Monday, April 2, 2012

Cali's Sacrifice part II

A couple weeks ago I promised to take my FFF entry and turn it into a book. I posted the first chapter of the book the following day, and my intention was to have the book ready for publication last Friday, but something funny happened…I just kept writing. I intended to make this a 15,000 word book, putting it up for sale as a $0.99 book on Amazon and Kindle. However, as I rounded the twenty thousand word mark I knew this story was far from over. I hadn’t even wrapped it around to poor little Cali, the girl in my original FFF story.

So I kept writing. 25,000 words in and I am right were I want to be, but this story is still far from over. Looks like Cali’s Sacrifice will end up around the 40-50-,000 word mark. It should be done by the end of this week, and then there is editing and such to do. I’ll need a book cover, and then I’ll put it up for sale after that.

In the meantime, however, I don’t want anyone to forget about Jason and Cali and some of the dirty things that happen in their world. So I am offering another chapter to y’all, something that gives a little bit away, but just a taste really.

I must warn you, this book took a very DARK turn. The following chapter hints at this, but you really have no idea how fucked up things got. I hope you like what you are about to read, and I ask that you tell me all about it.

So now, here is another chapter, from somewhere around the ten thousand word mark. It’s not a random pick, but something I thought you naughty types would really like.


Michael locked himself in their bedroom so he could prepare for tonight, leaving Jason to sit on the couch and pretend to read a book. It was a few minutes past ten, and soon the congregation would be arriving. Jason couldn’t get his mind past the sacrifice, and it was having strong physical ramifications; stomach ache, nausea, and a constant cold sweat seemed to plaque him. His mouth was dry but he couldn’t drink or eat anything without immediately feeling like he was going to vomit. As he sat on the couch trying to ignore the agony in his stomach, Jason began to shake.

“Jason, can you come here please?” Michael walked out of their bedroom and motioned for him before returning to the room. Jason dutifully got up and headed towards his lover.

“You look like you’re about to pass out.” Michael was slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he spoke. “Jason, you need to calm down and just relax. Azzazel would never send us down the wrong path. I need you to trust me, and leave everything in my hands.” He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor where he casually stepped out of them. “I can promise you the world, but it means nothing if you won’t accept it.” Michael reached out his hand for Jason.

He looked at the extended hand as if it were something he had never seen before. After several tense seconds Jason reached out and took it, allowing himself to be pulled into Michaels arms. His rigid cock pressed into Jason, flexing and making itself known.

“I am going to help you relax Jason.” Michael was lifting the shirt over Jason’s head. Just as he was thinking that getting aroused was an impossibility, Michael slid his hands down over his trembling ribs and around his hips, taking tight hold of the already hardened flesh. Michael stroked it slowly over Jason’s jeans as he kissed his neck softly. “I promise everything is going to be alright.” Both hands worked at unbuttoning the pants, and soon they slipped over Jason’s hips and fell to the floor. Michael followed them, getting on his knees and turning Jason towards him. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” Jason didn’t have to think about it. He trusted Michael more than anyone he had ever met, but this was a something…

Michael closed his mouth over the engorged head, sucking hard and pulling the shaft down until it hit the back of his throat. Jason lost his train of thought and leaned back, locking his eyes on Michaels as he worked slowly over Jason’s cock.

This was more than a blow job, and less than a bribe. It was a promise that everything would be alright. Michaels hands were smooth and soft as they slid over the hard shaft, each motion designed to spike pleasure through his lovers entire body. He varied the suctions and speed, letting his hand follow smoothly over the hot steel of Jason’s cock while making low moaning noises in the back of his throat.

“I want you to fuck me.” Michael was still stroking the raging heat of Jason’s erection, working his hand over the slick skin as he looked up into his eyes. “I want you to fuck me like it’s our last day on earth.”

Jason allowed himself to wonder if it really was, and then helped Michael to his feet and bent him over the bed.

Jason got his knees and licked over the loose flesh of Michaels scrotum, playing his tongue over the tight opening of his lovers ass. He knew Michael loved this, and it was easy to loose himself in the familiar act. He took his time, using his tongue and mouth with practiced ease. He listened to the moans of pleasure coming from Michael, and waited for them to reach a crescendo before quickly standing up and sliding himself into the tightness. Michael moaned louder, and Jason reached around his hips and took a tight hold of the erection, allowing his own motions to rock Michael’s body into his hand.

It took only a few minutes before Jason was ready to come, his body tensing up as he increased his speed. Holding onto Michael was like grabbing steel, his arousal adding a new dimension to their passion as Jason slammed his cock into the tightness of Michaels ass.

“Come baby, I want to feel you come in me.” Michael pushed back into him, sliding Jason’s length deeper into him. “Make me come.” Michael was controlling their movements now, pushing his body into Jason and arching his hips to slide his own cock in and out of Jason’s tight grip. “Right there, just like that.” Michael purred as he slammed harder and faster into Jason, the sweat coming off their bodies and pooling between them. “Harder.” 

Jason complied, using the last of his strength to slam his body into Michael before the climax hit and the world erupted in brightly colored sparks.

Michael continued to pump his hips until the last of Jason’s orgasm filled him and he slipped out, sinking to his knees as Michael spun around and inserted his hardness into Jason’s waiting mouth.

Jason knew what Michael liked, and he simply remained still, his mouth sucking hard as Michael pumped his hips and fucked his mouth. It was only a few seconds before Michael moaned loudly and the briny taste of his come filled Jason’s mouth. He swallowed it all, accepting the communion hungrily.

“Now, are you feeling better?”

“Yes.” Jason was. His nervousness was gone, and he was ready for whatever the night would bring. All his doubts were gone, leaving only the love and trust he felt for Michael.

“Tonight is going to be something special, the likes of which you have never seen before.” Michael was talking to the group that had assembled inside the house. The front door was open and the crowd spilled onto the front lawn, covering the sidewalk and part of the street. Word of their new church had spread, and their numbers were looking closer to a thousand than the three hundred Jason had expected. “We have a new house of worship, someplace more fitting our lord. Jason will start handing out the directions. Mass starts at midnight.” Michael motioned to a stack of papers on the coffee table and left the room just as Jason began to hand them out.

“When did we get a church?” Jason had separated the stack into ten or so smaller ones and handed them to the other original members of the coalition before following Michael into the bedroom.

“Today.” Michael was lifting a faded cardboard box off the floor and placing it on the bed. “I found  the perfect place for us. It used to be a Baptist church, but the congregation left for greener pastures a decade ago. The place has been sitting abandoned ever since.”

“Can we afford it?” Jason knew money wasn’t exactly tight, there were thirteen of them sharing the bills, and everyone had a decent job, but still how could they afford the taxes and upkeep on a church?

“Money isn’t a concern.” Michael placed his hand on Jason’s shoulder in a fatherly gesture. “Azzazel will provide for us. He has so far.”

“I trust you Michael.” Jason let go of his worry. He knew there was no point in trying to be the voice of reason, Michael always had an answer for everything. It was time to simply let go and follow blindly.

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