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Wren Emerson give us Real Vampires don't Sparkle

Guest post seven. I figured since it is the 4th of July here in America I would provide some fireworks. I give you a fantastic little firecracker here by the immense talent of Wren Emerson. The fuse is lit, stay back and look up into the darkness. The stars will all shudder and complain that they aren’t the brightest lights in the sky anymore, there is a new star, brighter and more beautiful.

By: Wren Emerson

“Being a vampire isn’t as romantic as the movies would have you believe.” I said conversationally. “Trust me, I don’t sparkle in the sunlight. I’m afraid I just burst into boring flames.”
“That’s terrible!” The girl sitting on the barstool next to me sighed. Her name was Peggy or Pammy or Pixie. She was just the latest in the line of women who wanted to save me. There’d been hundreds over the years. I could no longer keep them straight in my mind.
I had a weakness for girls like her. I’d come to seedy bars like this one to have a drink or two to while away the endless hours and almost always a pretty young thing would sense my yawning emptiness and join me. She’d try to flirt and sooner or later I’d share my deepest secret. I’m a vampire and I can’t be saved. And yet I couldn’t turn away the gentle attentions of those who’d give everything to try.
“Have you turned anyone into a vampire?” She asked eyes shining.
I gave her a stern look. “Turning someone into a vampire is serious. You can’t take such a responsibility lightly. When you turn a human into a vampire you become responsible for them for decades while they learn to control their bloodlust.”
“Have you ever… eaten someone?”
I couldn’t meet her eyes. I was afraid she’d see the shame in them. “I’ve never wanted to, you understand. The hunger can become overwhelming. I’ve got much better self-control now. I keep a tight rein on my hunger and only allow myself to drink from people who truly deserve it.”
She smiled, her face luminescent in the murky light of the room.  “You mean you only feed on criminals?”
I nodded and drank deeply of my whiskey. I knew the routine. Soon she’d have me built up in her mind as a hero. She would then invite me back to her house and we’d make love, an act that I still enjoyed, vampire or not. Then she’d beg me to turn her despite me having explained the ramifications of such an act.
“I can’t promise you what you want from me. I’m not the type who can ever settle down with one woman. I’ve lost too much over the years to ever believe it can be different.”
She ran her hand down my arm in a strangely intimate gesture for something that seemed so casual on the surface. “Please, just come home with me. We can talk there. Alone.”
Her face was lined with concern. I could see that her intent was sincerely to let me talk and I was touched. “Please, tell me your name again, dear? I’m afraid I didn’t hear you very well before.”
She toyed with a strand of hair. I realized she was feeling shy. I found it enchanting. “My name is Penelope. But people call me Penny.”
“Penelope is a gorgeous name. I’m sorry it’s gone out of fashion over the years. I’d love to accompany you, sweet Penelope.”
As she led me out of the bar I saw that she was blushing. I’ll admit I was a little smitten.


We spent hours sitting together on her overstuffed couch. She asked a near constant stream of questions and I answered as honestly as I could. I’ll admit that I found myself asking almost as many questions as she did. My dear Penelope was as intriguing as she was beautiful. I found myself wondering if she could possibly be the one to make me change my ways.
“I don’t want you to think I do this all the time.” Again she blushed until her face was nearly as dark as her auburn hair. “To be perfectly honest I’ve only ever been with a man once in my life and he was my boyfriend for three years first. I just can’t help it. I feel so connected to you.”
I smiled. “I’m afraid I’ve been… with… a great deal of women over the years, but I’ve never met a girl who’s affected me the way that you have. There’s something about you. Something that’s pure and delightful.”
“Really? You’d think of me that way when you’ve probably known thousands of people over the years?”
I scooped her into my arms and sat her on my lap. I loved how easily she wrapped her tanned arms around my neck. “I don’t want to scare you off, but at the risk of being totally uncouth, I believe you can tell the sort of reaction you cause in me.”
Her blush told me that she had, in fact, noticed that very thing. I stood up, cradling her delicate body to my chest, careful not to bruise her with powerful grip. I carried her down the hall and into her bedroom where I laid her out upon the bed.
I removed her dress that showcased her feminine curves so well. Next I took my time unclasping her lacy bra. I’d learned patience. My prize would still be waiting if I took a few minutes to carefully undress her. She laid back, wearing nothing but a pair of filmy bikini panties. Her eyes were half closed and I could sense that she was waiting impatiently for me to remove the panties.
Instead, I knelt beside her and began to kiss my way from her neck down her torso. I paused to lavish her erect nipples with attention. I relished the way the already hard flesh tightened as I took turns suckling each into my eager mouth. She sighed softly which heightened my own arousal and tested my resolve. I might be a vampire, but I was still as ruled by sensation as any other man.
I ignored the tension in my cock and continued to kiss a path down her flat stomach. The muscles twitched imperceptibly. I worked my clever tongue into the waistband to flick across the neglected flesh that hid just out of sight.
I could smell her juices as they wet the crotch of her panties. I chose to tease her for several minutes, running my tongue over the skin along the elastic leg bands of her underwear. She moaned softly, begging me softly to touch her. I relented and pulled the panties off in a single fluid motion.
I crawled onto her bed and positioned myself between her thighs and began to lick her moist cunt. I paid special attention to her plump pussy lips, shaved in the fashion of this era a change I was most grateful for. I licked and sucked each in turn, all but ignoring her engorged clit.
She bucked her hips against my face, as if trying to force me to pleasure her. Finally I relented and swept my tongue over her swollen button with flat strokes and within seconds she climaxed. I continued to suck gently until the aftershocks of her orgasm faded, then I greedily turned my attention to lapping up every trace of her honeyed juices.
She sighed happily and I slid one of my long fingers inside her wetness. Her pussy contracted around it and I enjoyed the tight closeness of her vaginal walls as each spasm clenched at me. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.
I slid out of my clothes in a flash from years of practice. I could get dressed again nearly as fast. My cock was throbbing with my need and the tip shone with an accumulation of my own juices. My Penelope wasn’t a selfish girl. She denied herself the pleasure of basking and guided my cock into her hungry mouth. She was a most gifted girl. If I let her continue she’d finish me before I’d had the opportunity to sample her many pleasures.
I gently pushed her back on the bed and guided my thick rod into her. I braced myself against her neck and concentrated on breathing deeply. Vampires don’t usually have to breath, but it’s something we all try to do both to be able to talk and to appear normal. It was also a good thing to focus on when trying to calm one’s self from premature ejaculation. Undead or not, it’s still embarrassing when that happens.
Penelope whispered into my ear, “Should we use protection? I’m not on birth control.”
I chuckled, delighted that she’d helped distract me. “Darling, if there were ever a woman who could make me sorry that I can’t have children, it’s you. Sadly, vampires are sterile. It takes living flesh to produce sperm.”
She looked sad. I attempted to distract her with a kiss and she kissed me back with a passion I hadn’t experience before. A man could fall in love.
I took my time making love to Penelope. I had a few hours before sunrise and I intended to use every one of them. When we finished, we curled together, our limbs entangled and talked about everything but nothing of importance. It was a wonderful moment of sharing, something I had never done with another woman.
When my cock started to pulse with a revived erection, I nudged her gently until she laughed and we made love again. I thought there was a very good chance that I was falling in love with Penelope.
It was only half an hour before sunrise when I told my sweet that I needed to return to my home to safely wait out the day.
“Wait,” she cried frantically, “I want to do this again.”
“We can see each other again.” I agreed. Of course I wanted to spend more time with this precious woman.
Her blue eyes glistened like gemstones behind a veil of tears. “I want you to turn me so we can be together forever. I know this is so fast, but I want to be with you always. I love you.”
I know my face was stern when I told her, “You know what I told you. It’s painful to be turned and to turn you would make me responsible for you. Don’t ask me to do this. I think I’m falling in love with you too and to see you suffer would hurt me deeply.”
The tears spilled over her cheeks and she laughed, “You love me too? Then turn me now. Don’t worry about my pain, I’ll deal with it. I just want to be with you for the rest of eternity.”
I hesitated. “Are you sure? We’ll have to do this fast or we won’t have time to make it back to my place before the sun rises and yours isn’t equipped to nurse you through the first few weeks of your transformation.”
She nodded excitedly, “Oh yes, love, please. Turn me quickly and let’s hurry to your house.”
I leaned close to my love and pulled her auburn ringlets away from her neck. I licked and kissed the spot where I was going to bite her. “Are you sure? There’s no turning back once we start. It will hurt, but it’s important you don’t struggle.”
She met my eyes and nodded solemnly, “Yes, I’m very sure. I want this more than anything.”
I caressed my darling Penelope’s cheek with my thumb. She was a woman unlike any other and I was glad that I decided to do this for her.
I sank my teeth into her throat, my canines ripping through the skin. I felt my teeth puncture the artery that ran just beneath the skin and her blood, warm and delicious, coursed over my tongue. I swallowed every drop. She was a brave girl and sat quietly as I let her life essence flow down my throat.  I continued to let her wound bleed into my mouth until her heart stopped beating and the gushing had turned into a trickle.
I let her lifeless body slump over. I wiped my mouth on her bedspread and pulled on jacket. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my sunglasses. I thought a big breakfast would be just the ticket. Killing a woman always made me hungry.
I leaned down and gave my sweet Penelope one more kiss on her blue lips. I wished she had really been different. If she hadn’t asked me to turn her I think I could have resisted the urge to kill her and maybe we could have made a life together, but in the end she was just like the other silly girls who thought vampires were painfully romantic.
When I’d first started killing girls a couple of decades earlier, I’d had to work for each victim. That usually required stalking them for months and then attempting to win their trust long enough to get them alone. But now all I had to do was tell a girl that I was a vampire and she’d throw herself at me and then BEG me to kill her and usually sit quietly while I did it.
I shook my head in bemusement. The vampire craze was the best thing to ever happen to a serial killer. I put on my sunglasses and walked out into the light of the rising sun.


·         Wren Emerson was born on the mean streets of small town Kansas 30*mumble* years ago. She first put pen to paper at the tender age of 12 and wrote an epicly awful story. She then became publisher and editor in chief of a family newspaper which included articles written by indentured servants/siblings. It got rave reviews from all 8 members of her family.
Now in adulthood, Wren still enjoys bossing people around so she became overlord to a small army of minions; her true love, kids, a cat, and a dog. When she's not plotting to form a dictatorship she writes. When she's not writing, she plays video games, reads books, practices her iphoneography skills, and spends way too much time hanging out in #pubwrite on Twitter.
Her novel I Wish is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Seriously, you need to buy it!

Wren (how cool is that name) is a writer to watch. She is one of those lucky few destined for big things, and I am happy to know that someday I can say “I knew her when…” Make sure you let Wren know what you think of her story by leaving her a comment. Check out some of the other incredible guest posts I’ve put up over the past weeks, and hit that follow button.
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  1. Really liked this! Loved how the ending was unexpected. It was a good twist on a vampire story. Very smart to go against the norm and not just put out another traditional vampire story. Can't wait to read more of your work!!

  2. Thank you for having me! I would probably have never stretched myself in this direction if you hadn't given me this challenge. Which is sad because I do love reading horror the most out of all genres, I just never thought to try to write it.

  3. A very pleasant surprise on a holiday morning. I'm glad I saw your post on twitter, Wren. Great story. I linked your blog.

    And nice blog you have here, Christian. I'm loving the layout. I followed you as well.

  4. Wren. What a nice surprise! I've heard you talk about doing this and I'm really impressed. I glad this vampire isn't one of those new age nice guys. He's doing what he was meant to do.

    And you did use that word, lol

  5. Wow.. this is some hot writing. not just the erotic aspects. very descriptive and totally blew me away with the twist. Very well done.

  6. Excellent twist, very well written! I'm liking the serial aspect of his hunting style. I enjoyed it very much! Keep up the good work!

  7. I've been a fan of yours since the day you tweeted "fuck the laundry." And now I avidly read all your tweets every day, because you never fail to amaze and terrify me. ;-) I love this story and can't wait to get my greedy hands around your book.

  8. I have no idea what to say in this situation. Do I comment to let you all know how grateful I am for your lovely feedback or leave you alone so you don't feel self conscious? Either way, thanks so much for your thoughtful words. You really made me feel so much better for having tried this.

    And Punk, that's kind of the most awesome review ever written, LOL!