Monday, May 26, 2014

Been way too long...

Admittedly it has been way too long since I wrote a blog post and I am sure that many of my regular readers have fled to find something else to sink their literary teeth into. This saddens me because it is all my fault. I have no one else to blame for my lack of blog posts, and this is something that I need to remedy. The bad news in this is that I have been indolent over the past six months or so with not only my blog posts but also my writing in general. The good news, neigh, the GREAT news it that I have once again gotten my groove back and am not only writing more regularly but I am also pushing out more books and growing my brand.

To this end I want to talk quickly about DEAD SEXY and then I’ll get right into discussion of my newest book, Witches house. I’ll even throw an excerpt in to whet your appetite and hopefully get you guys to pry open the dusty old wallets and buy a copy.

I’ve been thinking for years about coming up with some kind of brand for myself. Something that would encompass all my endeavors and give me a way to be identified by a larger audience. I wanted something cool, catchy, classy, and above all something that signifies me as a horror and erotica author. I’ve thought long and hard about it, meditated on it, asked friends and trusted contemporaries and total strangers. Nothing I came up with seemed right. Until finally one day when I was appearing at Amizicon in Philadelphia. There was a very attractive woman walking around with zombie make-up expertly applied. Admittedly I had been drinking a bit as I think she might have been as well. I was taken by her beauty and sexuality even with the grotesque bite taken out of her face. The wound actually made her eyes all the more stunning.

While she walked back and forth through the convention she never ceased in catching my eye and I had the good fortune of speaking with her a couple times. She even took a few hits off my flask. It was during one of the conversations with this zombie chic that I told her how incredible the make-up effects were and how sexy she looked. I then looked at her in those beautiful eyes and told her she was DEAD SEXY. Immediately I knew I had the branding I was looking for. I immediately called my most awesome graphic designer and asked him to come up with a logo for it.

Since that fateful day I have come up with t-shirt designs, a web site, a new book idea, and several other promotional materials that I will be using. All of them encompass the DEAD SEXY name and logo. And speaking of the website, here is the link to thatawesomeness. And just so you know, the website is DEADSEXY.NET

Now, on to the new book.

WITCHES HOUSE centers on Rebecca, a beautiful seventeen year old girl, and her family. They come across a too-good-to-be-true opportunity to buy a renovated house and quickly find that there are reasons this house came so cheap. While her father works at restoring the house and the property to its former glory Rebecca begins a journey of self-discovery that lands her directly into the hands of two ancient witches who call to her through the ether and seek to manipulate the outcome of an ageless struggle between good and evil.

Two witches, one of darkness and the other of light, struggle to gain control of Rebecca’s training and ultimately the outcome of their timeless war. While the white witch wants only to help and mentor the girl the dark witch wants to usher in a new age of evil under the rule of the Ancient Ones. As her power and confidence builds Rebecca begins to gain followers to her own coven. These broken and listless women all need help in some form or another and Rebecca is the guiding light they are drawn to.

As the tumultuous moments come to fruition Rebecca and her family must make a choice. There is only one path that leads to freedom and the road is strewn with deadly obstacles and detours. Will Rebecca make the right decision or is the world doomed? Grab yourself a copy of WITCHES HOUSE and find out.

Now for a little snippet of the book to whet your appetite and make you hunger for more.

After forty-five minutes, Rebecca was almost finished. She placed the piece of wood off to the side and ran her delicate hand through the finely ground tea. She smiled as she brought the grinds up to her face and inhaled deeply.

“How’s it smell?” Came an unfamiliar voice from behind her.

“You’re just in time, Detective Rosario,” Rebecca didn’t turn around and she never looked to see who it was.

“How did you know who I was?” Rosario asked, one eyebrow raised and her full lips playing with a smile.

“A couple reasons,” Rebecca stood up and stretched her back. She wiped her hands on her dress and extended the right one, which Rosario shook. “I knew you were coming. Also you walked up with heavy footsteps, which shows you’re confident and when you spoke your voice sounded authoritative, like a policewoman.”

“You’re a very observant young lady,” Rosario couldn’t help but automatically like this girl. She was gorgeous and possessed an air about her that spoke of confidence and her own kind of authority. “I’m very impressed.”

“Thank you.” Rebecca nodded solemnly. “You’re not really what I expected. You’re much prettier than I thought you would be. I hope that doesn’t insult you.”

“Not at all,” Rosario felt like she was speaking with someone much older. She didn’t know what to make of the young girl. She was extremely intelligent and well spoken, overly confident for someone so young, but not cocky. Her face seemed to glow with a light all its own. “But, why would you think I was… unattractive? You don’t think cops can be pretty?”

“No, it’s not that at all,” Rebecca walked forward and got into Rosario’s personal space. “I heard the pain in your voice. You carry it around with you like a weight around your neck. Usually, women who suffer traumatic childhoods don’t take care of themselves as well as you obviously do. They feel like they’re ugly, or at least that they should be ugly. You don’t have such personal hang-ups, which speaks volumes about your character.”

Rosario was shocked. There was no way this child could know so much about her. She immediately thought that Rebecca had spoken with Karen Lee. She was the only person Rosario had told her history to, at least the only person who could have shared that secret with Rebecca.

“How do you know so much about me?” Rosario felt her cop instincts rushing to the surface, but another part of her remained calm and fought the need to understand.

“Please don’t think I’m checking up on you,” Rebecca smiled easily and it melted some of the concern away from Rosario. “I just know things about people. I’m very sensitive to their subtle nuances and auras and such.”

“Really?” Rosario cocked an eyebrow even though she believed her. Shaking her head she fought the need to understand why she believed her, there was just something powerful about this girl. “So, you’re psychic?”

“Not at all.” Rebecca shook her head with a groan like such things were childish. “I just know how to read people. Much like you do, just with different tools. You use your mind and experience to read a person. You watch their body language and study the things they say and how they say them. I listen with my heart, I watch their eyes, and I feel for the rise and fall of their body heat, I hear their heart beating faster or slower and I smell their pheromones and sweat. Same destination, different path.”

“So, you can hear my heart beating?” Rosario asked. Suddenly, this girl was going from overly intelligent and observant to crazy.

“Yes. I can also tell you that you had at least three cups of coffee this morning, you drove in a car with a smoker although they weren’t smoking, and you wear men’s deodorant. You don’t wear perfume, but you wear makeup and also, although this is going to be embarrassing for both of us, you just started your menstrual cycle.”

Rosario just stared at the girl in disbelief. It was one thing to know about her childhood but it was another thing all together for the girl to know she was having her period.

“Come on inside and have a cup of tea with me and my mother, you’ll feel better.” Rebecca laughed a little she couldn’t help it. “Don’t look so shocked, I told you how I do it.”

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