Monday, September 12, 2011

Enough with the slacking already... another post

Welcome to my dark little corner of the internet. The spiders have started to die off, mostly from boredom me thinks.
Horrorwritingdaddy has been busy. Real busy. With over 25 books up for sale on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords I have been keeping up a breakneck pace that leaves little time for social interaction. This has become a problem lately, as weddings, family parties, a funeral, and football season encroach. How do I cope? Not very well.
I’ve neglected my blog. Sorry to all my faithful readers and the followers who expect more from me, but something had to give. I am working on a weekly post from here on out to pick up the slack, and any writers looking to do an interview or post will be gladly welcomed. I have some interesting plans, like working on a pod cast so you can all hear my sexy, sexy voice, and including some video clips.
Now that I’ve finally found someone trust worthy to edit some of my work. The only problem I don’t write like a sane person, and he can’t keep up with my output. Seriously, who writes over ten thousand words a day? If the voices in my head would shut the fuck up for thirty seconds maybe I could sleep. Sleep, kind of a nice notion, but still rather alien.
Additionally I started to increase my caffeine consumption by injecting it directly into the artery in my neck. It hurt at first, but the buzz I get is fantastic. Don’t’ know how healthy it is though, as I continually have to defibulate my heart just to stay above ground. That’s OK, cant’ live forever, right. Maybe I’ll come back as a zombie and write nothing but horror novels until my fingers rot and fall off.
Finally, I started to get up an hour earlier, waking now at 3:45 Am instead of the lazy 4:45. I also started to program the coffee maker so its ready for me and I can immediately start writing, rather than waiting the three minutes for the fucker to do it’s job. All these things combined have been keeping me going and helping me write more, and conduct business more. I’ve been slightly more active on twitter than I was over the last month, and much more active on facebook, making lots of new friends.
So I figured that since I finally got word my books are available for sale on Ravenous Romance I would take a few minutes to update the blog, let y’all know what I’ve been up to, and tell you a little about the rest of my books. I need to take a solid day or so to update my blog and put all the books on there, as well as the new and interesting places I’ve been interviewed, reviewed, and had articles published.
As a thank you to everyone for remaining a loyal supporter and friend I am giving you an excerpt of one of my novels after the list of my books. It’s from my new Erotic Horror series Vampire strippers, a fun little romp full of incredibly detailed (And HOT) sex, blood and gore, and even a little humor. I hope you like it, and buy the book.
In fact, here is a little deal for you all. I figure this book will be told in five parts, maybe more. If you buy and review Vampire Strippers on either Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords (you can find it by clicking on your e-book reader of choice) I will send you a FREE copy of book 2 before I publish it. Simply Click the link for either KINDLE NOOK or SMASHWORDS here and buy the book. Read it, and leave a review wherever you bought it. Then, email me at and tell me you done did it, and I’ll send you the book as soon as it’s edited. How’s that for fucking awesome?


Witches House: The Chronicles of Rosario – A 5 star reviewed collection of paranormal erotic books centering around Rosario, an enigmatic and gorgeous witch who struggles to uphold the laws set forth by the witches council, the governing body of the supernatural world.
Book 1 The Bitch
Book 2 Stanley
Book 3 The Evil Breed

Spanking Sarah, the collected works Books 1-3 – A light BDSM romp centered around a bored housewife who finds sexual satisfaction at the hands of an erotica author she meets online.

Cocking Bo, The collected works Books 1-3 – Hot M/M action centering around a group of friends. The youngest of them, Bo, is a handsome man still finding his place in the world.

16 Sex Stories – Just like it sounds. All the sex, no filler. Largely excerpts from his previous novels the Author has cut everything but the sex scenes out giving you a highlight reel of the intense sexually explicit action.

Too Taboo Too Wrong the collected works Books 1-3 – The books banned by Amazon for being too controversial, this collection involves very raw scenes of blasphemy, incest, and related Taboo sex. Includes Making my sister Come, Father Davies, and The Beginning of the Sex shop.

Horror 5 Short Stories Book 1
Horror 5 Short Stories Book 2

Restaurant Confessions Book 1: I Made Her Nervous.
Restaurant Confessions Book 2: Tina wants it Hard – semi-autobiographical accounts from the author as related to his past life as a restaurant manager

Vampire Sex – What happens when a vampire hunter is more than he seems, and the vampire he traps and plans on killing is more than she seems?  This is revealed amidst some of my favorite sex scenes.

Save the Vampire Strippers – When a truck driver walks into the mythical Dual Holes Strip Club he finds more than he bargains for. Does he have what it takes to Save the Vampire Strippers, or will he get himself killed for trying?


Candy sauntered across the floor on six-inch platform hooker heels, wide hips swaying and massive breasts bobbing. She ignored the lascivious glances that covered her body as she headed for the stage. Long Black hair tied in a ponytail touched the top of her firm rump, almost pointing to it, as if the tight round mounds needed the added attention. Thigh muscles stood out as she climbed the stairs making her incredibly long legs seem endless. She was captivating; just over six feet tall in her heels, pale skin that glowed neon in the black lights of the club, thick muscular legs, raven-black hair, and the face of a horny angel. Her bee-stung lips painted the brightest ruby red you would ever hope to see stood out like a beacon over massive almond shaped eyes that shone electric blue. Her body moved with a lithe grace sorely missing from every other dancer at the club, making her stand out even more.
She took the stage and the lights dimmed a little more as the smoke machine began hissing out a make shift cloud. Music changed from the loud electric beats to some old rock tune, the volume rising enough to make the spectators ear drums curl a little further inside their heads. The area surrounding the stage was suddenly filled as every guy in the place suddenly decided they needed a front row seat. This is what most of them had come here for.
Larry was sitting alone, off to the side of the stage watching the gorgeous brunette do her thing. His eyes were locked on her tits, following every movement as she danced around and slid over the pole. He jumped a little as someone put their hand on his shoulder.
He glanced over at the petite blonde who stood there, her smallish breasts directly at eye level. She had one hand on his shoulder. The other held a leash. Larry followed the gleaming chain from the blonde’s hand to where it met a dog collar that sat around the neck of a young redhead. She was barely legal, her pretty face shimmering with innocence. Large breasts shook as she took in a deep breath, her nervousness washing over her in palpable waves. One of them smelled like jasmine.
“Hi.” The blonde pushed Larry away from the bar and sat down on his lap. “My name is Tina, and this is my pet, Ashley.” She motioned to the red head that smiled politely and then cast her eyes at the floor. “We were wondering if you would let us take you into the back and suck your cock.”

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