Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday aint no big deal

As someone who sits at home and writes for a living Friday means as much to me as Tueday. To everyone else in the world it seems to be a magical day filled with childlike wonder and hopeful intentions. So before the reality of your weekend snuffs out those dreams, I offer up another 100 words to the Gods of Friday, in the hopes that this sacrifice will provide the needed blood and grant you all the day you always hoped it would be. Just be warned; be careful what you wish for.

Her black eyes stared into my soul. I could feel her thoughts worming through my brain like the cold, dead fingers of a corpse as she tried to read me.

“Why fight it?” She put her hands up, covering the black eyes and displaying the mockery.

“Fuck you,” I spat blood on the dusty floor. “ I told you this wouldn’t be easy.”

“I will find out,” She purred, “Sooner or later.”

“I’ll kill you long before then.” I sucked in a deep breath. My shoulders strained, the muscles filling with blood as I snapped the chains that bound me.

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Tomorrow, I will have a special treat for all of you fuckers. My good friend has written an original short story and she is going to debut it right here for your dirty little eyes to read. So check back tomorrow and get a free story to read. That should make your Saturday much better, right?


  1. Oh my very wicked horror writing man. I so love the way you can take a single scene and infuse just a touch of terror. Yum

  2. "...the muscles filling with blood...." Jesus, Christian!! In only 100 words? I won't be able to SLEEP for the entire weekend! Fabulously freaked:) xo

  3. Oh wow, I would love to read more..only 100 words but so powerful.

  4. I'm with Muffy, I loved the muscles filled with blood line, that's good - I may have to borrow it. Usually when I write about muscles throbbing with blood, it's not a shoulder muscle. Very good and it has lots of possibilities in just 100 words.

  5. oh, thrilling, you had me on the seat of my chair
    spat, snap, oh yeah

  6. You left me hanging. :( I wanted more right away. It even gave me a few ideas, so you hit a home run this week. Great post!

  7. Excellent! Just excellent work. It got me from the start and it's still holding me.

  8. Excellent, and loved this flash, Christan. Very vivid, descriptive and fascinating. I want to know what happens next.

  9. Great Flash as always. You draw me in everytime and leave me wanting more of the story. Exactly what a flash should do. :)