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Evil Lurking in the Shadows part V

While my partner Cassandre Dayne is discovering her dark side and reveling at the pure joys inherent in slaughter and carnage I feel as though I am returning more to my roots. Writing erotica was never an intentional path for me but something that progressed from my original writings. My most humble beginnings are forever mired deep within the blood and guts of horror's grittier side. I love giving my readers buckets of blood and gore. Now I watch Cass find the simple joy of feeling the viscera ooze up between your toes and I have to smile.

Beauty, welcome to the dark world of the Beast.

In case you've been living under a rock Cassandre Dayne and I have been collaborating and alternately posting the beginning of what will no doubt become our newest book. I started it right here and then it went to Cass for part 2, then back to me and so on and so forth. This is the FIFTH installment. If you missed any of the earlier parts you can read 1 and 3 below, and 2 and 4 at Cass's blog here:
Now, without further bullshit I give you:

Evil Lurking in the Shadows
Part V
“Honey. There is no God, only the sweet peace of death,” I could hear his words inside my head like a shadow of my own thoughts. He whispered with sexual need so deep I nearly felt sorry for him. “God I adore you.”

I knew he wasn’t talking to her. Not just another fan, this man was something else. An unwilling coconspirator. No. Not unwilling. Just… reluctant. I could turn him. I could show him the way. All I would have to do is unlock the door and hold out my hand.

I don’t know why I was so interesting in corrupting my voyeur but something about this strange partnership was exciting. It was like fucking your wife while a stranger watched. It was a deeply private act intruded upon by an outside force the result of which somehow becomes more exciting and personal for the invasion. Besides, I’ve been engaged in the solitary act of writing for so long now it was nice to collaborate with someone.


I had grabbed this little whore outside a nightclub in one of the seedier sections of town. She didn’t belong there. Her friends had abandoned her for one reason or another and when she left the club to search for a cab I quickly stepped in. Why would she consider the handsome older man a threat? I smiled at her with perfect teeth and opened the door to my hundred thousand dollar sports car. She didn’t need to know it would most likely be repossessed in a week. It only took a moments deliberation before the little tart decided I was less of a threat than the four black kids standing on the street corner passing a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor back and forth and loudly talking about how fat her ass was.

“Thanks,” she sank into the leather and glanced around the interior of the car. Her face was lit up by the bright red instrument cluster and gave her pale skin an unnatural hue. “I don’t know where my friends went and they aren’t answering their phones.”

“Bitches,” I pulled away from the curb with a low chuckle. I kept my voice a little deeper than normal and spoke nice and slow. “I’m sure they have their reasons but why bother trying to find out what they are now? We can have fun without them. I have a house on the water and my bar is stocked.”

“I don’t even know you,” she smiled shyly. Her eyes shone neon green and when she sucked her lower lip in and bit it gently between perfect teeth I knew I had her. “What kind of girl would I be if I just went to some stranger’s house?”

“The kind who knows how to have a good time,” I looked at her long enough to wink. “But if you’re not comfortable with going back to my place and having a drink with the man who just saved you from a quartet of gang-bangers then I’d be happy to drop you off wherever you like.”

“You did save me back there,” her head tilted down and she looked up at me through big, blinking eyes. “It would be rude if I didn’t at least hang out with you a little while.” Her hand slid along the supple leather of my car. I could see her trying to figure out how much it cost.

“Sounds like a plan,” my blinker came on and I headed towards my house. This girl didn’t know she was going to end up there one way or another and she didn’t have to. “And as soon as you want to leave just say the word and I’ll call you a cab.”


I had been out hunting for three hours when I found her. The need to kill was growing, the urging to cut and slice like some burrowing insect underneath my skin. More than that was the intellectual curiosity of this strange connection I had with the other man. The cop. The fallen hero. I found it strange that I should know so much about someone I had never met. I knew things about him no one else did. I had looked directly into his very essence and found him lacking the very same necessary components as I. The only difference was that I embraced my demons and he sought to drown them out with alcohol and false bravado.

I needed to kill tonight not so I could satiate my own urges but so that I could corrupt and manipulate this soul teetering on the edge of oblivion. I thought I could open and close the portal we shared at my own whims and needed to test my theories out. So far the only time we were connected was when my mind was lost in the fever dream of carnage. My last murder was spectacular but somehow I lost the connection at a pivotal moment. I could still him screaming in my head but the visual was gone. Glass broke and he cursed and screamed. He needed more but I had failed to give it. Tonight would be different I was sure. I’d give my solitary audience all he could handle and shove him screaming and cumming over the edge into an oblivion so deep nothing of him would ever escape.

I brought the girl back to my house. We came inside and I poured her a drink and spoke calmly and told her all the things she wanted to hear. She was beautiful. She was smart. She was funny and interesting. I told her the friends that left her behind were idiots and she was easily the most engaging and beautiful woman I had ever met. When I kissed her for the first time I could feel her body melt into mine and within seconds out clothes were being ripped free of hungry bodies and she dropped to her knees.

I don’t know her name. In truth I never asked and don’t really care. When she took my cock into her mouth I moaned and pulled her hair back, holding her head steady while I fucked the ravenous hole. She liked it. Her body responded quickly and completely and she submitted to me without any further provocation.

I took a handful of hair, withdrew my hardness, and lifted her to her feet. I bent her over my couch and smacked her ass hard enough to leave a bright red hand print on the porcelain skin. She yelped and tried to turn her head but I buried her head in the soft pillows and entered her with savage force. While I fucker her from behind I pulled her hair and fingered her ass. I pulled both hands behind her back and held her wrists, pulling her back into me until I thought one of her shoulders would dislocate. I smacked her again and again with growing intensity until the beautiful white ass was covered in welts from my hands. I dug my fingers into her hips and spread her cheeks apart to reveal the tight knot of muscle waiting to be penetrated.

My cock was soaked with her orgasms when I pushed into her ass. She whimpered and tried to move away but the couch wouldn’t allow her the motion. I whispered to her saying it would be okay, the pain would go away and soon enough it did. She pushed back into me and growled with voracious pleasure as I reached around her body and squeezed a tit. She yelled out filthy words until I withdrew, flipped her over, and pushed my hardness back inside. My mouth closed over one breasts, the tight nub of her nipple finding my teeth as I shoved into her with reckless need.

Finally I could take no more and pulled my throbbing dick from her. I quickly grabbed her hair and forced her back onto her knees. She immediately sucked my full length into her mouth and swallowed my orgasm. My knees were shaking as she got to her feet and leaned against the back of the couch.

“That was so much more fun than hanging out with my friends,” her voice was husky and tired. “I’m glad I…”

I moved past her. In one quick motion my body snapped at the hips and my fist swung a violent arc that connected my fist with the side of her head. Her jaw was open and I caught her perfectly. She was unconscious before her body collapsed onto the floor.

“I’m glad too darling,” my smile was a maniac’s grin that could easily bifurcate my head. “You have no idea how glad I am.”


She was small and light but dead weight is hard to manage. I struggled to hold her body against my roughly hewn cross and tie the wires around her ribs. Her head hung low and lulled from side to side as I worked. Red hair hung over her swelling face and obscured her beauty but that gorgeous body was on display for me to enjoy. Soon enough it would be for both of us. Me and my secret friend.

I tightened the wires and made sure they remained just under her breasts before spreading her arms and wrapping both wrists. I tied her neck and both legs. When I was done I took a step back and regarded my handiwork. I was getting much better at this. The cross looked better than my earlier attempts. The wires were a better way to go than duct tape for what I had planned later.

I removed the knife from my work table and regarded it. So beautiful, so expensive, and so deadly. It would wait for the connection to open. Right now I had more pedestrian tools to play with. I regarded the plyers and skipped over them in favor of the ice pick.

The girl came to as I pierced the meat of her left breast. The confusion in her eyes made me laugh. It was going to be such a wonderful evening.

Cassandre Dayne is a best selling author who occasionally slums with the likes of me and helps elevate my writing to new and horrible places. We have three other books together. Find them and read them...if you have the balls.  If you're in the mood for some incredible summer reading check them out here:
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