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Guest post 11 Vampirique Dezire

Vampirique Dezire is a very buys woman. She handles a lot of the business end of Naughty Night Press, runs a couple blogs, writes, and has time for a personal life. She contacted me a while back and my presence on Facebook is all her fault.
Not only is she a talented writer, Vampirique is also the most supportive and friendly Vamp you’ll ever meet. Her erotica is of the scorching variety, so but your welding glasses on before going any further.
Without any further ado, I give you:
Vampirique Dezire

With tears streaming down your face, you try to take in your surrounding not believing he has actually made good with his threat.
Your arms are cuffed and attached to chains bolted into a beam overhead. Legs shackled and spread as far as possible; are linked to a set of heavy chains coming out of the walls. Trying to work out where he is in the room, your eyes strain against the flickering candle light which is casting shadows of all varieties on the walls and floor, giving the stone an eerie appearance.
Feeling his hand weave itself through your long blonde hair, he yanks your head backwards. You feel like he is going to remove it all by the roots.
Licking your neck, he stops just below your ear and whispers, “I told you that you would be punished, didn’t I.”
Unsure of and not knowing if you can answer him, you try to nod your head.
Kissing your mouth hard he releases your hair. Walking around to the front, he produces a long bladed knife.
Terrified at what he is going to do, you have all these horrific images flash through your head.
Taking the knife he slips it just under the first button on your dress and cuts it off. Shaking badly you try to move away from him but as you do, you feel the sharp tip of the knife slice across the surface of your breast. The stinging pain kicks in as he moves his face very close to yours,
“Move again when I am cutting your buttons off and it could end up a lot worse. We wouldn’t want that.”
Nodding your head and crying hard, you feel him slice off the remaining buttons. With a quick flick, he rips the dress off you letting it drift into a ruined pile around your feet, leaving you there in nothing but a black half cup, lace bra with blood red trim and matching g-string. The cool air of the dungeon causes goose bumps to form over your body making you shiver involuntarily.
Unsure of what he is going to do next, you are unprepared for the stinging thwack of something coming down hard against your ass. The stinging pain rushes throughout your body. Over and over he sets the whip down on you until it feels like a white hot fire has been lit under the surface of your skin.
Crying out for him to stop, he continues until you can’t take any more and just as quickly as he began, he ceases. His leather gloved hand against your inflamed skin seems cool to the touch and feels like such a relief. You are amazed when he starts to caress the welts; a feeling of gratitude overcomes you like a wave. Murmuring softly under your breath, you feel him slip a gloved finger between your cheeks probing and pushing, making you stretch up on your toes.
Pulling his finger away abruptly, he walks around to the front of you. Droplets of blood have formed along the cut and he leans down, licking it up with his tongue. When he is finished, he kisses you hard letting you taste your own blood mixed with his saliva. While he is doing this, his hands are pinching and caressing your body. Taking a step backwards, he sees your nipples have hardened. Ripping down one cup, he grabs the rosy nipple between his fingers, pinching it hard. Squirming, you move away from him. Your response angers him as he quickly slaps both your breasts, leaving bright red finger marks across their creamy complexion.
“Don’t move again.”
He takes your chin in his hand and squeezes to emphasize he means what he says.
Cupping your pussy in his right hand, he grabs the bit of lace between your cheeks and yanks it up hard, causing the thin material to tear. He rubs the fabric along your pussy lips, soaking up the wetness that he is creating. When he is happy with the dampness you have made them, he removes them from between your legs and brings it up to your mouth. The undeniable scent of your juices waft up to your nose as he forces you to open your mouth then pushes the material in so you can’t utter a word.
Feeling incredibly exposed you realize now that he can do to you as he wishes and there is nothing you can do or say to stop him. A part of your mind is telling you, you should enjoy it and whatever he delivers is the right thing for you.
Placing his gloved hand once again on your pussy he starts to rub it, slowly at first without parting the lips but due to your clit already engorged, it’s like an infuriating itch. Not at all pleasurable but irritating so you move your hips around in hopes he realizes what he is doing to you. It doesn’t seem to matter because he masterfully continues to rub the outer lips with the soft leather. Your body gives in again as the juices flow and you can feel the stickiness clinging to the tops of your thighs as he drags his hand upward.
As your body tenses with the beginnings of an orgasm, he dips one finger deep into you then another, wriggling them about, fucking you with them. A muffled groan is all that escapes from your mouth. You move your lips as you try to speak. The saliva mixed with the juices on your panties drip onto your tongue causing a lustful explosion on your taste buds. You whimper as you watch him kneel down before you. He expertly brings his tongue up to flicker your clit. You close your eyes and lean your head back. He sucks hard on the bud, while he slides in a third finger, widening the hole for a fourth finger to join. Moving them rapidly in and out, he licks, sucks and bites on your clit. Unable to hold back any longer, you find yourself bucking wildly on his hand as your orgasm takes over causing you to squirt on his gloved hand. You’ve never had such a powerful orgasm as this and it leaves your body tingling, and tired but fully awakened wanting more.
Slowly he pulls his hand away and removing the gag he replaces it with his hand making you lick all the salty juice you have covered it with. Lovingly, you run your tongue over the leather, lapping at it like a kitten.
He murmurs his approval and watches as you suck every last drop off.
Your legs strain as he picks you up and impales you directly onto his cock. He is so rigid; you feel are going to be split into two. You feel how thick he is as he thrusts deeper. Faster and harder, he fucks you. The friction from the base of his cock hitting your clit drives you crazy. Bending his head down, he viciously sucks at your nipples, biting them and dragging on them with his teeth. The slight pain from his biting causes you to thrust against him feeling the onset of another orgasm building.
He can feel your pussy contracting around him and knows that you are close. Fucking you harder, he waits until that final second then withdraws, leaving you shaking and cursing him for what he has done. You scream in agony, because all you want or care about is to cum again.
Walking behind you, he lowers you down slowly causing you to bend over at the waist. Spitting onto his glove, he rubs it against your ass before he plunges his fingers into your soaking cunt, scooping out some of the juice. He inserts the lubed finger into your ass, pumping it in and out, until he has you nice and slick. Taking his cock, he begins to feed it into the tight rosebud puckering at him.
Groaning loudly, you feel him enter and you relax your body so you can take all of him. He feels your body go loose and he starts to fuck you like there is no tomorrow. The orgasm you were so close to, sits on the brink, waiting to be fueled again.
Moving his hand around to the front of you, he manages to slip 3 fingers straight into your quivering pussy and holds them there slightly bent so they rub against the hard nub deep inside of you.
Giving yourself over to him completely, you start to ride the wave that is crashing through your body causing you to grip his fingers tightly as his cock pounds away at your ass. With a final thrust and a long, drawn out growl, he cums and takes you with him as you feel the hot fluid enter you.
Your body slumps in exhaustion as you let the chains hold your full weight.
He wraps his arms around your waist resting his head against your shoulder, holding you close, letting you feel his body shake and shudder.
How long the two of you stayed like this nobody could say for sure but eventually he moves away. Patiently you wait for him to release you and when he does you collapse into his arms. Holding you and stroking your hair, he whispers into your ear about how proud he is of you and you have pleased him greatly.
“The next time I tell you to do something, you had better do it or there will be worse punishment then this,” he says in that velvety growl you have come to know so well.
You nod your head to let him know you understand. A cheeky smile flickers across your face as you are already starting to work out what you can do to receive his next punishment.

The End

Writing under the name of Vampirique Dezire, you can find a lot of her work at Blood, Lust and Erotica ~ 

Or you can choose to follow her at Vampirique's Views


  1. Red hot and expertly written. Love it

  2. Thank you for letting me come and play on your blog honey ;-) and thank you for the lovely yet way over the top intro too.

    Oh and it is not my fault you got back into Fb hon, you were already there, I just inspired you to be a tad more naughty ;-)

    *bites n kisses*

  3. Sizzling hot!!!!

  4. Wonderful! Fantastic!
    Keep it coming! :)