Friday, October 12, 2012


It’s still October, which means my thoughts can never steer clear of fear, chaos, and destruction. Horror is on my mind, and I have to be true to my muse. So what follows may not be what you are expecting, but fuck it. My world, my website. Besides, I am currently writing book 5 of Zombies!...The Beginning of the END. So check my hundred words based on this picture:


Things were falling apart. The world outside his door was utter chaos, the cacophony of screams and gunfire exploding through the open window a constant reminder of the battle that raged outside. The television faded to black and the electric had cut off. The world went insane. People were outside right now, killing their neighbors and friends, the sick eating the survivors.

Fuck all that. If the world was going to end, Jason would make the most of it. He finally had Jasmine, the hot stripper from across the hall, in his bed. Who cares if she wasn’t feeling well…


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  1. Heh, why do I think this doesn't end well for Jason? ;)

  2. Yes, watch out Jason! Great take on the photo!

  3. So is he going to get thrown up on or eaten? Lol. You painted a horrible scene out that picture. Well done, I've got the heebie jeebies.

  4. Oh Jason, Jason - dude that could well be your last piece of ass, enjoy it. Hopefully, she doesn't throw up on him or bite off his cock before he finishing getting off. Ah, a man to the end, when the world is to to hell and a hand-basket, that 'little head' is still doing all the thinking. Excellent job Christian, your mind is a scary place to visit.

  5. He's going out in style. I just hope he can help her feel better. Good one :)

  6. *shivers* I only hope Jason survives Jasmine for her look shows she def isn't feeling her true self. ;-) Maybe Jason can cure her of her aliments? One never knows during moments like this as he takes Jasmine for himself. :) Great job! I am curious as to what happens afterward. Do they both survive or does she succumb to the her "illness?" ;-)