Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guest post: Sheri Williams

I found Sheri Williams skulking around the super secret Forsaken page over at the 'ole Faebooks. She was just kinda standing there, hanging around the shadows, taking notes and looking much more innocent than I knew she really was. Okay, that's not true. Mostly because there are no shadows in Facebookland. Nothing one big old spotlight over there, right? So anyways, I found Sheri, or rather she found me, and next thing I know she's on my blog. Give her some love and let's Comment and Share.
First, let me say, May the Fourth be with you. I know that’s not why I’m here today, but I couldn’t not say it. And now, on to why I’m invading your screens today. Horror! Yes, horror. And if you know me, you’re already going, “What the what?” cause I am a scaredy cat. No lie. I scare so easy. I don’t watch horror movies, except for classics and vampires.  So why am I writing about horror you ask? Simple. Well, not simple. Super convoluted actually. I write romance. That’s my thing. I’m fairly good at it. So why change genres? Because I have author multiple personality disorder. AMPD may not be an actual medical thing, but in my world it’s real. It explains how I went from romance, to mid-grade, to gothic horror. Now to be fair, there is romance in the story I am currently crafting for Forsaken, but it’s not the main plot, or at least after about five rounds of editing, I hope it’s not the main plot.


The story started a long time ago as a sample for a freelance job that didn’t get accepted. I had 4,000 words about a group of paranormal investigators searching for werewolves in Germany. I talked to the amazing Maddie Holliday Von Stark and she said I might could sub it to Booktrope’s new Forsaken imprint. I was all “who me? Romance writer? Eh, why the hell not?” So I tried to fill it out. Add some more words. And then. Then. One nightmare about werewolves in Victorian London later, I scrapped the almost 9,000 I had worked up to, and started over. Yes, I started over. Because it needed to be Gothic Horror (with a splash of romance). Like I said, AMPD. It’s a problem, really.


I have to say though, I have met some of the coolest people through Forsaken. And am now about 2-3 scenes away from finishing the rough (holy super rough) draft of my story. It’s not scary yet. I think I’m going to have to layer that in. But despite constantly worrying that I am going to fail in a spectacular fashion (I’m talking fiery crashing chariots here), I keep going. Because I really like my story. And I hope you do too.




Bio: Sheri Williams is a mom. A writer. A nerd. She lies in the south and spends her days fighting her need to write against her need to play in the dirt. She has an unhealthy appreciation of BBC America and has been known to lose whole days to Netflix binges. Sheri has published a novel, a few short stories as part of anthologies, and two choose your own adventure stories for online publisher SilkWords. She is currently working on what will hopefully be the first of many Forsaken titles.

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