy Obeys, my first book to be released from Rebel Ink Press, is up for sale all over the place. It's kicking ass on, and taking names over at All Romance Ebooks. As promised, I have links available for you. They will be at the end of this quick little post. First, a little bit about the book:

Amy is a woman with a dark past and a much darker secret. When she meets the man of her dreams, Amy thinks he may be the answer to her prayers. He's handsome, caring, and incredibly sexy. For the first time since running away from home, she feels safe and loved, but can this handsome stranger really be the one?

Amy is haunted by the memory of the Master, a man who molded Amy into something she didn’t recognize, a man who keeps her running while she searches for the one thing her new love offers. Will Amy finally be free, or will the secrets she carries tear her apart?

Amy Obeys is one of the most exciting and fun books I've written to date, and it is easily the most personal. Yes, there is a real Amy, and the story works through a strange and wonderful time in my life. Without the real Amy I wouldn't be the person I am, and I owe her so much.

She is a strong and beautiful woman who continually inspires me. She was my muse through the entire book, and a continues to be a very special friend. Without a doubt I love her, and owe her more than I can ever repay.

Now, if you want to find out more about the book, you just need to pick up a copy. Here is how you can do it:

There will be contests coming up soon, so make sure you buy the book and leave a review. Thanks so much.

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Guest post from Shay MacLean

Today, Shay MacLean is stopping by to tell everyone a little bit about herself, as well as her new book Falling Star.

Shay MacLean is a multi-published author of Erotic Romance. Shay is a proud member of Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of several special interest chapters, Passionate Ink (of which she currently holds the position of Workshop Coordinator), RWA Online , Hearts Through History and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal. Shay is also a member of Savvy Authors and Romance Divas. When Shay isn’t immersed in her writing projects she enjoys photography, graphic/web design in addition to spending time with her wonderful husband and four amazing children.


Falling Star Blurb:

Willa Brock possesses everything a woman could hope for – great friends, a rewarding career and a loving husband – until her world begins to crumble. Almost overnight, she doubts her abilities as a doctor and must battle some inner demons she thought she’d laid to rest.

Although head over heels for his wife, Schyler still harbors a desire to be with men. When Willa confesses an attraction to the hot male nurse, Keenan, Schy goes out of his way to befriend him, hoping to satisfy his desires and ignite new ones with his wife. But he may not be able to convince Willa that loving Keenan won’t change how he feels about her.

Playing the role of odd-man out, Keenan needs to carve a place for himself with the two people he wants most; otherwise, he risks losing everything.

Just when it seems like the sky is falling they must close their eyes and wish upon a star…and embrace the possibility that combining three hearts will strengthen the love each holds for the other…


His eyes were intense, stormy and wild. He clenched his jaw as though trying to contain the emotion she saw swirling in their depths, an emotion she’d rather not contemplate at the moment. "Is that what you believe we think of you as, Willa? A possession?"

"Isn’t that what I just said? I don’t think I stuttered." She tried to pull free of his grip, but only succeeded in making him tighten it.

"That is so not how either of us sees you," he said, his voice thick and husky as though he was trying to hold back what he was feeling, but not quite succeeding.

"Really? Then tell me how it is that you see me, because from where I’m standing that’s what it looks like."

"We see a woman who’s intelligent, vibrant, commanding, and sexy as hell. And we both just want the chance to hold onto you, even if only for a moment."

Willa tried again to pull free. "That’s all good and fine, Kee, but have you forgotten that I’m married to Schy. You shouldn’t be thinking about holding me. Ever."

Kee raised his hand and cupped her cheek. "You know good and well that he and I both want to have a ménage with you. We’ve hinted at it for several weeks now, Willa. I know Schy has discussed it with you. He told me how he described in detail for you how much he wants to watch while I fuck you. How he wants to fuck your pussy while I work that delicious ass of yours."

The look in his eyes burned deep into her soul. Tempting her ... beckoning her to taste what he … they were offering.

Kee leaned in closer. His breath feathered over her lips. "He also told me that he explained to you about wanting to fuck my ass while I fucked you." He stuck his tongue out and licked her lower lip. "I know how hot that made you, Willa. How you went crazy on Schy at the images he painted for you. So tell me again how you don’t think of me holding you? Of both of us holding you?"

Willa opened her mouth, willing her tongue to form the words she knew she should say. But nothing came out. Instead, she found herself licking her suddenly dry lips and leaning toward Kee, when she should be pushing him away.

He must have sensed her reaction, because the next thing she knew he was licking her lips, too. Angling his head so he could press his more firmly against hers. He backed up and gazed into her eyes.

She could imagine what he saw there. Confusion … denial … lust … Whatever it was, he seemed to consider it for a moment before he claimed her mouth in a scorching kiss.

Kee slanted his mouth across hers and stroked his tongue over her lower lip. Nipping until she whimpered and opened for him.

She met his tongue with hers, moaning deep in her throat as he pulled her flush against the length of him. She didn’t realize she’d wrapped her arms around him until she felt her back pressed into the door behind her as he stumbled forward a step.

He ground his hips into hers. Letting her feel the ridged length of his cock pressed against her stomach. Oh, God! What the hell am I doing? The thought fled her mind as quickly as it was formed when he cupped her ass and pulled her tighter against him.

She couldn’t help but kiss him back. She reveled in the taste of him. Chocolate. Mmmm. He must have been eating his favorite dark chocolate M&M’s again. She wasn’t much for chocolate in general, but the taste of it on his tongue proved decadent. And she couldn’t get enough of it. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, savoring the flavor.

Kee lifted her leg and thrust against her. Grinding into her. Mimicking fucking her.

She rubbed along the length of him. Her pussy was dripping … begging for him to plunge his cock inside her. Filling her until she screamed at the pure ecstasy of his possession.

Willa froze in his embrace at the sound of someone jiggling the doorknob to the room. She lowered her leg and pushed him away. She scrubbed her lips along the back of her sleeve as though that could erase what she’d been doing. She glared at Kee as she bent to pick up her purse and cell phone from the floor. "Don’t ever …" She was forced to cut short what she was about to say when Vanessa entered the room.

She looked back and forth at the two of them. "Am I interrupting something?"

Willa didn’t bother to look away from Kee. "Not at all, Nessa. I was just leaving." She snatched the door out of Nessa’s grasp and fled the room as fast as she could, but not before she heard her friend say:

"What the hell were you thinking, Kee? You shouldn’t have kissed her here. It could have been someone other than me who’d walked in just now."

Great! Just what I need. The whole hospital staff knowing I was kissing someone other than my husband in the locker room. She shook her head. No, Nessa wouldn’t say anything, and at least she hadn’t heard what Kee had said before the kiss. She exited the hospital and headed to her car. She didn’t have a clue where to go. Schy would be waiting for her when she got home. But, how could she face him with what had just passed between her and Kee?

Special Offer from Keith Publications:

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A mind blowing Orgam

It's FFF once again, and without a doubt this is one of my favorites. The picture is so innocent and seemingly safe, yet the perversion in my mind knows no safety or innocence. I really enjoyed not only writing these 100 words, but the process that brought me here. It was a fun little exercise, and I hope y'all enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think.

Sweat covered her pretty face as it twisted in orgasm vehemence. One hand clutched a breast, while the other worked furiously over the swollen wetness between her legs.

“Obviously, she comes,” Jason pointed to the image in front of them. “And then this happens.”

Faded grey eyes roll back into the woman’s head. A plume of smoke comes out of her ear, and then her head explodes sending flesh, blood, bone and brains across the room in a gore soaked mist.

“Now that’s what I call a mind blowing orgasm,” Brian lifted his head off the conference table.  “Get it?”
As always there are a host of other authors writing their own FFF's and you should drop by and visit them all as well.
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Muffy Wilson:

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And remember, on May 17th my newest book AMY OBEYS is being released by Rebel Ink Press. Don't forget to grab a copy and tell all your friends and family about it.

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Release date, Cover, and Blurb for my upcoming release, AMY OBEY'S

It's finally here! After all the hard work and sleepless nights, my new release from Rebel Ink Press is ready to go. AMY OBEY's is coming out Thursday, May 17th 2012. I will put links up everywhere when they become available, but for now, here is the cover and blurb for the book. Please tell your friends and grab a copy for yourself. It's coming out innitially as an E-Book, but there will be a paperback available very, very soon.

Amy is a woman with a dark past and a much darker secret. When she meets the man of her dreams, Amy thinks he may be the answer to her prayers. He's handsome, caring, and incredibly sexy. For the first time since running away from home, she feels safe and loved, but can this handsome stranger really be the one?

 Amy is haunted by the memory of the Master, a man who molded Amy into something she didn’t recognize, a man who keeps her running while she searches for the one thing her new love offers. Will Amy finally be free, or will the secrets she carries tear her apart?

Mark your calenders, take a sharpie and write MAY 17th on your forehead, carve the date into your forearm, or tattoo it on your children. Do whatever you need to. Just remember the date, and then buy the book. You won't be disapointed. Not only is this simply the best example of my writing (made exponentially better by my editor E) but it also a painfully personal book. I can't wait to know what y'all think. I know you'll love reading it as much as I did writing it.

Amy Obey's is out Thrusday May 17th from Rebel Ink Press, available everywhere great E-books are sold.

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Todays Guest Post by Karenna Colcroft

When you love someone, it can mean giving up something for that person. It can even mean giving up a chance for a relationship with them so they can be safe and happy.

In high school, I dated a guy who clearly had feelings for me. Strong feelings, which I definitely returned. We were very on-again, off-again, and the off times were always his choice. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about me. He cared so much that he wanted to protect me from anything potentially harmful, and that included himself. I was a virgin and afraid of physical contact; he’d been sexually active since elementary school. I didn’t smoke, drink, or anything else; he used pot and sometimes other drugs. He’d led a damaging life, and the last thing he wanted was to damage me. So he pushed me away despite his feelings. I didn’t understand until years afterward why he’d done it. We’re still friends, even though it’s been twenty-five years. That might not have happened if he hadn’t been adamant about giving up a relationship with me.

There’s a saying, “If you love someone, set them free; if they come back to you, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.” That doesn’t always hold true. With my friend, he loved me enough to not only set me free, but to make sure I stayed that way. At least free of the demons that filled his own life.

On the other hand, sometimes loving someone means being with them despite the risk. I knew what was going on in my friend’s life, but I wanted to be with him. I loved him, and he was good to me. I wasn’t assertive enough to tell him that his past—and present—didn’t matter to me, that I loved him regardless. I sometimes regret that.

In my new novel Lost Soul, motivational speaker Joel Turcotte has a secret. He’s a sorcerer, and his magic is fueled by pieces of human soul that he takes during sex. He isn’t the only “soul sorcerer,” as he calls himself and his kind, but he’s probably the most cautious. Ten years ago, Joel accidentally killed his lover by taking too much of the other man’s soul. Now Joel sticks to one-night stands, never sleeping with or taking soul slivers from the same human twice. When he meets Lanny Hollister, the attraction between them is immediate and terrifying. Joel can’t risk falling in love again, because he might harm another lover. He tries to fight his desire for Lanny and to push Lanny away. He’s willing to give up the first man he’s loved in a decade to keep the man safe.

And Lanny isn’t having it. Even after Joel explains the risk, Lanny still wants to pursue a relationship with the man. He believes Joel can refine his control of how much soul he takes, and maybe even control whether he takes any at all. He’s willing to take the risk so he can be with the man he loves.

Which of them wins? You’ll have to read the book to find out. Lost Soul releases today, May 4, from MLR Press,

You can find out more about me and my books on my website,, or by joining my Facebook group at .

FFF once again, but hey, this time it's JUNE!

It's FFF once again. Time is short for me this week, so I am going to get right into it. Enjoy.

The idea to start staying at haunted hotels was one Samantha made out of desperation. Charles was growing bored with her, and if she lost him, she lost his money.

Sitting now inside room 2214 of the historic Peddlers Inn, Samantha was reconsidering her decision.

“Booooo” Charles came out of the bathroom clad in a white sheet, arms outstretched as he slowly moved towards her.

Samantha vaulted over the couch, sending the pillows flying as she tried to escape, a look of abject terror masking her usually gorgeous features.

Samantha wasn’t looking at Charles, but as what was behind him.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The incredibly gorgeous and immensly talented Bethany Hale Talks FANDOMFEST

Bethany Hale and I are real, honest to God friends. I value her opinion above most others, and lean on her constantly as both a writer and a friend. She has been speaking about FANDOMFEST  for a few months now, and with such vigor that I had to find out more. I am not only planning on attending the convention (June 28- July 1) but I will also have a vendors table where most of my books will be on sale. I am hoping some of you stop by and say hi to Bethany and myself, as well as the dozens of other amazing writers.
Since she did such a good job of getting me there, I couldn't think of anyone better to talk about the convention to y'all.


Bethany Halle

Well, for those of you know do know me you know I write as Cassandre Dayne – erotic romance, DH Black – erotic thrillers, and Dakotah Black – campy murder mystery but today I’m coming to you as the real girl. Why? Because I am lucky enough to have been asked back to the fabulous Fandomfest, being held at the end of June in Louisville Kentucky. Just what is Fandomfest? I’ll give you the official blurb…

“WELCOME TO FANDOMFEST. A convention within a convention within a convention. What started out as one of the top Horror FilmFestivals in the country has now grown into one of the biggest shows of it's type. Consisting of MID AMERICA COMICCON, FANDOMFEST AND FRIGHT NIGHT HORROR WEEKEND AND FILM FESTIVAL, Fandomfest is one of the Largest Multi-Genre Conventions in the region. Whether you are a fan of Movies, Comic Books, Gaming, Horror, Anime, Monster Classics, Collecting Autographs to Books, Filmmaking, Literary, Arts, Makeup, Cosplay and much more then Welcome to the NEW World of Fandom. Where all things POP Culture Collide.”

This being said, it’s also a place where writers can show off their wares and guest on several panels. That’s what I’m going to be doing there. I met Stephen Zimmer at another Con called Mysticon in February of 2011. He was a guest on my blog talk radio show as a film producer and in truth he and I hit it off and remain very good friends. The lucky man handles a hell of a work load behind the scene working with the literary guests. He asked if I’d be interested in attending last year and I had a blast. I was a guest panelist on several discussion including podcasting, erotic writing and BDSM and even had a book signing. On top of that I met a hell of a lot of wonderful people who have since become my friends on and off on the writing world.

This year the event is even larger and is going to be held at the fabulous Galt House. For those of you who have never been to a convention of this type, it’s nuts. It’s educational and fun and you are able to mingle with writers and readers and talented folks from the entertainment business. You know what that means…you never know what the connection might lead to. I love being involved and will be on several panels of course this year. Because I am lucky enough to be able to write in several genres, I will be giving you the finer points (no laughing) on writing passion in your romances, a bit about kink in your sexual escapades and I’m also going to be discussing writing thrillers and the perfect methods to kill people. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


What I think I value the most is the wonderful friends I’ve made and since Fandomfest last year a group of us are blogging on the official Fandomfest site allowing you into our literary worlds. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look at some extraordinary talent. We call it the Zine  If you haven’t been involved in something like this before its so beneficial for your career and if you’re a reader or a film lover, you can meet some of your favorite literary and film stars. What’s not to love about a convention in which you get to wear costumes and act like a kid if you want to? It’s all in good fun and the folks setting this up are taking so much time in their preparations. I know you’ll have a blast.

Besides, I’ll be there sexing you up with a taste of passion, a bit of BDSM, a lot of saucy writing and perhaps even some readings late into the night. Now just imagine the “toys” I need to bring to enhance my presentations. You interested? Dare to fantasize…




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