Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little news and an excerpt

I haven’t been active enough in my blogging, and that makes me sad. I have been busy, and all that work is finally paying off. I have been diligently working, and now there are several anthologies sullied by my nasty, evil, dirty words.
I am in Daily Frights 2012 – check it out here
I am in The Myth of Mr. Mom – Check it out here
I am in Zombie writing – check it out here
I have a couple more submissions in, and I’ll keep you all abreast of that, but the big new, the real giant exciting slap your gramma new is the upcoming release of my novel Amy; her Wolf, her Master by Rebel Ink Press. I’ll let you all know when the release date is, as soon as I know. It’s still going through the editorial phase, and the cover has to be designed and other such things.
Besides that, I have been editing and re-writing a novel I wrote a while ago, called Paranormal Reality. It’s a fun haunted house tale, more categorized as paranormal romance than horror, but still a pretty messed up and fun read. At least I think so.
So now I am going to give you something free to read, an excerpt of the recently edited Paranormal Reality. Let me know what you all think, and make sure to check back here on Friday to read some free flash fiction.

            Curt fell between the bowl and the tub, his body wedged between the two slick surfaces. Before he could try to think there was a pounding from out in the hallway. The floor shook as the beast rushed him again. The loud clacking of hooves on the tile floor heralded its arrival a split second before Curt felt the crushing weight fall onto his body.
            The same hands that had grabbed his arm and thrown him so violently into the bathroom now began to pummel him. They were smashing into his face and chest and head with brutal intensity and speed. Curt could only last another couple seconds before his mind shut down. He was unable to process the pain and damage that was happening to him at such an alarming rate. Another four or five blows and Curt lay dead, beaten to death between the toilet and the tub.
            The pain followed Curt from this world to the next. He knew he was dead, yet the beating continued. He could feel everything long after he should have been released from the pain. He felt thick mutant hands ripping into his flesh as his organs were pulled roughly out of his body, pain exploding like fireworks behind his eyes. Laughter sounded throughout the house as Curt struggled against the strength of his attacker, the pain becoming an all encompassing thing surrounding him like water around a drowning man.  
            Jason was pinned against the wall. He could feel the sheetrock bowing behind him and a solid force on his chest. It felt like a forearm, but he could feel no one in front of him to verify it. His feet dangled uselessly an inch or so above the ground. It was difficult to take a breath and Jason could soon feel the darkness closing in on him as panic began to take hold.  Things began to get a little fuzzy around the edges and he could hear a soft ringing in his ears. The pressure increased on his chest and was joined by another pressure around his neck.
            The darkness around him seemed to move. Jason grabbed at the air in front of him as he tried desperately to remove the hand from around his throat. He grabbed at thin air, feeling nothing more than a cold spot. Jason heard laughter, but it sounded like it was coming from inside his head more than from anywhere around him. The pressure increased and Jason could distinctly feel four fingers and a thumb pressing tightly against his throat. Through the darkness Jason began to see a multi colored starburst and he realized this was his brains response to the lack of oxygen.
            The muscles in his throat hurt badly, but the strain on the bones of his spine was a thousand times worse. He could feel the disks in his back and neck stretching as the weight of his lower body pulled downward. He could feel the muscles and tendons in his neck stretching like rubber bands. Sooner or later something was going to snap.
            Just as the pain reached a crescendo Jason struggled one last time against his invisible captor. The only thing he accomplished was hurting himself by adding more strain to his already stretched out body.
            The voice laughed louder inside Jason’s head.
            Inside his head.
            Jason had to think, had to clear his mind of the pain and concentrate on what was really happening. He was being assaulted by a ghost, a spirit with no real body. He could not speak with the thing or hear it with his naked ears, but he could now hear it in his head. This fucking things was not just assaulting his body, it was assaulting his mind. Jason would have none of that.
            A sudden burst of blind anger rocked through Jason’s mind. He decided he would not die like this. He was here to help Diana and Beth, not become a martyr. He suddenly chose not to die today. The laughter in his head stopped immediately and Jason felt his back sliding slowly down the wall. The tips of his sneakers touched down on the carpet. Jason closed his eyes and uttered his own laugh and imagined pushing the thing away from him. The pressure around his neck was gone. It was not as if the thing had let him go, it was more like it had never even been there.
            Jason sucked in huge lung full’s of air. He bent over his legs and concentrating on taking deep even breaths. Even through the pain Jason smiled, knowing he had won a decisive victory against this thing.

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