Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest post 18: JKP

I found J.K.P. walking around the wilds of twitter. We started a nice conversation that I quickly ruined by being a pervert. I’m sorry, but cute brunette+me=perv and that’s just the way it’s going to be. So there. Actually that’s not the way it happened at all, but in my head I said some nasty things and she liked them, and hence she is now doing a quest post on my blog. However things actually transpired here we are, and I couldn’t be happier. J.K.P. is an amazing writer, as proven by the short which follows.
Her vision is rare and complete, her words flow seamlessly with strong connections to the characters which jump off the page and smack you in the face. She has a way of blending her words into your life that is kind of spooky, but resonates stronger than mere words should. The visualization of her world is easy, as she paints just the right amount of shadow…
I have to admit that I don’t know as much as I would like to about her, but trust me, that is going to change. I am quickly becoming a fan, and in a few seconds you will too.
J.K.P. has this to say about herself:
I'm a lawyer by day and a writer by night. I live to create compelling stories, and write about anything that I feel is inspiring to me. I'm currently working on a SF trilogy, called the Manicheans. By definition, manicheaism is a dualistic philosophy dividing the world between good and evil principles. The idea came after brainstorming with a friend. I was hitting a very rough time in my relationship and wanted to exorcise my emotional pain through a fictional story that would resonate with anybody.

The Manicheans are people like you and me. They struggle through life, and want to understand their purpose. They battle, among others, between good and evil, love and hatred, light and darkness, life and death, religion and absence of religion. The story inherently narrates their quest toward salvation.

I'm also a huge fan of horror. I love to challenge myself by also writing short stories that mix erotica, supernatural, and generally dark fiction.
To find out more about this amazing new talent check out her blog:
There is all kinds of goodies there, including the incredible short story “Animal” which you need to read. Check her out, and get to know her before fame makes her snarky.

Look at me, and tell me what you see. Do you believe in the death of our flesh and blood, and do you pray every night for salvation when you fall asleep? I gave up on life already… I let you die in my arms, and I said nothing.
I always adored your smile, full of love and full of joy, a memory of the glorious past that we shared before everything turned to hell. I never thought I’d tell you this someday, but you should know… The babies are gone too.
My life was bound to you, and to the children you gave me. Now that I lost all of you, what will I become?
I had a dream last night. I felt the smoothness of your skin against mine. Your hips welcomed my touch when I turned around to hold your beautiful face, and I kissed you. I liked the taste of your mouth. The more my hands ran onto your breasts, and down your waistline, the more I pulled you toward me. I loved you with every inch of my body, pressing deep inside you as I heard you moan louder.
You surrendered to me. Suddenly, I grabbed you from behind, my hands following the curves of your ass while I penetrated you everywhere. You let me do these things to you, and you begged for more. I called you my whore, and you claimed nobody could replace you because you were so good at fucking me hard. I liked it, baby. I never wanted you to stop when you went down on me, and swallowed all the way. Your kisses transported me to heaven after you played these evil tricks with your tongue. Your talent would never be surpassed.
And now, what? I miss you.
Yet this dream made me whole again. I woke up with my pants down to my ankles, thrusting into this doll I bought before this whole crap happened. Nothing feels as good as a great pussy, but this had to do for now.
I hate to admit that I fell for such perversion. I long to touch you again… I must accept the fact that you’re gone forever, and I belong to nobody. I guess I’ll wait for my time to arrive, and until then, I’ll have my fun.
I drank a lot yesterday. I caught the news via the old portable radio we kept in the basement. Federal and state authorities quarantined the whole island of Manhattan, and all the power’s been cut. The military’s in town. They forced everybody to stay inside. They say it won’t be long before we can go out again. They even told us not to panic. Mostly we mustn’t use tap water. Bloody journalists who don’t know shit about anything, they think they can teach me a lesson now?
I broke the glass against the wall and cut my hand in the process. I got so angry when I heard them talk in their politically correct jargon that everything would be all right. I know they’re merely waiting for everybody to die, and then they’ll torch the whole place clean, as if nothing happened.
So what do I get to lose? Yesterday, life felt great. Today, I lost everything I cared about, even myself.
I want to fuck a real woman, and come in her face before I get killed too.
So babe, guess what? Do you remember Annie from upstairs? I admired that woman’s ass, even when you were still alive. I recognize I also lusted to suck on her nice jugs for the rest of the night. Well, I invited her to dinner – not that there was much to fancy on, but she has low expectations.
I don’t really know what took hold of me, maybe a demonic presence or the slow death of my own sanity. I touched her in places where she told me to back off. I couldn’t believe she did that, thus I slapped her hard, and she fell.
No, her skull didn’t crack open. I barely knocked her out. I took advantage of it. I pulled her to the bedroom, and I tied her to the headboard so she wouldn’t flee when she woke up.
I love her pussy. I so love it. She tastes like sweet honey. I’ll go to hell for cheating on you… but a man has needs, you know?
It’s been days, and I spent my whole time with Annie. She feels really good. I reached a point where I come and I start again, because I can’t stop. She drives me wild. I handle her like a piece of meat and pound her deep…
Her face bothered me so I used the paper bag trick, and it worked wonders. All I want is her ass, not her ugly face. I taped a picture of you on the bag, so every time I fuck her, I actually fuck you. I’m such a genius. I won’t go to hell now, right babe?
I’m happy.
I listened to the news again, very briefly, and they said that the virus had shifted from waterborne to airborne. I honestly don’t know what it’ll change for us. We’re doomed either way.
Annie’s dead. She coughed blood all over me and shortly thereafter, she stopped breathing. Worst blowjob ever. Damn, I miss you.
I had no idea what to do with her, and she started to smell, so I dumped her down the chute. She didn’t fit through the hole as one piece, obviously. The bathroom is a mess, and you would hate to see this. Good thing that you’re dead, huh?
Humor helps the mood. I worked on this bitch all day, packed her well and bam, she was out the door in no time.
Tired now. Am going to bed. Love you.
Been spitting all day, my dick hurts, I’m angry and thirsty. No booze left.
What’s up? I’m not going to make it, but we knew that already. I feel lonely. I wish my nurse were here to give me medicine. But where is she? Oh yeah… cold.
Mankind must have spent the whole morning watching us. I laughed. Talk about solidarity. We became an object of amusement to entertain the world until a better reality show will oust us off the air. I’d better bask in my fifteen minutes of fame while I can, right?
This journey cast a new light on my purpose in life. Nobody wanted me to stick around apparently.
Do you remember when we moved to the City together? We rented that small studio apartment downtown by Wall Street, and we had little money. We spent what we earned on the household, but we didn’t mind. In our dreams, we made it big. These times felt wonderful.
I recall watching you take a shower, your naked body under the water flow, your hands touching places I raved about since the first time I made love to you… I can picture it right before me.
I asked you to play for me, and you smiled. You put a finger in your mouth and you licked it real good. Ah babe. You looked so beautiful.
Once your hand reached your pussy, I started rubbing myself too.
What I loved the most about you was your boldness. You never feared anything. You tried out everything I suggested, and you knew exactly what to do to please me.
These days are gone. I’m sitting on this chair, my head on fire, and my nose bleeding, ready to jump on the boat that’ll take me to the other side. Maybe you can straddle me again in heaven…. I never used to believe in those things.
Look at me. I won’t last much longer. That’s when good porn comes in handy.
Thank whoever’s up there for all the Playboys I kept in the closet. I overdosed before the fever knocked me out completely. I know I’m done.
Shit. I just coughed blood.
Last seconds before darkness. Babe, I hope you’ll still love me when I’ll join you. Don’t be mad at me, ok? I know I did bad things, not only to Annie, but to a lot of other girls. I’d rather leave in peace than with a heavy heart, so I’ll confess this to you.
Once you passed, I even killed the kids.
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Thanks so much for reading, and a massive THANK YOU to J.K.P for delivering such fantastic goodness to my dark little corner of the internet.
As always leave some comments and let J.K.P. know how appreciated she is.
Also, my friend Kat LeXXXington started a new blog at I think you little perverts will love it, so please run over and check that out as well.


  1. TY again for the opportunity Chris! It was a real pleasure. I'll post more short stories on my blog soon. :)