Friday, October 19, 2012

Buy my books, or ELSE!

It's Flasher Friday, which, as you all know by now, means I saw a picture and wrote 100 words about it.
But TODAY  is special for more reasons than just one. My latest Rebel Ink Press release, AMY OBEYS II, is now available  at KINDLE, NOOK, ARe, and anywhere else ebooks are sold. If you like a little erotica with your horror, or vice versa, you will love this book. It has werewolves, revenge, bloody murder, and of course plenty of sex. I'll be posting an excerpt after my FREE flash, just to whet your appetite.

So here is the picture, and the 100 words follow:

Jen thought it was a game, but I was deathly serious. She regarded me with those cocky eyes, defiantly showing me the handcuffs around her wrists.

“Off.” It was a command.

I moved to her side, quicker than her eyes could follow. The cane sang through the air, striking her naked rump with a CRACK. Jen screamed, a sudden light blooming in her eyes as she realized how serious I was. She would learn, just as all the others had before her.

“You get it now?”

“Yes,” She wept. “I’ll buy your books, I swear!”

“All of them?” CRACK!


HAHAHA, I wanted to have a little fun with this one. Next time someone asks me how I market my books, I'll point them towards this post. It certainly sounds like a great way to find new readers though, doesn't it?

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And now, without further adoooo...I am going to share an excerpt of my latest book, AMY OBEYS II

Amy got off her knees and eased onto the plush leather seat of the limousine. The large car swayed hypnotically as they sped through the desolate roads of some nondescript European town. Barren trees and unremarkable buildings passed by in a blur. The briny taste of the Master’s orgasm was fresh on her tongue, her full lips pulled back into a satisfied smile as she looked into his deep blue eyes. Remarkably, it didn’t seem as if the man had aged a day since Amy had seen him last,
“Are you happy to have me back?” She pulled his zipper up and turned in her seat to get a better look at him. Even after all these years she was still scared of him in the most erotic way possible.
“Ya,” His heavy German accent painted the word. “You are very good at being bad Amy. You always have been. It is why you are so special to me.”
She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, fighting the tears as her smile faded away to nothingness. She was certainly very bad, using and killing the one man who had ever truly loved her, just so she could deliver herself back to the Master.
Now that Amy was a werewolf she had no reason to fear this man, and yet she couldn’t help it. One look from those icy blue eyes and she was locked in place, terrified at what he would do, and excited by the prospect. His control over her was absolute and Amy knew that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him.
The limousine bounced over some obstacle, the suspension lifting her weightless for a brief second. Her stomach drifted upwards and then slammed back in place, and Amy was reminded of the way Chris made her feel. Never before had she ever met someone like him. He was handsome and kind, caring in the most intense way. From the moment they had met Chris was willing to do anything for her, and in several instances he had.
She made a concerted effort to stop thinking about him. Chris was dead now, his corpse rotting in the sun next to a lake deep in the woods. She would never again see his smile or the dangerous look in his black eyes. She would never feel his hands on her skin or the thrust of his cock. She knew he was dead because she had punched her hand through his chest and pulled his beating heart out.
It was dangerous to think of anything but the Master when she was with him and Amy knew this. She struggled to control her thoughts and feelings, pushing them down somewhere dark where they would die and rot just like…
No. No more time or energy would be wasted on the dead. She was here, where she always knew she would return. She was with Him, and it was what she wanted.
It was what she was told to do, and Amy always obeyed.
“When we get back home,” The Master didn’t look at her when he spoke, his cold eyes trained ever forward. “I want you to take a very long, hot bath. Scrub yourself raw. I want to see shinning new skin when I inspect you.” His voice was detached, something Amy was used to. The only time he showed her attention was when he wanted to hurt her, fuck her, or both. The rest of the time she was disposable. It hurt her and turned her on at the same time.
“Yes, Master.” Amy leaned up and kissed his cheek, then returned her head to his shoulder. The rest of the car ride was filled with a black silence, the kind that encompassed everything and left you feeling short of breath.
After driving for over an hour the limo made an exaggerated turn and headed down a long, winding drive that led to a mansion. Elegant topiaries stood sentinel along the concrete path, each of them molded to resemble a wolf.
“You see what I have done for you?” The Master gestured out the window. “This is the house of Wolf now, and you are the new symbol of my strength.” He grabbed her face and squeezed agonizingly, savoring the look of pain in her face as he bit her lower lip. “You will make me a new fortune, ya?”
“I’ll do whatever you ask.” She tried to smile, but the bite on her lip hurt and she couldn’t force it.
“Yes. You will.” He laughed a little as the driver brought the car to a stop. A few seconds later a large man with short blonde hair and a shinning chrome pistol opened the door. The Master exited the car, leaving Amy to follow after him.
You can purchase AMY OBEYS II on KINDLE, NOOK, ARe, and anywhere else great ebooks are sold. If you haven't already read AMY OBEYS, then buy a copy of AMY OBEYS II, send me proof of purchase here, and I'll send an Autographed trade paperback to the first 5 people.

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It’s still October, which means my thoughts can never steer clear of fear, chaos, and destruction. Horror is on my mind, and I have to be true to my muse. So what follows may not be what you are expecting, but fuck it. My world, my website. Besides, I am currently writing book 5 of Zombies!...The Beginning of the END. So check my hundred words based on this picture:


Things were falling apart. The world outside his door was utter chaos, the cacophony of screams and gunfire exploding through the open window a constant reminder of the battle that raged outside. The television faded to black and the electric had cut off. The world went insane. People were outside right now, killing their neighbors and friends, the sick eating the survivors.

Fuck all that. If the world was going to end, Jason would make the most of it. He finally had Jasmine, the hot stripper from across the hall, in his bed. Who cares if she wasn’t feeling well…


If you love zombies as much as I do, check out the first 4 books of my series Zombies…The Beginning of the END here:


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It's Flash Fiction Friday once again kiddies. And not only that, but it's the very first FFF in my favorite month. Yes, Halloween is nearly upon us, and as a horror writer I tend to get all excited this time of year. The air is growing a bit chilly, streets are scattered with fallen leaves, football season is in full swing, and the kids are back in school. What's not to love about Autumn? And did I mention that during this time of year, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest? That's right, the ghoul you just slipped a snickers bar to might be an actual monster.
Anyhow, I digress. I could speak about all manners of beasties and critters forever, telling scary stories and what-not, but why get into all that, when today a picture is worth a hundred words (like my segue?)

“I’ll love you forever,” Bill looked into her eyes and smiled. “No matter what, I’ll be with you on our wedding day.” Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. If he said anything else Rachel couldn’t hear him. The wail of incoming sirens drowned out the world, the flashing strobes painting the night.

Ten years later, and Rachel still remembered that promise. Her new fiancé waited outside, along with a hundred friends and family members. They waited for her, but she waited for someone else.

In the distance, just inside the shadows of the woods, Bill lurched ever closer.
As always, there are others out there enjoying the fun of writing 100 words from the very same picture. I am sure they are VERY different from mine, but I figured since this is October, I should head to my roots and go with something a little spooky, a liitle different.
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