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It’s been a long time since I posted but something happened to me yesterday that I felt needed to be explored. As most of you know I have been working on both my solo projects and a combined library with fellow prolific author Cassandre Dayne. Our writing styles are so similar, as is our personalities, wants, needs, and desires, that we mesh nearly seamlessly. We have written three books in the past month, all of them around seventy thousand words. Each of these books is dark, twisted, and very fucked up. I’ll speak more on this in a few moments, but first I want to discuss what happened yesterday.

To do this I have to go back two weeks. One of the reasons I don’t post to my blog anymore is because I had to take a regular day job. I work as a mechanic of sorts, fixing broken things and getting very greasy and dirty. While working a couple weeks ago I met a young woman, very attractive and seemingly sweet. She was an artist and we got to talking about her art and my books. We exchanged phone numbers and began to text each other occasionally.

Then yesterday she went into a tangent about how much her boss pisses her off and the horrible things she wants to do to him. Strangely that conversation moved rather quickly from the torturous things she wants to do to her boss and to the things she wants me to do to her. These included spanking and choking, bondage and punishment. She wants to choke on my cock while I hang her head off the bed and smack her pussy until she is swollen.

I, of course, played right along with it and make no mistake I will have this girl on the end of a leash within the week. I’ll be doing all of these things and so much more. The thing I thought was striking though was how quickly she picked up on who and what I am. How did she know I would do these things? How did she know I wouldn’t simply end communicating with her once she displayed her special kind of kink? It was a big chance and she didn’t do it slowly. She didn’t prepare me in any way for the utter diabolic needs she has. She simply put it out there and left me to respond, and respond I did.

It made me understand that no matter who you think you’re dealing with there is a hidden side to them that can only be revealed to certain people. Somehow we know by instinct who these people are, or we take a big risk ad reveal ourselves, standing naked in front of them as they inspect each and every flaw with a magnifying glass. Some people will see these flaws as disgusting and run from the room screaming, others will embrace them as part of our humanity and press a lascivious tongue over them, tasting the opulence of our own special kind of need.


It worked so perfectly, my personal life and my professional life as a writer, that I simply had to write about it and put it on display. You see, it wasn't just the dichotomy life imitating art, it was the way this young woman took a chance. That's exactly what Cassandre and I are doing with out books. We're putting ourselves out there professionally, personally, and sexually in a way that most every other author would shy away from.

The books that I have been writing with Cassandre are very dark and twisted and yet they deal with this kind of pleasure. At their heart they are about the things we covet, the things we need to keep ourselves whole. Of course we go way off the deep end with them and horrible things happen but that’s because neither of us like the status quo and in our darkly dangerous world there is no Happily Ever After.
So now I am going to share with you the cover and synopsis for the first of three books we are releasing.



This book contains ultra-violent themes of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Reader discretion is advised. THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18. It is not suggested that those weak of heart, constitution, or stomach read this book.


The authors ask that those of you brave enough to enter this twisted world refrain from discussing the ending of this book with anyone at any time.


Within our everyday lives we encounter Monstrosities. Beasts that can rip, tear, crush and maim. They torture and kill as they destroy innocence and leave their own special kind of hell. Usually these fiends are kept at bay within the structures and confines of normal, polite society but how long can we hide behind that façade when all humanity is stripped away and we’re left with nothing but the stark mirror of reality?


Danielle Rivers had it all. Expensive cars, an overflowing wardrobe, luxurious jewelry, and the kind of privileged life only true wealth could provide. She deserved it after all. Daddy was old money, one of the most powerful and prominent men in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Haughty and opinionated, Danielle didn’t hesitate to make certain those beneath her understood their station in life – especially the greasy mechanics who worked in all of her father’s dealerships. They were playthings, nothing more than little people meant to serve her every whim. What no one knew was that beneath the mask of perfection and meticulously manicured grace was a very broken little girl. As her façade begins to crumble under the weight of everyday life Danielle finds it increasingly difficult to hide from the monster that had tortured not only her body and mind, but her very soul. What Danielle didn’t know was that her tenuous hold was about to be broken.


Leslie Fernandez was a loner. Some considered him to be a dangerous man, others a powerful friend. He refused to take a backseat to anyone, least of all that haughty bitch Danielle. He hated the way she would swoop in and leave destruction and pain in her wake, pushing everyone to the breaking point. In his eyes, Danielle was nothing more than a spoiled bitch, a calculating viper who got her kicks by ruining good people. So why was he so inexplicably drawn to her?

 When thrust into the epicenter of a horrible tragedy, one created by the very woman he so vehemently detests and yet is so enigmatically drawn to, he allows his own fiendish, black eyed demon to take the reins.


The torturous nightmares of their respective pasts drew these two damaged souls together like ships adrift in a sea of violence and abuse. The wounds contained within their diseased minds scream to be healed, but is there such a cure for the sickness within ones soul? There is only one possible option, but will either of them have the courage to break free from their own TOXIC LEASH?


Upon completion of this book it is recommended that you seek council from either a psychologist, psychiatrist, clergy member, or some other trained mental health professional to assist you with the lingering darkness.





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