Monday, September 2, 2013

It's about time

Time. Who has enough of it. I don't. As i write this I am quickly finishing so I can run to my new house and keep working on the basement that i am finishing. It's a daunting project and one that needs to be finished before I move in. I have little time to do this because i still work a full time job and still write four hours or so every night as well as various other responsibilities.

I have to make some time for certain things. I need to go to work so I can pay my bills and unfortunately I need to this for a little while longer. I don't want to keep working but for right now it's something I need to do. The dream, the goal, the thing that WILL happen sooner rather than later is that i will be quitting my job and writing full time. It's been my goal since I was a child and I will see it through.

Until then time is limited. Sleep is hard to come by and eating is a luxury.

Time controls all things, we don't have enough of it and when we slow down enough to enjoy it time flies by. It's not fair, but neither is life so what 'ya gonna do? You suck it up and do the best you can. 

I still find enough time throughout the day to read and take a couple of breaths. I still enjoy my family and friends. I still have an occasional beer or three or eight. You have to do that no matter what life and time through at you otherwise it drives you nuts.

So take some time to read a good book, preferably one of mine.

I included this last picture in my little blog post because she is hot and I can kinda see her boobs. Now go buy some of my books and write me a review.

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