Saturday, October 15, 2011

ZOMBIES!...Post 4

ZOMBIES!… The beginning of the END is here, undead, and available for sale on:            

It’s a tale of undead carnage, violently graphic and fast paced.
Follow two groups of survivors as they struggle to stay alive. Society is gone, and fighting off the walking dead is the worse part of the apocalypse. Roving bands of marauders hunt, taking what they please by brute force.
Can these two groups band together, forming a haven for the living, or will their differences and personal agendas tear everything apart?

So that’s the sell copy, more or less.

But since we’re all friends here is the real scoop; I’ve always loved horror. It’s been my first and biggest calling as a writer, a voice that will never be silenced. I have been meaning to get back to my roots, so to speak, and write a good old fashioned horror book. It’s been a long time in the making, and let me tell you this was one of the hardest books I’ve written to date. It took several false starts before the characters would talk to me, but talk they finally did. Now I can’t get the voices to shut the fuck up, which is a very, very good thing.
I’ve been writing erotica for the past eight months now, and making some pretty decent money off it. I consider that my bread and butter, constantly putting short books and collections out. Honestly I have done pretty well, and since it’s something I enjoy doing my work doesn’t feel like work. But all the time that I am writing my sex scenes and working the stories out and building the characters I feel like something is missing. No one dies, there is no blood (well, sometimes a little…heehee), and the concept of a monster, although sometimes introduced as a werewolf or vampire but always in the context of erotica, is muddled and not very scary.
I have deleted hundreds of accidental scenes in which something horrible happens. I can’t say that it feels false, because I do love erotica, but it doesn’t feel like home, if you know what I mean.
Writing about zombies over the past couple weeks has felt like coming home. I’m happy to be here, and based on the initial sales numbers other people are happy to have me back.
Halloween is right around the corner, ghost and goblins and witches and werewolves abound, scaring people, stealing their candy, covering their houses and bushes in toilet paper, and of course slaughtering the innocent in the name of the dark lord Satan. It’s a time to be scared and to celebrate death and the thin veil between the living in the dead. It’s a time to sacrifice, slaughter, maim, and cannibalize. It’s a fucking HOLIDAY people, celebrate.
Here is something different that I have done for the month of October: My Book ZOMBIES!… is on sale for ONLY $0.99 – and will remain at this ridiculously low price through the month.
Also, I will be adding one volume per week throughout the month, and each of them will be on sale for ONLY $0.99 throughout October as well.
In November ZOMBIES!… will go back to the regular price of $2.99, except for the collection of the first five books, which will be on sale for $7.99 – After the first five books in the series are done I am going to continue writing this series, although not as prolifically, until the characters have nothing left to say, or I kill everyone off, whichever comes first. 

And if I may remind everyone; I am also the author of the 5 star reviewed series Witches House, The Chronicles of Rosario, Books 1-3. They are available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.
A bit of exciting news on that front as well; Book 1 The Bitch is about to be available in print!

So hang on to your hats kiddies, there are big things coming.
Now, stop what your doing and click one of the links for the e-reader of your choice and buy my newest book, or my first book, or anything in between as long as I wrote it.
For $0.99 how can you possibly go wrong?

Next week I have a very special surprise: I am sharing a book written by my SON, Eric, who is 6. It’s about a boy and his dog, and a zombie. Of course it is. I’m so proud.

Thanks as always for reading and I hope you enjoy ZOMBIES!…The beginning of the END.

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