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Guest post:: S.E. Rise

S.E. Rise is an author I've gotten to know over the last few months. We connected over at the Forsaken team page and have a similar way of thinking about a lot of things. I've gotten to enjoy his posts and comments, and you should too.
Check out his book trailer to get an idea of who he is and what he writes :



The Neuron Universe and a Monkey’s Paw- A Thought Experiment.


There are a good amount of hours in the day. For most of those hours I am busy thinking about things that most people don’t want to contemplate or don’t care about. It’s not because I have a super brain or anything close to it. But, I do let my mind think and imagine things without parameters. To some this could be viewed as a thought experiment.

This is one of those thought experiments.

What if every book you have ever read or story you have ever heard somehow creates a small world inside your mind? A world or a memory formed on one of the trillion or so, neurons or neural pathways inside your brain.  What if those worlds or memories never go away? What if they keep growing and evolving without your input?

What if our own world is but a memory or a story that has been forgotten?

What if our brains in turn are but small universes?

What if, at our birth, we create a small world from a memory that then continues to grow independent of our conscious thoughts? Would we ever remember it? Would we ever be able to return to that small first thought and see what it has become? Would we ever want to?

I am a writer and I create worlds. When I write, I create places that I can see, hear, smell and touch. I know what the air tastes like and what the clouds in the sky look like. I can also leave this place inside my mind and return days or even weeks later and it will still exist.  Most of the time, I let the characters run amuck and figure out problems on their own. But, there are times when I return and they are waiting. They are waiting for me to fix their problems or situations so they can continue on with their story. At those times, I might give them a nudge or change the circumstances in which they find themselves. But rarely do I do this.

When I write, I try to let my creations do and figure things out on their own. I let them evolve into characters that are sometimes not exactly what I had envisioned for them in the beginning. But that’s okay, because if I solved every problem or guided them in every way then they really wouldn’t be that interesting. If I molded them into exactly the way they were supposed to be then what would be the point of the story. There would be no surprises, and the characters in this world would be cliché and predictable. There would be nothing new.

So, in a sense, I give them free will. (Wait…Don’t freak out just yet)

But though I have given them free will, I have also set into place certain rules and physics that they must abide by; only because it differentiates them from other genres in writing. Yes, there are many genres but without some sort of structure or rules it cannot stay together.

But not to get away from my original intent in writing this, I will steer back in the general direction.

These worlds I write about are places I have created within my mind. Who is to say that they do not exist?

What if....?

What if to them I am God?  

I am their Creator. I could be their Destroyer. I can, as well, be their Time Keeper. In fact, if I so wanted to, I could actually resurrect them from the dead. Does this not qualify me as a divine figure in its general definition? What if it does? Does that mean we are all, in some sense, Gods to the small universe that is our human mind? They say there may be as many neurons inside a single human head as there are stars in the universe.

Would a character on one of those small little worlds be able to look up at their Cosmos and see it for what it really was?  Would it see it as an ever expanding universe or might it recognize it as the trillions of bright flashing neurons of its own Creator?

Well, since I am the writer and the creator of these worlds…I guess that answer would be up to me. But, what if one of my characters evolved without my knowledge into something that could figure out its own existence? Maybe it’s one of those insignificant characters that I forgot about and just left it to run amuck?

Would it try to contact me?

If it did try would I hear it?

If I heard it would I answer it?

Or, would I leave it just as I found it? Leave it, because I was afraid of influencing it and in a sense possibly destroying it with my acknowledgment.  What if my presence changed the very genre that it existed in and inadvertently ruined the story?

I think I would not answer it directly. I think if I found myself in the same position as my hypothetical character I would really not want to receive an answer. Primarily, because then I would know that he/ she existed and if he or she existed then I would have to accept that they might be omnipotent and all knowing. This, of course, would lead down a line of thinking that does not have a positive outcome.

Not positive? How so you ask? Because, I would then have to ask the question “Why?”…Why would you have created so many things that are bad? And, if they are bad then why haven’t you fixed them? Why do so many have to suffer when in all actuality they don’t have too? The questions would continue on and on until one of us grew angry.


If I were this created character that lived on a world within the universe that is my brain, I think that I would not want an answer from that kind of God.  I don’t think I would like this God entity very much if I did.

I would not want to have an all knowing entity to blame for the sadness, tragedy and travesty that happens to the world, to my loved ones or to me. I think that I would rather believe in a creator that has given us all the tools we need to succeed, left us on our own and then maybe accidentally forgotten about us.

I would rather not want to rely upon on a God that does not or cannot answer everyone’s prayers. But then, as we know, that doesn’t work very well either. Who would win the Super Bowl? And, don’t forget the story of the Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jennings.

But in conclusion, this was not meant to piss off the entire God fearing world. This was a thought experiment and it was designed to make you think outside of the box and maybe see the Cosmos and yourself a little differently.

I think I like the thought of being a writer. I create worlds that exist in the universe that is my mind. I think that the best thing I can do for the characters of my created worlds is to let their stories unfold as they will, to continue writing the stories that I see, and to offer them up for the world to read.

And of course learn how to edit them better.




S.E.Rise is a writer of Erotica, Horror and Thrillers. He lives with his family in Anchorage, Alaska. He has written a dozen or so books in various genres and is currently republishing them with Booktrope Publishing. His first release with Booktrope is an Erotic Thriller. Simmering is due out on May 16th and his first Thriller/Horror is due out in July with Booktrope Publishing as well.




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