Friday, May 22, 2015

Guest post: K.C. Harper

K. C. Harper is a Badass Horror writer with Forsaken, the horror imprint of Booktrope. I've connected with her on Facebook and gotten to know this talented author a little bit, and now is your chance to get to know her a little too. Behold and revel in all that is...K.C. Harper -

This poem is part of Whispers, Book 3 in The Lakeshore Evil Series. It gives you a glimpse of Sheriff Artie Donovan's deepest fears after the brutal murder of Deirdre Hallsey. Whispers, Book 3 will be available for purchase this fall. 

By K.C. Harper
© Copyright 2015 K.C.Harper
The darkness surrounds me, pulls me further down.
I feel myself slipping deeper.
A dark force pulls me to the depths of darkness from where I know I won’t return.
Her voice is now a whisper, a faint cry in the dark.  It was my only hope and now fades like ashes in the wind.  I close my eyes and watch as her soul dances in the embers.  The beating of her heart echoes in my ears.  I watch as she fades in and out.  I reach for her, but it’s too late.
Her eyes that once lit up are now dark and grim.  The strings of her soul are torn wide open like a flesh wound bleeding down on me.  All of her pain courses through me.  Her last breath chokes me as I watch her fade into the darkness forever.
If only I could have done something to save her, even if it was from herself.  I watched as she lay there, holding her cold body in my arms as she left the world.
Her last words ring in my ears.  The name spills from her pale mouth and replays over and over in my dreams.  Like a nightmare with no end in sight.
The shadows in the darkness return.  They lurk, feeding off my fears, my regrets . . . of not saving you.
I hold onto your soul, my hands attached to you like strings to a puppet.  Each one being torn as the darkness consumes me, pulling me further down.
Darkness surrounds me as I let go.
Every piece of you is torn from me as if you were never there.
The darkness fills the empty void you left inside of me.  It consumes, gives me a new purpose. 

Author Bio

K.C. Harper is a best-selling author, mother of four and has a degree in Psychology. She writes Contemporary Romance, Horror Mystery and Thrillers. Her Lakeshore Evil Series is an Amazon best seller in Horror and Suspense. You can find K.C Harper on social media and her books on Amazon and

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