Friday, December 9, 2011

flash fction friday

Honestly I forgot it was friday, so this post is coming pretty late for me. But since I am part of the 25 days of XXXmas fun, I wanted to throw up this weeks flash fiction and remind you all that there is a ton of erotic fub out there.  So first, here is my 500 word erotic entry into flash fiction friday.

Surviving the Christmas Shopping Season:

I brought him to a deserted corner of my stock room and quickly attacked. I need this so bad I didn’t want to waist any time with pleasantries, like getting his name. As soon as our lips met I knew I had made the right choice. His were soft and sweet and tasted like sin.
It took about ten seconds for us to get naked, a without another thought I spun around and parted my lips with a shaking hand. I was absolutely soaked. I felt his body heat coming closer, the bulbous head moved between my splayed fingers and pressed into my wet opening. There was pressure, and then the familiar burning as he pushed an incredibly thick cock into me.
He worked faster, a jackhammer intent on breaking me. Rough fingers dug into my hips, holding me in place as I struggled to hold back the scream of pleasure that threatened to rip free of my throat. He was so thick it hurt, but the pain was good and helped me focus. It didn’t take long for the first hot wave of orgasmic bliss to crash down over me.
“Harder.” I said through pursed lips, rocking my body into his. I slid a hand between my legs and worked three fingers over my hardened pearl furiously as I approached another, larger climax. This was the one I needed, the tension reliever that would make this entire day worth it.
My insides began to burn, the blood moving away from my extremities and pooling at my pussy where it quickly boiled and turned into a massive electric current that suddenly shot through my body in a massive explosion of force that shattered pieces of my sanity far and wide. Luckily I wasn’t capable of breathing, let alone screaming. Through it all I could feel the electric tingle humming between my legs and the constant flow of come that was now dripping between my legs.
Finally satiated I pushed the stranger off me and got to my knees in front of him. I had what I needed, and now it was time to pay him back.
I took his come slick cock in my hand and closed my mouth over it, savoring the taste of it as I sucked him deep into my throat. He was so fucking hard I knew there was no way he could hold out much longer. I needed to taste his orgasm on my tongue, and worked like a woman possessed, bobbing my head and keeping my clenched hand in perfect rhythm with the motions of my mouth.
It took less than a minute before he tensed, a low moan rumbling out of his throat as his seed filled my mouth. I swallowed it all quickly, milking the last of it out of him before getting back to my feet and retrieving scattered clothes.
“Thanks.” I slipped my pants on and buttoned them. “Merry Christmas.”
…And that was how I survived the Christmas shopping season.

And now for more fun. Remember, there are details on how to win stuff, so check out the other blogs, expecially violets, and enjoy some steamy naughtiness. Santa won't hold it against you. I happen to know for a fact that the jolly fat man is a closet BDSM sub. Why do you think he keeps all those midgets around?

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