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CASSANDRE DAYNE is a friend of mine from facebook. She had been a constant source of inspiration, a friendly face, and someone I can get solid advice from. She has taken many a writer under her wing, and today I am honor to interview her and share some of her success with everyone here. Enjoy what she has to say.
When the words “Prolific writer” are uttered, anyone in the know immediately thinks of Cassandre. She kinda writes A LOT. As testament to this she has a mere 70 something books, so if you haven’t read her work, I worry about your state of well being. She is a staple in the erotic genre, with fun titles and incredible characters. Her situations, no matter how normal (seemingly) or entertaining always touch a part of the reader that seems, somehow, personal.
She is an experienced woman with a lot to say (no shit that’s over 70 books) and when she speaks, you should listen:

  1. Who are you? I mean that in the most Zen way possible; what makes you…you? What makes your heart beat and what turns you on? What makes you angry and happy? Who are you?
 I am a ballsy chick with a big mouth who isn’t afraid to get in your face if I feel like you’ve done something wrong. I’m also very passionate in all things I do from the clothes I wear to the books I write.

  1. Why do you write
to express joy and love and lust…

  1. What do you write  
mostly highly erotic pieces that touch on everything from  same sex to het sex and lots of gritty storylines with BDSM and ménage

  1. What do like most about writing?
The creative headspace I get into

  1. What do you hate about writing?
Spending so much time marketing – but I do enjoy that too – I’ve met a lot of great people

  1. Are you traditionally published, and if so by whom?
Yes – with Rebel Ink Press and Naughty Nights Press

  1. Are you self published, and if so why self publish?
No I wouldn’t go that route now and have investigated and it has a long way to go.

  1. What are the challenges/rewards of your chosen publication style (traditionally or Self-pubbed) 
Challenges – right now I can’t say I have many in truth

  1. What is in your office?
 Lots of computers. I own both in the MAC world and Windows. I also do a lot of creative work for other aspects so lots of printers too

  1. What Authors do you love to read? Why?
I love everything from Shayla Black to Carl Haissen

  1. Who is your greatest influence?
Hmm – that’s a tough one. Perhaps my mom who had such a tough life.

  1. What motivates you?
Need and hunger to finally get out there since I’ve been writing since I was six

  1. If money was no object, what would be the first thing you would buy?
Red Ferrari

  1. What do genre do you write? Why?
I write mostly highly erotic but I also do a series that’s campy murder mystery set in community associations.

  1. How many books do you have published?
12 to date with about 60 under contract

  1. What are their names, and tell us about them.
 Oh goodness there are so many. Why don’t I mention what’s coming up. In October I have two – one m/m piece called Punchback set in 2028 – where the criminals rule and my first f/f The Fire of Submission and two anthologies – Claw Marks and Twisted Tales – all with Rebel. I also have Pinked coming out from Dakotah Black  - the campy murder mystery and Red Fire – Surrender with Naughty Nights Press – the first in a trilogy about a sexy male cop who ends up submitting to a kink lover vampire.

  1. Where can we find them?
All the usual haunts – All Romance E Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, I-Books.

  1. Who is your favorite main character? Why?
 I have too any of them but I do love my sexy vampire in Red Fire.

  1. When is your next book coming out?
 October 3rd the party starts!

  1. Where do you get your characters from? Are they based in real life, or totally fictitious?
 Fictitious and real life

  1. Which book is your favorite? Why?
Pinked from the Pinked series cause I manage community associations and those people are just nuts and I get to kill them off in a sexy way


  1. What turns you on?
 Everything – from hot men to kink to ménage to BDSM. I’m very very passionate. I do love long hair on guys and deep blue eyes

  1. What is your favorite part of a man’s/woman’s body? Why?
Man’s – chiseled face and those eyes. Woman – breasts – I think they’re very sexy

  1. What is your favorite part of your body?
My long legs

  1. Where do you like to be touched?
Everywhere – who doesn’t?

  1. What’s your favorite position? Why?
Hmm – I like them all and love to mix it up.

  1. What’s your craziest sexual experience (that you’re willing to share?) of all time?
Four guys – sneaking into a hot tub in an apartment community we didn’t belong to  = NOT tell any details.

  1. A stranger walks up to you. Your single (or not, it’s up to you) what can they say to get you into bed right NOW?
You wanna play a game?
  1. What’s one thing that you have written about and always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity?
Hmmm – more horror in my pieces – just touching on now.

  1. Which of your characters would you like to fuck? Why?
My sexy cop in Red Fire

     Cassandre started writing stories and poems before she knew how to ride a bike and proceeded onto novels by age eleven. By the time she was an early teenager, she had written fifteen novels. As early adulthood, college and life settled in; writing was placed on the back burner but never forgotten entirely. Suddenly awakened by the rampant fantasies and untold stories of characters that flowed through her dreams every night and filtered into her daylight hours; she could hold back the creative process no longer.
     Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has eight erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and several more under contract. Her recent titles include, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, Her Sinful Long Legs, Revving Her Wild Engines, Shadows of Panic and Wicked Desire, Wicked Wager Among Friends  - Tales from Lucifer’s Lair – the first in a series, Breakfast Eye Candy, and her first m/m piece is came out in June titled Game Over. Her first full length novel was released in August titled Truth, Dare or Dangerous Intent. Her first print release – a compilation of several pieces is coming in September.
     She also recently had her first release with Naughty Nights Press – Spankdown with three other under contract including Red Fire – Surrender, Raging Shadows and Forced Fantasies – all due out this year.
     In addition, as her alter ego Bethany Halle, she is the host of two blog talk radio shows with Robin Falls Red River Radio. The Fire of Fantasy & Darkness airs every other month highlighting writers and other artists in the fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres. Dare to Take the Plunge also airs every other month featuring writers, publishers, cover artists and reviewers in the erotic romance genre. She also is a weekly/monthly contributor to Naughty Nights Press, Erotic Diaries, After Dark Online, Kinke Magazine and Queer Online Magazine.
     As Bethany Halle she is also the Director of Communications for Rebel Ink Press and currently serve on the Nominating Committee of the RWA’s Passionate Ink.

     She was a Passionate Ink finalist for their Passionate Plume contest with Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper and has received several four and five star reviews for her work.

Member of:

Virginia Romance Writers
Romance Writers of America
Passionate Ink
ARRA – Australian Romance Readers Association

Purchase Links:

The following is a synopsis of Cassandre’s novel, Punch Back

In the year 2028, there are only a handful of honest cops in Detroit, a city run by brutal mafia families. Detective Dane Shannon is waging a war of revenge against the men that destroyed his life. Determined to track down the killers, he accepts every assignment, no matter how dangerous. Punch Back is an underground club catering to the vicious world of savage boxing where the losers are forced to engage in kinky acts of sex. The prize for the victorious fighters is a chance at winning the championship and securing a place in the upper echelon. It’s also a perfect method for the Luciano family to take back their lost turf. Suddenly the losers are winding up dead, the owner suspected and Dane goes undercover.

Steele Lungren is the co-owner, a massive Russian with a dubious past. Angry at being in the middle of a waging war, he has nowhere to turn when he is pushed against the wall while his partner and current lover questions every decision. As Dane begins racking up wins, his attraction for Steele places the case in jeopardy. Forced to work together or one or both could end up slaughtered, they enter into a relationship that neither understand and the killer unleashes a weakness. Just as the killer is about to strike, certain truths are revealed. In the end, one of them will lose their battle with humanity and perhaps their life.

I can’t thank the beautiful and talented Cassandre Dayne for taking her time to chat with us. She is one of the few writers working today who constantly has new titles coming out. If you have never read her work I suggest you crawl out from under that rock and buy a computer, and then quickly buy a couple.
You can thank me later.
Of course, if you’re reading this than you already have a computer or a friend who lets you borrow theirs, in which case stop licking paste and grab your credit card.
Again, you can thank me later.
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  1. Great interview! Congrats on all the books Cass. I wish you continued success :)