Friday, March 30, 2012

Handcuffed brunette in a catholic school girl uniform

Happy FFF to everyone. To those of you with real jobs; it’s finally Friday. Hurray! For the rest of it’s just another day, but the weekend is coming and that’s usually a good thing. For me though, it means another shot at FFF which is always exciting and fun.
This weeks picture is incredibly hot. Bravo! I stared at it and savored every detail, letting my twisted mind dream up a thousand different perversions. In the end, I used a FFF from a few weeks ago as a background. I would like to see if any of you can pick out which picture from FFF’s past sets the back story. Either way, this one was a lot of fun. I wanted to get dirtier, but you have to go with your muse, and 100 words is very limiting.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Everything has been all wrong from the start. I meant to call some other woman, but this crazy bitch answered the phone. I told her I was going to rape her and cut her, and it only turned her on.

 I broke into her house and drugged her, dumping her onto a piss and blood soaked mattress, handcuffed.

I wanted her to scream and cry and beg for her life, but instead she shakes that gorgeous ass and begs me to fuck her.

I do, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cali's sacrafice

If you're looking for the FFF, it's in my previous post.

As I promised yesterday I would be giving you the first chapter a book I am basing on the FFF from yesterday. It's a hot 2500 words, and I really hope you all enjoy what I put together. I'll post updates and a few more scenes in the days that follow as I finish Cali's Sacrafice, keeping you in the loop with the story. The finished product will be available by the end of next week, just in time for a new FFF. I welcome your feedback, so keep the comments coming.

Cali's sacrafice

Chapter ONE

Cali checked her reflection in the hallway mirror, tugging her shirt lower to reveal more tanned cleavage. She lifted the corner of her shirt to expose the smooth skin of her belly before heading back into the living room. Jacob waited there patiently, looking through one of the piles of photography that littered her second hand coffee table.
“These are really good.” He turned to show her the stack in his hand and paused, dark green eyes instantly slithering over her body. He had obviously noticed the flesh she had on display. “You, um…have a real good eye. I would love to throw some more work your way.”
“Really?” Cali bounced a little, knowing it made her breasts jiggle in the confines of her bra. “I wasn’t sure if any of those would be something you’d be interested in. They are a little artsy.” She scrunched her nose up on the final word, playing the cute blonde routine.
“I like artsy.” Jacob got to his feet and handed her one of the pictures. “Where did you take this one?”
The picture in his hand was of a stone wall covered in graffiti, taken in blank and white stock. There was a nude female model crouched low underneath a sign that read “Jesus saves”.
“I was driving back from a shoot in the country, taking the model home. She lives in the Bronx, just off Webster Street. She was too busy texting to give me directions, and I took a wrong turn and accidentally found the wall. It was somewhere around seven in the morning, so I had her strip and strike a few poses. The bitch charged me an extra fifty bucks for it too. I should have made her walk the rest of the way to her apartment.”
“It’s amazing.” Jacob wasn’t looking at the picture; his eyes were firmly glued to the fleshy mounds of her breasts. “You’re amazing.”
“Thanks.” Cali really blushed this time, lowering her head and studying the floor. She knew how to play the flirt if it would get her into more magazines, but this was more than just idle play. Jacob was gorgeous, and his position as photo editor for one of the largest magazines in the country made him even more alluring. “Um, do you want a drink or something?” She ran a hand over her chest. Sweat had formed and was making her flushed skin glisten. “I know it’s really hot in here, I’ve been trying to get the super to fix my fucking air conditioner for the past two weeks. I should…”
“A drink would be great.” Jacob smiled knowingly and backed up a step, unbuttoning his shirt. “I hope you don’t mind if I get a little more comfortable. I hate the heat, and this damned city seems to absorb it.” His fingers worked over the buttons of a ridiculously expensive silk shirt, slowly exposing the tight muscles of his chest and stomach. Cali sucked in a breath and realized two could play that game.
“I’ll be right back.” She smiled and turned to leave, allowing herself one more look at the squared blocks of muscle underneath the faded blue shirt. It had suddenly got much hotter in here.
She rushed into the hallway and turned the corner into the small kitchen, opening the freezer and savoring the sting of cold air as it wormed over her body. She retrieved the bottle of vodka from the top shelf and one of the brightly colored ice cube trays before setting it all down on the counter. Jacob was back in his seat on the couch, facing the window with his back to her. Without allowing herself a second thought Cali worked at removing her bra, tossing it quickly to the floor before pouring the liquor into two cheap glasses and adding a couple of ice cubes.
Cali wasn’t usually so brash, but ever since Danny put an abrupt end to their relationship six months ago she hadn’t been with another man, and her body had been screaming at her, saying she was more than overdue for a good hard fucking. Jacob seemed like the perfect man for this, and she didn’t want to play things too safe. So what if he was married? The man was gorgeous and had the power to make her career.
“I hope you like vodka.” She walked out of the hallway holding the glasses in front of her.
“Love it.” He turned and smiled, immediately seeing the faded outline of her nipples as they tried to poke through the lightly colored blouse. “I absolutely love it.” He smiled and licked his lips before taking one of the glasses from her.  
“So, let’s drink to a good partnership,” Jacob lifted the glass. “You keep taking pictures like this, and I’ll keep buying them.”
“Really?” Cali’s heart rate doubled. “You want to buy some of these?” She dropped onto the couch, placing her body directly next to Jacob. Some of the vodka spilled from her glass and she absently liked it off.
“No.” He sipped from the glass and turned to look at her, his knee touching hers as his eyes slithered over her breasts. “I want to buy them all.” Jacob placed a cold hand on her thigh and squeezed. “I need to build more of a library for the magazine, plus I always have pet projects I’m working on. I want all of them, and I want to put you on staff where I can keep a closer eye on you.”
“Are you serious?” Her hand fell on top of his.
“Very.” His smile widened. “I’ll write you a check tonight for these, and tomorrow you have to come into the office and sign a contract. It won’t be exclusive though, I need to keep you free for some other things I have planned, I don’t want to pin you down under one place, but you will have to provide me with about a thousand shots a month. Does that sound reasonable?”
“Fuck yeah.” She didn’t realize how close Jacob was to her until she smelt the alcohol on his breath. He wanted to seal the deal with a kiss, and judging by the quick upward motion of his hand on her thigh, much more. Cali was more than okay with this.
A sudden knock at the door made them both jump, the moment suddenly broken.
“Who the hell is that?” Cali checked her phone and noticed three missed calls, all from Mark. Fuck! “Give me one second.” She smiled sheepishly and jumped from the couch, rushing to the door.
“Hey bitch, open the fuck up.” Mark called from the other side.
Cali unlocked the door but only opened it a foot or so. Mark looked shocked that she wasn’t letting him in.
“What the fuck? You don’t answer you phone anymore? Let me in.”
“Honey, I have…company. You need to go away.” She motioned back inside her apartment with her head.
“Really?” Mark was handsome enough to make Cali wish he weren’t gay. Faded blonde hair and chiseled features set off the blue of his eyes, and the spectacular body hidden underneath expensive clothing was her usual masturbatory fodder. Unfortunately Mark had a crush on Cali’s older brother, Jason. Having two gay men in her life made it difficult to keep a boyfriend for too long, and she had often complained that she would be stuck alone and single for the rest of her life. If Mark didn’t leave right now, she might be alone tonight.
“Yes, really. You need to go.”
“Fine. Be that way. Bye.” Mark turned on his heels and headed down the hall. Cali knew she would need to make this up to him, but she really needed to get her hands on Jacob, even if it meant hurting Mark’s feelings. He would understand.
She rushed back to the couch and took her seat next to Jacob.
“Sorry about that. It was my friend Mark.” She saw the look of jealousy cross Jacobs eyes. “He’s gay.” She blurted.
“Good for him,” Jacob whispered. “I’m not.” This time he leaned in until their lips touched. His tongue was soft and cool and tasted of the subdued vodka. He brought a hand up and cupped her breast, the thumb playing over the hardened nipple.
Cali simply attacked. She pushed her body into his, laying him back on the couch as she pressed their lips together harder. She straddled his thigh, both hands sliding over the sweat covered skin of his chest. Muscles danced underneath her hands as Jacob pulled her shirt off.
When Cali had her arms out of the sleeves she immediately went for his belt, unhooking it and leaving it hanging to either side as trembling fingers worked at the buttons of his pants. She could feel his erection straining for release, and Cali couldn’t remember ever wanting anything so badly before. With the buttons and zipper out of the way Cali broke the kiss and tugged the pants over his hips. At some point Jacob had removed his shoes, and they fell to the floor with twin thumps as she tossed the jeans away.
Jacob wasn’t wearing underwear. His cock stood out thick and bold, calling to her. Cali immediately dropped to her knees and wrapped her thin fingers around his hardness, pulling it back so she could appreciate the full size. Her fingers just touched around the thick base, a clear pearl of pre-come dripping over her thumb as she slowly stroked the fleshy steel. Her mouth watered. Cali licked her lips and lowered her head. Her tongue slid out and licked over the head.
She filled her mouth with him. The moan that escaped was involuntary, and in the quiet of her apartment she couldn’t tell who it came from. Cali lowered her head, pulling him in until the engorged head pressed into the back of her throat. She could taste the briny tang of his pre-come, the liquid silk mixing with her passion and driving her faster and harder over him. She increased her suction, working her hand over the hardness of his shaft quickly.
“Fuck me.” Jacob wasn’t making a request, and that turned Cali on even more.
She licked over him one more time, from the base of his cock to the swollen head, and then got to her feet and quickly stripped. As she spread her legs over him she realized just how nervous she was. Her knees shook and her entire body was electric, the thrill of fucking this handsome man, little more than a stranger, was bringing all the emotions and feelings to the surface. She straddled him and lowered herself, pausing only long enough to position his swollen head at her hungry opening.
Jacob stabbed upwards, angrily impaling her. Cali gasped, her eyes open wide as the thrilling pain engulfed her. Jacob held her there, his hands digging into her hips as the thickness pulsated inside of her. Cali could feel the first icy fingers of an impending climax grip her soul, and by the time she slid down the full length of his cock it was there, alive and blooming behind her eyes like some insane fireworks display.
They began to move in perfect unison, their hips slamming together as the speed of their passion increased. Cali held herself up by pressing both hands onto his chest, her nails digging in for purchase over the sweaty skin. Jacob had one hand on her breast and the other clamped onto the smooth flesh of her ass. Every few pumps and he would smack her, increasing the strength of each strike slowly as he tested her limits. Little did he know she had none.
“Come on baby,” Cali purred between gasps for air. “Smack that ass.”
Jacob complied. Searing pain made her vision falter, but the orgasm it produced was nothing short of magical. Her toes curled, her fingers dug harder into his chest, and for a brief moment Cali was ignited, her body thrumming with electric perfection.
Jacob looked her in the eyes, holding her gaze as they continued to slam their bodies together. “I’m getting close.” He reached up and grabbed her, his hand taking the back of her head and pulling her to his mouth. They kissed, the speed of his motions increasing. Cali whimpered into his mouth as another climax tore through her, her hips grinding over his as she struggled to keep pace.
When the kiss was done she jumped from his and returned to her knees, pulling him into her mouth quickly and savoring the taste of her own come over his hardness. Her hand worked quickly over him, the suction of her mouth pulling the orgasm from him in thick, delicious bursts. She moaned as Jacob gasped the muscles of his chest and stomach standing out as his body cramped up and his come filled her mouth.
Cali refused to stop, the smile on her lips betraying the knowledge that he was know overly sensitive, the pleasure of her mouth now driving his body into spasms.
“Good?” She licked over the slowly shriveling tip, her hand still stroking over the softening flesh.
“I have no words to describe just how good baby girl.” His smile was sleepy and content. “Come up here.”
Cali obeyed, climbing into his arms. Their eyes locked again, and she slowly slid up his sweat covered body, their lips about to touch.
The door exploded inward with enough force to send splintered wood flying through the room. Cali screamed and fell off Jacob, rolling onto the floor as he got to his feet and looked for the source of the violent intrusion. From her vantage point on the ground all Cali could see was the look of terror in Jacobs’s eyes and the spray of blood as the bullets hit his chest.

Coming soon... more sneak peaks at the book as I write it.

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A promise...

It's Friday, which means another picture and another 100 words of pure insanity. As much as I love writing these little scenes out to the provided pictures, I always feel like I am leaving some really incredible characters stranded, so this week things are going to be different. I am giving you the picture, the 100 words, and a promise.
The Promise: I am going to keep this tale going. Today you get the 100 words, tomorrow you get the first chapter, and by next week I will have a 15,000 word story (or the first 15,000 words of a larger piece) available as a Self Pubbed book. How does that sound kiddies?
So with no further palaver I give you 100 words....

I let the anger grow inside of me until it became a beast I couldn’t control. To my right I could smell the bonfire raging. Twelve fallen priests stood in its perimeter chanting and calling to their ancient god’s.
 The thirteenth man came out of the woods with Cali, my sister and their intended sacrifice.
I pounced, my muscles like a coil of springs propelling me into the hooded man. He crashed to the ground and I fell on him.
“Jason?” I stopped dead as our eyes met.
“Mark? What the hell,” he whispered. “You’re gonna fuck this all up.”

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Now I am off to write the first chapter of this upcoming book. I hope it's something you can't wait to devour, I have a feeling there will be a lot of sex and maybe even some romance, and most assuredly some horror, violence, and even a little blood. Let me know what you think.

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Flasher Fiction Friday once again, or what happens when I play hookie from work

It's Friday, and i was able to pry myself away from the day job (call it playing hookie, if you must) and throw 100 words together. They say a picture is worth 1,000 of these delicate blossoms, but in todays economy you only get 100, so I better make them count.

She thought it was a wrong number. The voice on the other end of the phone was full of gravel and malice, his words filling her with a primal fear that dripped hot lead over raw, angry flesh. Cass knew she should be afraid of his words but something about his voice turned her on.
“You’ll be tied up to the bed, watching helplessly as I make the first cut along your inner thigh…” They weren’t just words, they were promises.
One hand clutched the phone as the other slid under her silk panties and found the wetness.
“And then?”
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I am going to be more active in the coming weeks with my blog, I have some fun announcments and other shit to share with you, so check back often. In the meantime enjoy the shorts by me and all the other naughty writers. Have a good friday!

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It's friday again...

Nearly missed this week. I know that I need to get on here more and put some more stuff up for everyone, and I promise that I will be doing just that. I've been slacking lately, and that won't fly.
So without further ado...I give you another 100 words of sheer madness for the Flasher Fiction Friday. This week I went with something a little more on the suspenseful side, I hope you like it.

“Don’t move.” He growled in her ear. “They’re getting close.”
Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps, her heart pounding loud enough for the others to hear. He placed one hand over her heart to muffle the sound, his big, calloused hand covering her breast in the process. The other went over her mouth.
Footsteps came through the dead leaves, the wind carrying a fetid stench along with it. Growls and harsh snuffing sounds followed. There was a pause in their movement, and then slowly, reluctantly, they continued.
 She didn’t know if she was more scared of him, or THEM.

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