Friday, February 17, 2012


It’s FFF and boy do I need this. It has been a long week of traveling between Jersey and New York, shuffling between Brooklyn and the Bronx for a few extra dollars. Now I am taking a day (mostly) for myself, and there is no better way to kick it off than a sexy collection of 100 words.
I went in a different direction this week, hope y’all enjoy it.

Julio sat next to them, the glass of Chardonnay in his hands so cold it was making the tips of his fingers numb. A knowing smile touched his lips.  No one else knew she was his. No one else knew about the wooden clothes pins she had clamped over the swollen flesh of her pussy or the anal plug that he had inserted earlier. That was their secret.
 Every wince of pain and every bead of sweat belonged to Julio. She could talk and flirt all she wanted, but at the end of the night she belonged only to him.

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  1. Oh yes very hot and I see you were in my dark mood this week - love it

  2. Oh wow!! So hot. She's out to tease and never follow through because he has his eye on her. Ultimately she has her master in Julio. I love it.

  3. Now there is some control! Give her a little play on the leash, but ultimately, the collar is still there. Love it!

  4. Excellent!!! I could feel the tension and the image of what's going to happen later? Great Flash!!

  5. Wow, that was very good. The girl is acting rather up for all that's going on with her body right now!

  6. Hot post, l like how his mind works!

  7. Wow!! Damn that was hot! Gets the body tingling ;) Nice!

  8. Ouch and ooooh - great post, babe :)

  9. Oh Hot-damn, I liked this one and I know a few women who will "really" like it too. I must direct them to read this post.

    Hmmm, it has given me some delicious ideas. Christian, you are a man after my own heart - excellent. Muwah!!@

  10. Mmm...there's nothing like secret pleasures or pain known between lovers to turn up the level of eroticism within a relationship. Hot stuff here!