Friday, March 23, 2012

A promise...

It's Friday, which means another picture and another 100 words of pure insanity. As much as I love writing these little scenes out to the provided pictures, I always feel like I am leaving some really incredible characters stranded, so this week things are going to be different. I am giving you the picture, the 100 words, and a promise.
The Promise: I am going to keep this tale going. Today you get the 100 words, tomorrow you get the first chapter, and by next week I will have a 15,000 word story (or the first 15,000 words of a larger piece) available as a Self Pubbed book. How does that sound kiddies?
So with no further palaver I give you 100 words....

I let the anger grow inside of me until it became a beast I couldn’t control. To my right I could smell the bonfire raging. Twelve fallen priests stood in its perimeter chanting and calling to their ancient god’s.
 The thirteenth man came out of the woods with Cali, my sister and their intended sacrifice.
I pounced, my muscles like a coil of springs propelling me into the hooded man. He crashed to the ground and I fell on him.
“Jason?” I stopped dead as our eyes met.
“Mark? What the hell,” he whispered. “You’re gonna fuck this all up.”

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Now I am off to write the first chapter of this upcoming book. I hope it's something you can't wait to devour, I have a feeling there will be a lot of sex and maybe even some romance, and most assuredly some horror, violence, and even a little blood. Let me know what you think.


  1. Fuck all WHAT up?!?!? You beast, leaving me More, more, more!!! Delightful and a true cliffhanger:) xo

  2. Oh hell... What? Fuck what up? Hope this continues somewhere, somehow!

  3. What a cliffy! I want to know what will be fucked up! Great FFF!

  4. holy crap!! Oh yeah I will be looking for the first chapter tomorrow!!

  5. Fuck what up??? Give me the rest of the story. Loved it!

  6. *Shakes keyboard* What? You're leaving me there? Where's the rest? Fabulous!

  7. Exciting. But you can't leave it at that. Just not fair ...

  8. Oh snap! Jason must have been undercover, but it seems to me like Mark was actually a part of the cult. I’m anxious to know what happened next. :oD

  9. Nicely done. How can you leave us hanging! :P