Friday, September 14, 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday - September 14th

Ah, Friday. Another chance (after several missed) to throw one hundred words (no more, no less) at a sinful picture. So without wasting any time, here is the pic, and here is the story:

It had all been white once upon a time. Nancy loved white, it was purity in color. But crimson…crimson was by far her favorite.

Bill was an easy mark; short, stocky, and a little drunk. He was quickly enamored by the leggy brunette as she strutted towards him in her fish net stockings. If only he knew what was hidden inside them.

After another drink they headed back to her place, quickly falling into each other’s arms. Nancy steered him onto the sheet carefully spread over her floor. Hands groped, tongues danced, and Nancy’s blade flashed through the low light.  

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