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Evil part VII

I do so enjoy pushing Cassandre Dayne to new and more devious levels of violence. I also enjoy being pushed to sexier and more deranged levels of decadence. It's one of the reasons we write so well together. Our little project has been so incredibly fun and sexy I hope it never ends.
If you haven't read her last post, check it out here.
And so without further banter I give you

Evil Lurking in the Shadows Part VII

Fuck her. Beat her. Kill her.

Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with me for that matter. I’m sitting alone in my house staring at a blank TV screen and rooting around inside a cop’s head trying to make him murder some whore. No sane serial killer would go out of his way to connect with a fucking cop on any level but then again I don’t really think sane and serial killer are two words that belong together.

Am I insane? I guess I have to be. You don’t just start killing women one day because all your mental functions suddenly snap into place. You have to be nuts. You have to be deranged. The strange part is I didn’t feel insane even though I knew I was. I felt like everything had suddenly lined up for me like tumblers in a lock. I felt saner now than I ever had in my life. I felt more alive. I felt…complete.

It was that feeling of balance that had connected me to the cop. I was sure of it. I knew something had brought us together and immediately following my last kill I knew what it was. I had somehow achieved the perfect alignment with the universe or whatever the fuck connects things together. Taoists call it the way, an energy that connects all things.  I had somehow found my perfect peace and in doing so I connected with that energy and it, in turn, connected me with my voyeur.

It was just sheer luck that he turned out to be a cop. There was something very sexy about destroying what little morals he had. I could negate all the good he had done in his career. I could bury the person he was under mounds of festering secrets and hideous truths. I would burn down his soul and rise a new monster from the ashes of that destruction.

The thought of it turned me the fuck on.

I sat on my couch staring at the blank TV set. I had a cigar smoldering between two fingers of one hand and a crystal glass half filled with bourbon in the other. I alternated between puffing on the cigar and sipping the bourbon. Both filled my head with an intoxicating euphoria. Both failed in comparison to the images that played in my head.

The redhead was older than I would have picked but still very sexy. Tall and lithe with a strong musculature to her stout frame. Coppery red hair fell off her shoulders and down to the middle of her back in thick curls. When she screamed or moaned or laughed her green eyes lit up with tiny flecks of gold. The things I could do to make those eyes shine…

My voyeur was doing pretty good. His face was buried between her thighs, hands clenching her ass with violent need as he worked his mouth over her cunt. When she arched her back I could see the outline of her ribs. Her nipples poked through her top. Her throat worked soundlessly as she shook through an impressive orgasm. I liked watching her cum but I wanted to see her bleed more.

There is a subtle difference between screams of pleasure and screams of pain and I’m a connoisseur of both. I draw them inside of me, roll them around my tongue, and easily detect the vintage. I could taste this whore’s pleasure easily enough but that wasn’t the delicacy I needed. It wasn’t what my voyeur needed.

I closed my eyes and let the images from his mind roll over me like waves. I went deeper until I could taste her cum on my tongue and feel the give of her soft skin in my hands. I moved the hands so one went under her skirt and found the erect nipple of a breast. I pinched. Harder. She moaned and finally gasped as my fingers pressed the nub too tightly. I smiled around the swollen, wet lips of her pussy. Two thick fingers entered her easily. I pushed another digit into the tightness of her ass and again got the same gasp of pain. She didn’t say no. She didn’t want me to stop.

A car drove past us bathing our tangled bodies in white light. The driver slowed and watched but we weren’t about to stop. I continued to fuck her with my fingers, increasing the pace and pressure until she screamed her orgasm out to the night. I could hear people laughing and whistling. None of it mattered.

Take her home.

It wasn’t a suggestion. There were things that needed to be done.

“That was a good appetizer,” his voice was raspy and filled with a need so complete it consumed every part of him. Nothing else mattered except obeying. To the whore he was sir. To me he was just another conquest. “Let’s go back to my place and get into the main course.”

“Yes Sir,” her voice was husky. She bit her lower lip playfully. “Anything you want.”

“I want you to suck my cock,” he held the passenger door open for her and waited until she got in. His legs were shaking as he walked around the car and got in behind the steering wheel. One hand closed the door while the other undid his fly. “Right now.”

As he twisted the key her head wen to his lap and thin fingers pulled the rigid cock into the night air. The head was thick, swollen, and purple. Pre-cum covered the engorged tip and dripped down the shaft where it disappeared into his pants. The heat of her mouth closed around it just as the car pulled away.

This whore had skills. Her tongue danced over the hard rod while she pulled it down her throat. Dainty fingers clenched tightly around the base, stroking in perfect rhythm with her hungry mouth. It didn’t take long before the pent up frustration and outright need rushed to the surface and he filled the whore’s mouth with his orgasm. She swallowed it all and continued her machinations until he shriveled inside her.

“Did I do good Sir?”

“Very good,” his hand rested on her thigh. “I have a very special reward waiting for you back at the house.”

I smiled wide enough to hurt my lips. I could taste blood pooling in the corners and licked at it greedily. Tonight would be special indeed because the things I had planned for this slut would be epic. The things my voyeur was about to do would make the devil blush and turn his head. Tonight I started a new chapter to my book of sin.  

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Evil Lurking in the Shadows part V

While my partner Cassandre Dayne is discovering her dark side and reveling at the pure joys inherent in slaughter and carnage I feel as though I am returning more to my roots. Writing erotica was never an intentional path for me but something that progressed from my original writings. My most humble beginnings are forever mired deep within the blood and guts of horror's grittier side. I love giving my readers buckets of blood and gore. Now I watch Cass find the simple joy of feeling the viscera ooze up between your toes and I have to smile.

Beauty, welcome to the dark world of the Beast.

In case you've been living under a rock Cassandre Dayne and I have been collaborating and alternately posting the beginning of what will no doubt become our newest book. I started it right here and then it went to Cass for part 2, then back to me and so on and so forth. This is the FIFTH installment. If you missed any of the earlier parts you can read 1 and 3 below, and 2 and 4 at Cass's blog here:
Now, without further bullshit I give you:

Evil Lurking in the Shadows
Part V
“Honey. There is no God, only the sweet peace of death,” I could hear his words inside my head like a shadow of my own thoughts. He whispered with sexual need so deep I nearly felt sorry for him. “God I adore you.”

I knew he wasn’t talking to her. Not just another fan, this man was something else. An unwilling coconspirator. No. Not unwilling. Just… reluctant. I could turn him. I could show him the way. All I would have to do is unlock the door and hold out my hand.

I don’t know why I was so interesting in corrupting my voyeur but something about this strange partnership was exciting. It was like fucking your wife while a stranger watched. It was a deeply private act intruded upon by an outside force the result of which somehow becomes more exciting and personal for the invasion. Besides, I’ve been engaged in the solitary act of writing for so long now it was nice to collaborate with someone.


I had grabbed this little whore outside a nightclub in one of the seedier sections of town. She didn’t belong there. Her friends had abandoned her for one reason or another and when she left the club to search for a cab I quickly stepped in. Why would she consider the handsome older man a threat? I smiled at her with perfect teeth and opened the door to my hundred thousand dollar sports car. She didn’t need to know it would most likely be repossessed in a week. It only took a moments deliberation before the little tart decided I was less of a threat than the four black kids standing on the street corner passing a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor back and forth and loudly talking about how fat her ass was.

“Thanks,” she sank into the leather and glanced around the interior of the car. Her face was lit up by the bright red instrument cluster and gave her pale skin an unnatural hue. “I don’t know where my friends went and they aren’t answering their phones.”

“Bitches,” I pulled away from the curb with a low chuckle. I kept my voice a little deeper than normal and spoke nice and slow. “I’m sure they have their reasons but why bother trying to find out what they are now? We can have fun without them. I have a house on the water and my bar is stocked.”

“I don’t even know you,” she smiled shyly. Her eyes shone neon green and when she sucked her lower lip in and bit it gently between perfect teeth I knew I had her. “What kind of girl would I be if I just went to some stranger’s house?”

“The kind who knows how to have a good time,” I looked at her long enough to wink. “But if you’re not comfortable with going back to my place and having a drink with the man who just saved you from a quartet of gang-bangers then I’d be happy to drop you off wherever you like.”

“You did save me back there,” her head tilted down and she looked up at me through big, blinking eyes. “It would be rude if I didn’t at least hang out with you a little while.” Her hand slid along the supple leather of my car. I could see her trying to figure out how much it cost.

“Sounds like a plan,” my blinker came on and I headed towards my house. This girl didn’t know she was going to end up there one way or another and she didn’t have to. “And as soon as you want to leave just say the word and I’ll call you a cab.”


I had been out hunting for three hours when I found her. The need to kill was growing, the urging to cut and slice like some burrowing insect underneath my skin. More than that was the intellectual curiosity of this strange connection I had with the other man. The cop. The fallen hero. I found it strange that I should know so much about someone I had never met. I knew things about him no one else did. I had looked directly into his very essence and found him lacking the very same necessary components as I. The only difference was that I embraced my demons and he sought to drown them out with alcohol and false bravado.

I needed to kill tonight not so I could satiate my own urges but so that I could corrupt and manipulate this soul teetering on the edge of oblivion. I thought I could open and close the portal we shared at my own whims and needed to test my theories out. So far the only time we were connected was when my mind was lost in the fever dream of carnage. My last murder was spectacular but somehow I lost the connection at a pivotal moment. I could still him screaming in my head but the visual was gone. Glass broke and he cursed and screamed. He needed more but I had failed to give it. Tonight would be different I was sure. I’d give my solitary audience all he could handle and shove him screaming and cumming over the edge into an oblivion so deep nothing of him would ever escape.

I brought the girl back to my house. We came inside and I poured her a drink and spoke calmly and told her all the things she wanted to hear. She was beautiful. She was smart. She was funny and interesting. I told her the friends that left her behind were idiots and she was easily the most engaging and beautiful woman I had ever met. When I kissed her for the first time I could feel her body melt into mine and within seconds out clothes were being ripped free of hungry bodies and she dropped to her knees.

I don’t know her name. In truth I never asked and don’t really care. When she took my cock into her mouth I moaned and pulled her hair back, holding her head steady while I fucked the ravenous hole. She liked it. Her body responded quickly and completely and she submitted to me without any further provocation.

I took a handful of hair, withdrew my hardness, and lifted her to her feet. I bent her over my couch and smacked her ass hard enough to leave a bright red hand print on the porcelain skin. She yelped and tried to turn her head but I buried her head in the soft pillows and entered her with savage force. While I fucker her from behind I pulled her hair and fingered her ass. I pulled both hands behind her back and held her wrists, pulling her back into me until I thought one of her shoulders would dislocate. I smacked her again and again with growing intensity until the beautiful white ass was covered in welts from my hands. I dug my fingers into her hips and spread her cheeks apart to reveal the tight knot of muscle waiting to be penetrated.

My cock was soaked with her orgasms when I pushed into her ass. She whimpered and tried to move away but the couch wouldn’t allow her the motion. I whispered to her saying it would be okay, the pain would go away and soon enough it did. She pushed back into me and growled with voracious pleasure as I reached around her body and squeezed a tit. She yelled out filthy words until I withdrew, flipped her over, and pushed my hardness back inside. My mouth closed over one breasts, the tight nub of her nipple finding my teeth as I shoved into her with reckless need.

Finally I could take no more and pulled my throbbing dick from her. I quickly grabbed her hair and forced her back onto her knees. She immediately sucked my full length into her mouth and swallowed my orgasm. My knees were shaking as she got to her feet and leaned against the back of the couch.

“That was so much more fun than hanging out with my friends,” her voice was husky and tired. “I’m glad I…”

I moved past her. In one quick motion my body snapped at the hips and my fist swung a violent arc that connected my fist with the side of her head. Her jaw was open and I caught her perfectly. She was unconscious before her body collapsed onto the floor.

“I’m glad too darling,” my smile was a maniac’s grin that could easily bifurcate my head. “You have no idea how glad I am.”


She was small and light but dead weight is hard to manage. I struggled to hold her body against my roughly hewn cross and tie the wires around her ribs. Her head hung low and lulled from side to side as I worked. Red hair hung over her swelling face and obscured her beauty but that gorgeous body was on display for me to enjoy. Soon enough it would be for both of us. Me and my secret friend.

I tightened the wires and made sure they remained just under her breasts before spreading her arms and wrapping both wrists. I tied her neck and both legs. When I was done I took a step back and regarded my handiwork. I was getting much better at this. The cross looked better than my earlier attempts. The wires were a better way to go than duct tape for what I had planned later.

I removed the knife from my work table and regarded it. So beautiful, so expensive, and so deadly. It would wait for the connection to open. Right now I had more pedestrian tools to play with. I regarded the plyers and skipped over them in favor of the ice pick.

The girl came to as I pierced the meat of her left breast. The confusion in her eyes made me laugh. It was going to be such a wonderful evening.

Cassandre Dayne is a best selling author who occasionally slums with the likes of me and helps elevate my writing to new and horrible places. We have three other books together. Find them and read them...if you have the balls.  If you're in the mood for some incredible summer reading check them out here:
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Having read part one over and then immediately heading over to Cass' blog I am now convinced that we are on to something pretty fucking incredible. Her writing makes me better, stronger, and more intense. Cass pushes me in ways no one else can and I am honored to be working with her again. Hopefully y'all think I'm worthy as you read the third part of our collaboration.
Just incase you haven't read the first part it's right here on my blog. The second installment is here at Cass' blog:



Cassandre Dayne and Christian Jensen


That first girl was a fluke. Some talk about the right place at the right time and I’m a firm believer in that truth. I had mentioned my time in the New York hardcore scene as some hot shit song writer. That lasted a few years but it was novels that were making me a name. I loved the freedom of writing whatever I wanted, not dealing with the “talent” of whatever artist I was paired with, and the lengthy timelines were cake for me because I wrote like a man possessed. I could knock out a full length novel in three weeks and usually had six to eight months to finish it. Back then the advances were quick and the money was ridiculous. I was living high on the hog and loving life. I was also bored to fucking tears.

Sex was a nice distraction. I was a good looking guy. I spent my time in the gym and had a tight body. I was rich. I was smart. I could read women the way most guys read a newspaper. It was like a sixth sense, some hideous gift that made them all transparent to me. I would talk to them for a few minutes, get inside their heads, and take them back to my place.

This little bitch, my first glorious redhead, was slightly different. She insisted on going back to her house.

“I have toys,” she purred in my ear. “And party favors.”

Keep in mind that this was the late eighties in South Florida. Cocaine was king and if you didn’t ski you didn’t fuck. I had mountains of the shit at my house but when I got back to the little redheads place I was shocked at the vulgar display of illegal drugs she kept out on her kitchen table. Uppers and downers in every color of the rainbow littered the glass table amongst a pile of cocaine big enough to stop every heart on Wall Street. I immediately loved her.

We were kissing hot and heavy when we walked through the door, my hand was pushed down under the waistband of her skirt, one finger inside her tight cunt while another strummed a melody on her swollen clit. She was moaning into my mouth and I could taste the cool alcohol of her martini as her tongue did somersaults in my mouth. My cock was nothing but a hard rod grasped a little too tightly in her small hand but what the fuck did I care? Our clothes got shredded and thrown in the corner of her foyer and I took her right there on the cool marble tiles with the front door still open and neighbors walking by. I pushed into her wetness and she let out a low growl of need. My hand went to one exposed breast and pinched her nipple.

“Harder,” her eyes were showing only the whites as she studied the inside of her head. “Don’t be a pussy.”

I slammed my cock back into her but to my surprise she put her hand over mine and forced me to pinch her nipple harder. The tendons in my hand stood out. She arched her back and bucked her hips back into me. She smiled and dug the nails of her hands into my ass.

I slid out and grabbed her hips, flipping her over onto her knees. I smacked her ass as hard as I could and smiled at the yelp of pleasure I got. I impaled her and immediately began to fuck with a wild ferocity. I was getting close to the point of no return and wanted to get her off quick. I slid my hand over her hip and between her legs and rubbed her clit while my other hand went back to her tit and pinched the other nipple. My weight was on her but this little bitch didn’t care. I fucked hard and fast and finally pushed inside her and let my cum paint her insides.

After we gathered our strength we went into the kitchen and took a few monster bumps.

“I like it rough,” she wiped some powder off her nose while I ground a couple errant crystals down with a credit card. “I mean really rough. You won’t hurt me, but I’d like it if you tried. No matter what…Ugh”

I punched the bitch right in the face. I was dealing with a lot in that moment and her giving me the green light like that was a bad thing. I was stuck on my latest book, my editor was giving me a ton of shit about missed deadlines, the publishing company was behind on the second installment of four advances, and there was talk about major changes coming through the industry. I was stressed and running through money like it was water when I knew I should be saving for a rainy day. And I fucking hated south Florida. I wanted to leave and was already planning on moving when this bitch opened a door that would have been much better off remaining closed.

So I punched her. She wanted me to try and hurt her? No fucking problem there, buddy.

She feel back into a chair and flipped over it, landing hard on her back. She looked up at me through watery eyes, her nose pouring blood. She smiled.

“Good start,” her legs were shaky as she got up and wiped some of the blood from her tit with a trembling hand. She licked the blood and cocked her head to the side. “You gonna finish what you started or do I need to get a real man in here?

I lunged over the chair and shoved her into the wall. My cock was instantly hard and I bent her over the counter. I grabbed her hips and shoved into her ass then proceeded to beat on her back until my hands were sore. When I couldn’t physically hit her any longer I grabbed her neck and choked her with all the strength I had.

By the time I came she was nearly unconscious. It took a few minutes for her to regain lucidity. By then I was covered in sweat and some of her blood, my eyes probably looked like they belonged to someone in a strait jacket and I was holding a kitchen knife in one numb hand.

“I’ll hurt you,” as I moved closer to her the look of sexual excitement changed to one of actual fear. That turned me on a lot more and I instantly knew something about myself that I didn’t’a couple seconds earlier. “I’ll make sure I hurt you more than anyone ever has or ever will.”

My cock had been in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. I was out of openings to violate and the only thought that made any sense was to make new ones. I stabbed her over and over again. I tried to stay away from vital areas but there was so much blood I was sure I hit something important. Each time the knife went in it made this sick little popping sound as the blade penetrated her flesh and then a wet, sloppy sound as I pulled it out. I liked it. The metallic tang of blood was thick in the air and mixed intoxicatingly well with the chemicals already burning the insides of my nose.

When she feel to the floor I landed on top of her and threw the knife across the floor. I began to shove my cock into the make-shift pussies, fucking each new hole until it tore too wide and didn’t feel good any more. By the time I finally came she was just about dead. I ended it all by beating her face in with the electric can open. I don’t know why I used it but the damn thing was heavy and pretty much indestructible. I should have taken the can opener with me. I think about that most nights and wonder if it’s still in an evidence locker somewhere of if it eventually got thrown out.

She was my first. I have no idea what her name was but she awakened something inside of me that has only grown and intensified ever since. Of course I’ve matured and developed my own style and signature but I find that killing is the same as writing. You only get better by practicing. And right now I’m the best.

I left south Florida a few weeks later. I had a sudden panicky urge to run away immediately but thought that might make me look suspicious. I burnt the bitches house down to cover my crime. The cops investigated. I was even questioned for a few minutes while the keystone cops did their farcical investigation but that only ended in me signing a lot of autographs and listening to a room full of detective throwing story ideas out at me about books they always thought about writing. I waited until things died down and headed out to Maryland. I didn’t have a specific reason for choosing Maryland, I just landed there and it seemed right.

My second victim was another redhead. Her name was Amanda and she had the most incredible legs. She was the first one I crucified and really the first woman I considered a work of art. I picked her up outside a bar, talked to her for a couple minutes, and then brought her back to my place. I fucked her a few times and then waited for her to fall asleep before sticking a hypodermic in her neck. She cringed and woke up for a second before passing out under the drugs weight. When she came to I had tied her up in the garage, arms and legs splayed on my cross.

While I cut into her I kept getting these little flashes of another man. It was nothing sexual but for some reason it felt like this guy was watching me, like we had some kind of weird psychic connection. I shook it off. I thought it was just the excitement of the kill. By the time Amanda was dead I knew this connection was something else. I had my first premonition. My first of many. I knew this man was a cop and he would hunt me to the ends of the earth. I also knew he would grow to be my biggest fan.

Just to remind y'all Cass and I have written three other books before. Find the links for them here on our Facebook page and throw us a like. Also let me know what you think of the story so far. Don't be shy. Pussies.

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This is something new and exciting for me and I think it's really something you're going to enjoy. Not only am I giving y'all FREE flash fiction but I am also hooking up with the amazingly talented best selling author Cassandre Dayne.

 This is the way things are going to work for the next couple of weeks. I'll be posting my flash here. Cassandre will be continuing the story over on her blog, and then it'll come back here to me, then back to Cass, and so on and so on. So you'll have to jump a little from blog to blog but in the end you're getting to read some incredible, sexy, and totally original stuff as we write it. For FREE. How fucking cool is that?
So without any further palaver I bring you Evil Lurking in the Shadows

Evil Lurking in the Shadows by Cassandre Dayne and Christian Jensen
 I knew this bitch wasn’t real but the sting of bourbon wasn’t making her ghostly image disappear any. She was dead. I knew this for a fact because I had killed her two night before. Hell, I didn’t just kill her, I savagely smashed her head in with a claw hammer. I tortured her for three hours, slicing through muscle and bone, severing fingers and digging hot, wet organs out of her gut. I slit new holes in her body and fucked each one with a fervor usually reserved for maniacs. I’m not a maniac. I’m an author. 

Her name was Storm, and I had loved her since high school. Pale skin, hair as black as a raven’s underbelly, green eyes and full, pout lips. She was gorgeous and had the most rocking body any man had ever laid his eyes or hands on. She was covered in ink now but that wasn’t the case when I knew her in high school. It wasn’t the case the first time I slid my cock into her either. Her skin was pure, snow white with a mean streak. She was thin but not in an anorexic kind of way. She had curves man, the kind you could just sit back and stare at all day. Storm had wide hips and big tits, much bigger than a hand full. When she was growing up she tried to hide them but by the time we started partying she was showing those fuckers off like a bad girl should. She had a body built for sin and a mouth that would make the devil blush.

I loved her from the moment she walked into my third period English class freshman year but the cunt didn’t even know my name until four years after graduation. By then I was making a living as a writer and on my way to becoming a big deal. I had just turned twenty two when I signed my first contract with the heavy metal band Abomination of Virtue and had already penned their first big hit. Metal was big back then, not like it is now, and I was the biggest thing going in New York’s hardcore scene. Once punk started getting hooked up to life support all the thrash metal bands came swooping in like vultures and then Metallica had a couple hits and all of a sudden it was cool to be a thrasher. I was sitting high up on the throne as king of the metal heads and loving every minute of it.

When Storm came walking into the club one night I immediately recognized her but she had no idea that we went to school together. She only knew I was the guy who wrote “Poisonous Pussy” and had a dozen other bands fighting over who would get my next hit. I was also working on articles for Rolling Stone, Thrash, and Hardcore magazines, and there was even some talk of a book deal with some big time publisher who wanted me to write a novel. I was rich, young, famous (in my own circles) and good looking enough to grab a different piece of ass every night. Life was good.

Then Storm walked in. That story isn’t as important as why she was dead or what she was doing haunting my ass in this shitty little old man bar in the middle of suburban Maryland.


I killed my first girl by accident. It was early in this century and I was still living well off my royalties. I spent the morning writing like I always did and then headed over to my favorite bar. It was close to the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I was living back then. I could smell the salty ocean breeze and feel the sticky heat of the sun over my t-shirt. A delicate breeze moved the palm trees in a gentle rhythm. There were a few people sitting at the tables on the patio but I preferred the darker, cooler interior. My bartender was working and I smiled at her. She poured me two fingers of Bourbon and served it neat just like I always got. I put a hundred dollar bill on the smooth marble bar top and she placed a salt shaker on top so it didn’t fly away. The drink went directly into my hand.

“Morning Anders,” Allison was built a little too big for me but her dramatic curves made you look. Her massive tits were in direct proportion to the wide hips and thick thighs. She wore a loose fitting shirt that revealed plenty of cleavage and the top of a Rolling Stones tattoo.  “How’s the new book coming?”

“In fits and starts,” I tilted my glass to her before pouring half of its contents down my throat. “But in the end it will be something to be proud of. I think you’ll like this one. It’s more akin to Andrew’s Story, just with more blood and sex.”

“How can you fit more blood and sex into a book than you did Andrew’s Story?” Allison read all my books and wasn’t shy about telling me what she likes and what she hated. It was the main reason I respected her and the only thing that kept her alive when every other woman in my life ended up brutally murdered.

“I guess you’ll have to read it and find out,” I finished my drink and placed the glass next to her hand. She immediately sauntered off to fill it up for me. Her hips swayed more than was necessary. “I’ll print out a copy before I get into edits. There’s one section I want your opinion on before I finalize it.”

“You know I love to help,” she noticed another customer walk through the door and gave me a wink before heading towards her. “And reading your best sellers before anyone else is a nice perk too.”

I watched her go because the scenery was good. Then it got a whole lot better. Allison was talking to the new customer, a gorgeous redhead, and trying to motion towards me with a subtlety that she had never possessed. I caught the eye of the pretty woman and smiled. Allison said a couple more things and then walked right over to me without even pouring the girl a drink.

“She wants to buy our famous author a drink,” Allison winked. “And I think she wants to see just how big your…brain is. By Brain I mean cock.” Like I said, Subtlety wasn’t Allison’s thing.

“Send her over,” I had no idea how fateful those words would be. “But tell her I’ll buy the drinks.”

You can read the second part to Storm Warning on Cassandre's blog. Check it out here:
Cass is going to post hers Thursday at some point so be sure to check over there to keep reading more of this fun little tale. She is going to spice things up and I'm sure there will be some blood and sex thrown in just because that's how we like to do things.
If you enjoy the way we write together I have some great news for you. This is NOT our first time working together. We've hooked up (get your minds out of the gutter) a few times before. Check out Toxic Leash, I like to Watch, and The Darkness Within. Find us together on our Facebook page Dark and Dangerous here: