Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something personal I want to share

This excerpt is from a novel I finished last night. Deeply personal, it represents an awakening inside of me I wanted to share. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think.

By: Christian Jensen

Jen was trapped in the dark, tied to a bed with a blindfold over her eyes. She gasped in the darkness as the rope bit into her wrist. She sucked in a breath and savored the pain, the burning sensation and the hotness of her hands as the blood swelled them. Her shoulders hurt a little, but it was nothing compared to the strain on the tendons of her inner thighs. Jen’s legs were spread wide, the ropes pulled taught and digging into her flesh with every movement.
The room was hot; sticky and humid despite the delicate whir of the ceiling fan she couldn’t see. It only served to stir the hot air around her naked body. There was a feint musty odor in the room. Something stirred back in a corner. She could hear someone on the carpet, walking closer. She felt him standing over her, looking down at her naked body as she struggled against the ropes. Jen tilter her head back and to the side, testing the limits of the blindfold. Nothing.
She sat up a little, her neck craning as the tendons stood out like wires under her skin. Her breasts jiggled, sweat dripping down the valley between them and zigzagging over her soft skin where it eventually pooled in the hollow of her navel. The shadow of muscles stood out on her belly and the thin knots of muscle on her arms shook with the effort of keeping her head aloft. Finally she gave in and sank to the bed.
He touched her. Jen jumped a little, but his hand was hot and strong and felt good in the dark. It slid over her slick skin and left coolness in its wake that felt heavenly. The mattress shifted under his weight and he was directly above her. His breath came hot on her neck smelling of alcohol and sin. He sniffed the hollow of her neck, slow and deliberate. She could feel his lips flutter over her jaw. It felt like a butterfly flapping against her skin, something so delicate yet hot. It threatened to burn her.
His lips moved down Jen’s Jaw line and over her throat. They parted and the hot breath was back, followed by the pressure of broad teeth over delicate flesh. Jen sucked in a breath as the pressure increased. His tongue slid over sweaty flesh. The teeth were gone. The tongue slithered down her throat and between her breasts, one large hand covering the right tit and squeezing. The fingers found the nipple and twisted just enough to send an electric jolt of pain shooting through her body.
Jen moaned and arched her back.
He continued to lick, his tongue flicking over the smooth skin, lingering in the shallow valley between each rib, tracing the delicate shadow of muscle in her stomach, and outlining the pear shape of her navel. His hand cupped the hairless space between her legs, the heat driving her insane as he brought the mouth up to a breast and sucked the nipple into his mouth. He bit down around the areola. Again Jen moaned and struggled with the ropes. Again she got nowhere.
He straddled her left leg, the loose leathery feel of his scrotum resting hot and heavy on her thigh. He kissed up her neck and over her jaw. She turned her head towards him and snapped her teeth. He was too quick to be caught, but brought his mouth down over hers and soon their tongues danced as he ground the hardness of his erection on her thigh. He wanted her to know how turned on he was.
His cock moved over her thigh and between her legs and then over to the other thigh without ever coming close to entering her soaking cunt. She could feel his pre-come on her. It was hot and burnt like lava. She wanted to taste it very much.
Jen moaned. She struggled against her ropes as his weight left the bed. She made a small whining sound in her throat. Her nipples strained atop her quivering breasts as she sucked in shallow breaths. Her disappointment was palpable.
There was a delicate snap from across the room. A light switch.
She could feel his presence over her again. His hand moved through her hair and the blindfold was gone. Jen blinked her eyes and struggled to see something, anything, but the room was too dark. His figure moved across the bed, nothing but a shadow. He knelt between her legs. His hands massaged her thighs and his fingers slid up the tight chord of tendon the stood out sharply amongst the muscle. His thumbs slid over her swollen lips and then over her stomach. As he leaned forward she could feel the stiffness of his cock. He wouldn’t let it get close to the wet opening that ached for him.
His hands slid down her sides, the strong fingers bouncing over the ribs and sinking into the softness underneath them. They slid under her ass and he grabbed the cheeks, squeezing like a vice and spreading them as he lifted her off the mattress. He arched his hips and she could feel the swollen head of his cock tickling the labia, threatening to enter her. He moved himself around until the position was perfect. He bounced her slightly, his dick punching into the opening of her cunt but going no further.
Jen’s body was electric; the pain in her wrists and ankles making the pressure of his cock feel ten times better, the rough texture of his hands so tight on her ass and the strain on her shoulders and hips exploding fireworks inside her head. Jen moaned out loud, her mouth struggling with the words. She wanted him inside of her, but the torture was exquisite.
He moved and dropped her back to the bed. She could feel his body move and somewhere in front of her his shadow reached to the floor. There was a sudden burst of light, a star coming to life in the blackness of the room. Jen’s nose burnt with the smell of sulfur. Her eyes shut against the glow until it faded enough and when she opened them again the smell was receding, replaced now by something familiar. The candlelight waltzed to the gentle breeze created by the dying ceiling fan, the light reflecting in his dark eyes and dancing there, moving like a promise.
Jen stared at the flame, transfixed and fearful. He stretched out his arm and held the red candle away from him. It smelt much stronger now, and she placed the scent. Cinnamon. She watched the flame while it bounced and ducked. He rolled his hand and tipped the candle over. Hot wax poured onto her breast and covered the nipple. Jen sucked in a breath and gritted her teeth.
The pain was magnificent. She struggled against the ropes again, relishing the pain even as the wax dried and crusted on her skin. The sharp sting of the wax came again a few seconds later as it covered her other nipple.
He placed the candle on her stomach. It was a broad thing, nearly six inches around. She had to struggle to keep it aloft, balancing it with her movements and controlling her breathing so as not to tilt it. She struggled to keep her head up to keep an eye on the glowing flame while he slid down the bed and brought his mouth over her.
            The heat of his breath didn’t match the heat of her need as she dripped come between her legs and down the valley of her ass. His tongue worked slowly over her lips, touching the space between them for only a second before he worked back out towards the hollow between her swollen lips and shaking thighs. He brought a thick finger over her clit and down between her aching labia. It twisted around the tight leathery hole of her ass and then settled with intense pressure right between her openings. He rubbed that spot slowly with the index finger of his left hand while the thumb of his right ground a harsh circle over the delicate knot of her clit. His tongue slid in between the fat lips and found the painful opening. He licked it with long slow swipes, covering the space between his fingers and alternately pushing it inside of her.
Jen struggled against the need to move her hips and the fear of letting the candle fall. Her breathe was coming in ragged gasps, her lungs burning and straining for more oxygen, black dots dancing in the periphery of her vision as unconsciousness threatened to take claim of her. There was an icy flower blooming inside of her stomach, opening up and spreading like wildfire through her insides. Jen’s stomach fluttered against his touch, against the fear of the fire, against the threat of losing consciousness, but mostly around the knowledge that she was going to come. As soon as she let go there was no way she could keep still enough to balance the candle on her stomach.
The pressure and speed of his fingers increased, as did the intensity of his licks. He slid the thumb down off her clit and into her pussy, his mouth taking its place and sucking the delicate nub into the heat of his mouth. His tongue swirled and circled over it. Between the suction and pressure and the feeling of his finger inside of her she couldn’t hold back any longer. She gasped once and the candle dropped. Hot wax covered her belly and the pain shot through her.
It was the perfect storm.
She screamed through the orgasm.
 It was like someone was being murdered inside her head. It was someone else who was screaming, someone else who was coming. Her body was covered by a billion pinpricks of electric light that wormed their way into her soul and burned there with the power of the sun. She could feel the force of it explode outwards from her center and collect in her extremities, boiling the blood there and leaving them tingling as if starved.
“I didn’t give you permission to come.” His voice growled, like it was more wolf than man. “Now you must be punished.” 
Fiery pain filled Jen’s dream and she screamed out again, her voice filling the night until something broke inside of her and no noise would come out. She struggled against her binds. Jen searched to find the pleasure in the pain. It was too much.
“I gave you what I want because I loved you.” The growl suddenly came from inside her head.  She was a lone.
“You know I am going to rip your heart out.” She moaned into the empty room.

Jen woke up panting for air, her t-shirt soaked through and her hand working furiously between her legs. She had her thighs clamped tightly together while she plunged two fingers inside her cunt. Her brain screamed out that it was nothing but a dream. Jen didn’t care.
She pulled her shaking hand from between her legs and lifted the glistening fingers to her face. Her entire hand was drenched in come. Jen’s fingers still shook and tingled as if a mild electric shock was going through them. She slipped the fingers into her mouth and layback on her sweat soaked pillows. She smiled to herself around a mouthful of her own creaminess. She loved that dream.

This is an excerpt from an upcoming novel. I don’t yet know what’s going to come of it. I will probably finish the edits and burn it. Some things develop a life of their own. You create them, nourish them, and love them. Then they grow teeth and bite you. I cried while writing the ending to this. I am enough of a man to admit that. I am not sure if I can let that pain go. It became deeply personal in a metaphoric way.
Regardless of that happens to this story I have others like it available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashewords. Please look into them and buy them, if you liked what I shared with you here.
As always, hit the follow button if you haven’t already, there is more to come. I will keep sharing excerpts of my novels and new short stories. I have a lot more talented writers stopping by with guest posts of their own. Look through the blog here because its all new, there are lots of interesting tabs and bits of information.
Let me know what you thought of this.


  1. Please do not burn! When a story is written and it hits us on a personal level in anyway that is when our true self comes out in the words that are shared with others. When blood, sweat and tears make the story, it can be felt by the readers and it makes the reading more intense and enjoyable.

  2. Powerful. Erotic. Soul-searing. It made me cry too.

  3. I agree, bud...don't burn. Let it sit for awhile, see how you feel about it...but don't destroy it. You work very hard at what you do and to just throw a piece of yourself away...that's a heart-breaking concept to me.

  4. ChicRocking and Nikki; the decision to burn is deeply personal and all mine. I don't know yet.
    Amy; if the begining made you cry don't read the ending.

  5. Intense. I would let it mellow and see where it takes you.