Friday, March 2, 2012

It's friday again...

Nearly missed this week. I know that I need to get on here more and put some more stuff up for everyone, and I promise that I will be doing just that. I've been slacking lately, and that won't fly.
So without further ado...I give you another 100 words of sheer madness for the Flasher Fiction Friday. This week I went with something a little more on the suspenseful side, I hope you like it.

“Don’t move.” He growled in her ear. “They’re getting close.”
Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps, her heart pounding loud enough for the others to hear. He placed one hand over her heart to muffle the sound, his big, calloused hand covering her breast in the process. The other went over her mouth.
Footsteps came through the dead leaves, the wind carrying a fetid stench along with it. Growls and harsh snuffing sounds followed. There was a pause in their movement, and then slowly, reluctantly, they continued.
 She didn’t know if she was more scared of him, or THEM.

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  1. I need to know more about THEM. I see you building on this story. It could go in a number of directions. Well done!

  2. This leaves so many openings for a story. I think of THEM as hunters, out to hunt anything in the vicinity, including humans. Him holding her to keep her quiet was dangerously sexy. Loved it!

  3. I want to know more and more. Who are "they"? Will this man be more to her? He saves her but for what?

    Yummy. I like it when I am left wanting more. ;)

  4. Nicely done Christen. I can see more from this. I also want to know who them is. If he had to cover the beating of her heart, that shows they have extraordinary hearing... cool.

  5. Hmmm, fear of discovery can be a great aphrodisiac and apparently it's working for these two, I love the whole scene, are they there to "play" or are they hiding? Did he select that place intentionally for the fear factor, to exert his control? So many interesting possibilities. Well done Mr. C.

  6. Loved this one. But I want to know more. Who were they and who is he? Very mysterious.