Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Guest post by Cassandre Dayne
It's not often that a tall blonde grinning lasciviously and speaking about all manners of kink of derangement walks into your life. I guess I'm just lucky that way. Not only can I call the beautiful Cassandre Dayne my friend, but I get the unique distinction and honor of also being her writing partner, a collaborator of passion, pain, and perversion. With two books already done and in various stages of editing and another very nearly finished we have completed more in a month than most others do in a year. She has improved my writing as I struggle to keep up with her mad genius and forced me to keep my word count up as she is easily the most prolific author I know. This woman has over a hundred (that's 100) books available through various publishers, so if you don't know who she is you better start to pay attention.
Passion, Pain & Perversion
I kill
I hunt
I hunger
I lick

I torture
Mmm – sounds pretty tasty doesn’t it? I do love pleasure and pain – in a variety of ways. There are many other things I do as well and all within the pages of one of my sexy, edgy and horrifying books. It’s no secret any longer I have a HOT writing partner. And I’m not just saying this because he’s demanded that I appear on his blog (that’s another story altogether), as a team we’re pretty dynamic together. For anyone who has ever tried to work with another writing producing a true collaboration, the work can be daunting. Everyone seems to have different styles and methodologies. We all tend to write at our own pace and when you’re writing with someone else, waiting for them to finish can truly break the flow. With Christian, I have no worries. He and I write at the same frenzied pace. Both of us want what we want when we demand it and we’re harsh task masters with each other. Even better, we both have wickedly disturbing minds, craving taking everything to the extreme. And I do mean everything.
We’ve known each other for a couple of years now. We’ve chatted, flirted, met at a conference and created havoc as well as learned to respect each other immensely. We also have the same need to be a little bit wild… Hmmm. So when we threw around some ideas about writing together we simply started writing. That was four weeks ago and we’re about 5k away from finishing our third full length novel. Toxic Leash is the first and let me tell you – it’s a breathless ride that’ll leave you haunted for the rest of your life. And I’m not just saying that because it’s our piece. I will warn you – the words, the storyline, and the outcome are brutal – not just edgy. The story isn’t an easy one to tell, but for he and I the piece was the awakening of two dark souls and our longing for something – well, perverted.
I’ll give you a taste and a lick later but let’s talk a little about the wicked girl. For any of you who don’t know me, I’m a prolific writer and not just with Christian. I have over 120 books out in less than three years and I indulge myself in writing in several genres, but I like the darker side of passion and kink – why? Do you really want to know why? Well, to answer all the burning questions men continue to ask of me – am I like and do I really do all that I write about? Do I enjoy threesomes and pleasing a man? Do I long to be submissive and have a Dom own me, control and train me, collar and brand me – adding his mark on my creamy white skin? Do I engage in group sex or perhaps long to have people watch as my man forces me to my knees, right…in…front…of…everyone? Hmmm…
Do I crave pain, the thrash of a whip across my naked skin – my back and ass, my pussy and breasts? Do I indulge in tasting another woman? Have I experienced kink clubs where everything is on the menu? And the true burning question is – would I perhaps go to a conference and allow myself to engage in a sinful tryst? Well…
I give you all of me with nothing held back
I allow you to take me to my limits, trusting without fear
I knee in front of you, prepared to please
And I crave your discipline…
On the flip side – do I have dark needs of pain as well as pleasure? Will I engage in activities that others fear allowing themselves to enter, the more intense side of ecstasy and agony? Can I be controlled? Let’s just say that there’s a little bit of the real sides of us in our stores. There always will be. The rest is raw and uninhibited imagination. Which part is real and which part is all fantasy? Do you know? The truth is I’m a very passionate woman, one who craves more than a vanilla anything and everything. There are so many women who long to be a submissive, yearn to be able to let themselves go with regard to sex and even certain aspects of violence. We’re all supposed to be lady like, right? Oh no. Not in the bedroom. Not in the playroom. And you certainly won’t find that in my books. They’re raw, on the edge and every one of my characters longs for something – even my monsters.
Christian and I are going to explore every aspect of monsters, from the ones buried deep within our psyche to the ones who torture and strip the flesh off of unsuspecting humans. I have to admit, the creature of our haunted minds are the most delicious to write. You’re going to find that out in Toxic Leash and beyond. Don’t be confused – our pieces will never be fluffy. They are designed to pull you straight out of humanity and into Hell and beyond. And they will leave your cock hard and your pussy wet with anticipation for more – so…much…more. Can you handle the heat? Knowing what you know about Christian and what you know about me – what do you think you have in store when you read our work, or perhaps meet us in person?  Be very afraid…
So am I or have I done what I write about – you’ll have to get to know me to find out…
Kisses   xxx
Here’s a taste of Toxic Leash – releasing on July 3rd.
Danielle stood in front of the mirror gazing at her reflection. As the sounds of Kamelot filled the space, she leaned forward, studying the lines in her face. She hadn’t lived enough to have wrinkles crisscrossing her face just yet. Lived? She hadn’t been out of East Brunswick, New Jersey for anything other than vacation and college. A sudden chill swept through her, a knowing and for a few seconds she glared at her reflection. You’re worthless. You’re less than human.
“No…not today. Today I am something else, something very special.” Smiling, she sucked in her breath and continued primping. She hummed and swished her hips back and forth, a happy-go-lucky feeling remaining.
Liar. You’re a fucking liar. You’ll never be worth anything.
“No!” Danielle knew she was just tired. “No…” That’s it, exhaustion. She’d been working long hours. Dreams. The nightmares had returned but she could handle them. Yes, she could. Perhaps being cooped up and feeling frustrated was the very reason she lived two completely different lives. She looked at the woman who gazed back at her and knew better. This girl, the kinky one who longed for things the majority of people who call sick, was ready for a lifestyle change. She was determined to ease the pain, move forward. Living and enjoying life was her goal.
She swayed back and forth to the music as she took a sip of her wine. Holding up the glass, she swirled the rich, red liquid, imagining blood. She licked the rim of the glass and took another sip. As she set down the crystal stem she nodded at the woman in the mirror. The look was hot. There was no doubt about it. She knew what she needed, what would make her feel so much better. Tonight she would lose herself.
The shocking purple corset highlighted her hourglass figure perfectly and the micro mini skirt in supple black leather gave her an authoritative look. Reaching behind her head, she wound her hair into a tight bun and grabbed the hair pick. The look had to be dominating. After all, she was going to humiliate a man tonight in so many delicious ways.
Tonight was merely a delicious taste of something she craved. She took a step back and pressed her hand over her breasts, squeezing both until she winced. Her appointment drew near but she wasn’t going to rush. Her clients waited for her arrival with slick anticipation of what she might do to them. Having total control was scintillating, but not nearly enough. She wanted more.
Danielle finished her glass of wine, leaving the glass on the table. “You look hot.” Tonight she was no longer daddy’s little girl. Daddy’s little whore more likely. Tonight she was something else entirely. The girl, no the woman standing in front of her was Domme Victoria. She had to chuckle. How many men feared her prowess, the strike of her whip? How many subjects enjoyed the way she fucked them in the ass? Tilting her head back, she pursed her lips, admiring the strong woman standing in front of her. This woman took no shit, especially from worthless men.
As she walked out of the bathroom and flipped on the light, the scathing porno flick on television caught her attention. There was something so enticing about seeing a woman being beaten, her hands tied behind her back. She walked closer, studying the way the Master wielded the whip and for a few seconds was lost in the show, longing to be the woman wearing bloody stripes. Her lower lip quivered as the beating continued, the woman’s cries going in vain. She darted her eyes down as a single vision wrapped around her mind, dragging her into a dark place. Her body swaying back and forth, she croaked and had to watch. She simply had to see what was going to happen. Fuck her. Hurt her.
Her hand fluttered over her mouth as the girl was jerked up and forced over a metal table. For a few seconds she remained frozen as man after man took her in the ass, shoving their dicks inside, ignoring her cries of anguish. Every part of the scene she’d dreamt about, longing to be forced into slavery, fucked and used like the whore she was. My God, she wanted to be raped and beaten and… She shivered and looked away, trying to control the same thoughts that seemed to consume her every day, vile images in her mind of being nothing more than a slut, her cunt and ass used by any man who wanted nothing more than to fuck a bitch whore. Gasping, she forced herself to look at the screen. You want this. You need this.
As the whip was used again, strike after strike creating intense red welts, she slowly dropped to her knees, her hand touching the screen. Danielle shivered as the Master pushed the men aside, the look on his face nothing but savage. He raised the whip into the air, the look on his face demonic.
Crack! Pop! Crack!
“Fuck!” With each strike he gave the girl Danielle panted, her pussy clenching. She wanted the Master to strike the girl harder, faster, giving the slut exactly what she deserved. “Do it…do…”
When the Master was done, throwing the whip across the room, he knelt behind the shivering girl and made a fist.
“Oh God, fist her. Fucking fist her.” Danielle realized her voice had raised and beads of perspiration were trickling down her cheeks. She wiped them away furiously as the Master growled and in one hard move, thrust his entire fist into the girl’s cunt. “God…yes…”
The girl screamed, her body jerking as two men grabbed her wrists and held her down. The other two pulled back her ass cheeks, exposing her tender holes as the Master pushed harder until his hand and wrist were lost inside her cunt.
“This is too fucking hot.” Danielle panted as the girl struggled, fighting hard against the man who held her down. She blinked furiously as the action continued, the camera focusing on her swollen cunt lips. Danielle slid two fingers inside the tight bustier, pinching and twisting her nipple until pain swept through her system. She wanted pain, brutal and incredible anguish, the kind of pure torture inflicted in which she could truly feel alive.
She pressed the flat of her hand on the screen as his forearm disappeared deep inside of the shivering girl. This was pure heaven. When the kink was over the girl was tossed to the side, her wails and cries going unnoticed or not cared about.
“As it should be.” Danielle struggled to her feet, wiping the sweat from her brow and flipping off the television. Perhaps one day she’d experience every act of complete domination and so much more.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


It’s been a long time since I posted but something happened to me yesterday that I felt needed to be explored. As most of you know I have been working on both my solo projects and a combined library with fellow prolific author Cassandre Dayne. Our writing styles are so similar, as is our personalities, wants, needs, and desires, that we mesh nearly seamlessly. We have written three books in the past month, all of them around seventy thousand words. Each of these books is dark, twisted, and very fucked up. I’ll speak more on this in a few moments, but first I want to discuss what happened yesterday.

To do this I have to go back two weeks. One of the reasons I don’t post to my blog anymore is because I had to take a regular day job. I work as a mechanic of sorts, fixing broken things and getting very greasy and dirty. While working a couple weeks ago I met a young woman, very attractive and seemingly sweet. She was an artist and we got to talking about her art and my books. We exchanged phone numbers and began to text each other occasionally.

Then yesterday she went into a tangent about how much her boss pisses her off and the horrible things she wants to do to him. Strangely that conversation moved rather quickly from the torturous things she wants to do to her boss and to the things she wants me to do to her. These included spanking and choking, bondage and punishment. She wants to choke on my cock while I hang her head off the bed and smack her pussy until she is swollen.

I, of course, played right along with it and make no mistake I will have this girl on the end of a leash within the week. I’ll be doing all of these things and so much more. The thing I thought was striking though was how quickly she picked up on who and what I am. How did she know I would do these things? How did she know I wouldn’t simply end communicating with her once she displayed her special kind of kink? It was a big chance and she didn’t do it slowly. She didn’t prepare me in any way for the utter diabolic needs she has. She simply put it out there and left me to respond, and respond I did.

It made me understand that no matter who you think you’re dealing with there is a hidden side to them that can only be revealed to certain people. Somehow we know by instinct who these people are, or we take a big risk ad reveal ourselves, standing naked in front of them as they inspect each and every flaw with a magnifying glass. Some people will see these flaws as disgusting and run from the room screaming, others will embrace them as part of our humanity and press a lascivious tongue over them, tasting the opulence of our own special kind of need.


It worked so perfectly, my personal life and my professional life as a writer, that I simply had to write about it and put it on display. You see, it wasn't just the dichotomy life imitating art, it was the way this young woman took a chance. That's exactly what Cassandre and I are doing with out books. We're putting ourselves out there professionally, personally, and sexually in a way that most every other author would shy away from.

The books that I have been writing with Cassandre are very dark and twisted and yet they deal with this kind of pleasure. At their heart they are about the things we covet, the things we need to keep ourselves whole. Of course we go way off the deep end with them and horrible things happen but that’s because neither of us like the status quo and in our darkly dangerous world there is no Happily Ever After.
So now I am going to share with you the cover and synopsis for the first of three books we are releasing.



This book contains ultra-violent themes of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Reader discretion is advised. THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18. It is not suggested that those weak of heart, constitution, or stomach read this book.


The authors ask that those of you brave enough to enter this twisted world refrain from discussing the ending of this book with anyone at any time.


Within our everyday lives we encounter Monstrosities. Beasts that can rip, tear, crush and maim. They torture and kill as they destroy innocence and leave their own special kind of hell. Usually these fiends are kept at bay within the structures and confines of normal, polite society but how long can we hide behind that façade when all humanity is stripped away and we’re left with nothing but the stark mirror of reality?


Danielle Rivers had it all. Expensive cars, an overflowing wardrobe, luxurious jewelry, and the kind of privileged life only true wealth could provide. She deserved it after all. Daddy was old money, one of the most powerful and prominent men in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Haughty and opinionated, Danielle didn’t hesitate to make certain those beneath her understood their station in life – especially the greasy mechanics who worked in all of her father’s dealerships. They were playthings, nothing more than little people meant to serve her every whim. What no one knew was that beneath the mask of perfection and meticulously manicured grace was a very broken little girl. As her façade begins to crumble under the weight of everyday life Danielle finds it increasingly difficult to hide from the monster that had tortured not only her body and mind, but her very soul. What Danielle didn’t know was that her tenuous hold was about to be broken.


Leslie Fernandez was a loner. Some considered him to be a dangerous man, others a powerful friend. He refused to take a backseat to anyone, least of all that haughty bitch Danielle. He hated the way she would swoop in and leave destruction and pain in her wake, pushing everyone to the breaking point. In his eyes, Danielle was nothing more than a spoiled bitch, a calculating viper who got her kicks by ruining good people. So why was he so inexplicably drawn to her?

 When thrust into the epicenter of a horrible tragedy, one created by the very woman he so vehemently detests and yet is so enigmatically drawn to, he allows his own fiendish, black eyed demon to take the reins.


The torturous nightmares of their respective pasts drew these two damaged souls together like ships adrift in a sea of violence and abuse. The wounds contained within their diseased minds scream to be healed, but is there such a cure for the sickness within ones soul? There is only one possible option, but will either of them have the courage to break free from their own TOXIC LEASH?


Upon completion of this book it is recommended that you seek council from either a psychologist, psychiatrist, clergy member, or some other trained mental health professional to assist you with the lingering darkness.