Friday, March 30, 2012

Handcuffed brunette in a catholic school girl uniform

Happy FFF to everyone. To those of you with real jobs; it’s finally Friday. Hurray! For the rest of it’s just another day, but the weekend is coming and that’s usually a good thing. For me though, it means another shot at FFF which is always exciting and fun.
This weeks picture is incredibly hot. Bravo! I stared at it and savored every detail, letting my twisted mind dream up a thousand different perversions. In the end, I used a FFF from a few weeks ago as a background. I would like to see if any of you can pick out which picture from FFF’s past sets the back story. Either way, this one was a lot of fun. I wanted to get dirtier, but you have to go with your muse, and 100 words is very limiting.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Everything has been all wrong from the start. I meant to call some other woman, but this crazy bitch answered the phone. I told her I was going to rape her and cut her, and it only turned her on.

 I broke into her house and drugged her, dumping her onto a piss and blood soaked mattress, handcuffed.

I wanted her to scream and cry and beg for her life, but instead she shakes that gorgeous ass and begs me to fuck her.

I do, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

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  1. Well it seems you and my rather sick persona DH were going along the same lines. Torture and temptation. Love it

  2. Well written, and very visual, but not my cup of tea, babe. I kind of want to shoot him with my Ruger.

    Excellent flash though.


  3. Well l'm so glad he screwed her instead! Can't be doing with all that violence!

  4. All things considered, I'm surprised he could even get it up. A willing partner is usually not the same turn on for someone intent or rape and murder. Wouldn't you know it, he "lucked" into someone with a rape fantasy - he could have saved the drugs. Christian, you have a very "interesting" imagination - you put a dark twist on these FFF posts that is so very different from everyone else. I can count on you to surprise me every week.

  5. Really sucks when a whack-o meets an even whackier whack-o...*heads desk* Not my thing...but well written! :)

  6. Compelling in its very darkness. I wouldn't pick it off a bookshelf to read- but once I'd read a bit of it, I wouldn't be able to put it down.

    It's kind of like CSI from the killer's pov. I'm rambling, I know - but well done.

  7. Oh, geez, these just keep getting, well, freakier. This is an excellant twisted twist on the photo. Well, done, really well done. Hot is a scary sorta way. I am all nervous....:) xo

  8. yeah, I'm glad he fucked her too!! But now what is he going to do?!? who knew scary could be so hot

  9. Oh wow! That was hot! I think she saw it as role play, but took him by surprise. Great fff!