About me

Christian Jensen is Horror author living somewhere in the wilds of central Jersey. He has written more than 40 books, many of which are being released or re-released through Booktrope. He is the author of: Lone Survivor, Witches House, Paranormal Reality, Amy Obeys, Amy Obeys II, Grey Steel Jaws of Hell, Prison of the Dead, Witches House; Chronicles of Rosario books 1-4, Demonic Possession, The End, and many more, coming soon...

Christian is a prolific author, usually found in his office typing away while sipping bourbon and smoking cigarettes.
He makes one hell of a Bar-B-Que Sauce, and honestly anything he cooks is fucking amazing. That is due to his classical training as a chef.
He spent time in the Delaware prison system. Get him drunk enough and he'll tell you about it.
His beer of choice is Coors light and he Loves Jim Beam, Cigars, and Winston Lights.
He is a classic car nut and an experienced, professional mechanic.
He sometimes refers to himself in the third person.

Contact him for any reason at Christianjensen76@comcast.net
*NOTE - Naked pictures of women are always greatly appreciated