Monday, May 16, 2011


I could insert all kinds of macho bullshit here, like I headed bravely into the basement and fearlessly tripped the breakers before strolling out amongst the noise and ill feelings as if nothing was going on, but that wouldn’t be even remotely true.
I opened the door and something below me crashed loudly. The door to the basement was still somewhere in the back yard, the wind from outside whipping in through the gaping mouth like a constant exhale. There were things down there; things that didn’t like me, things that wanted to hurt me. I knew this immediately, but I pushed it all behind me and headed down the steps. My feet fell lightly on the carpet as I made my down the steps and through the open room, heading directly for the breaker panel. I opened the door and placed my hand on the main fuse switch, trying to ignore the growling sound that had started over my left shoulder.
I flipped the switch and plunged the house into darkness. Immediately there was a hand on my arm, something that felt small and feminine yet as cold as ice. I shivered and remained where I was for a moment, taking in deep breaths and trying to push my fears away. I could feel the cold breath of the grave in my ear as someone whispered, “join us”, and a dozen hands began to pull on my clothes.
I refused to run, choosing instead to walk slowly through the darkness as shadows scampered about and things crashed and slid across the floor. My outstretched hands groped through the blackness feeling things like spider webs slip between my fingers as I headed towards the stairs. Mercifully I found them and started up, the growling sound growing louder as if whatever was making it was suddenly rushing through the shadows to attack.
I found Meredith in the living room, surrounded by a circle of candlelight that shone against her pale naked flesh. She stood inside a circle of salt, the very same circle I had made only minutes before. God, she was beautiful.
I stood outside the circle feeling every bit exposed as I removed my clothes and left them in a heap beside the couch. When she motioned for me to join her I carefully walked over the ring of salt and into the protective circle. She immediately wrapped her arms around me and I could feel my heart slowing and my fear washing away. Soon nothing was left but Meredith and I, standing alone in the circle while the world crashed in around us.
Her hand found the heat of my erection, and as we stood there naked amidst the glowing candles she slowly moved her cool hand over it, a smiling touching her lips and her eyes glowing with mischievous light.
“First, we bind the power to this house.” She whispered, her voice husky and intense. “Then we make love right here.”
My eyes were locked on hers; my fear somehow subsided by the strength this woman possessed. She dropped to her knees and began her prayers to the corners, calling out to the ancient powers so long ago forgotten.
I stood behind her, my hands resting on her smooth shoulders as she turned to the North, South, East and West, closing the circle and gaining her power for the task at hand. She spoke in a language I didn’t understand, although I knew the meaning and the ceremony. Her mouth contorted around the words, forcing them out with practiced ease. Sweat stood out on her body as she used all her strength, pouring every atom of her being into her words, using every ounce of strength she possessed to make sure this thing was done right.
I remained standing behind her as she knelt on the ground, binding the power that was in the house and holding it there. It took a lot out of her, and by the end of it she collapsed onto the rug and lay there, panting and exhausted. There was a sudden stillness about the house, and Meredith slowly rolled onto her back and smiled up at me.
“The binding is done.” She took in a long shaking breath and exhaled quickly. Her body was like carved marble bathed in sweat. The pale flesh stood out against the glowing candles, her neon red hair a stark contrast to the porcelain flesh and smoldering green eyes alight with power and lust. “Your friend and his family can get a good nights rest, and tomorrow we will put an end to this.”  She raised her hand into the air and I took it, lowering myself to the ground next to her.
I ran a hand over the heat of her body, the tight muscles standing out contracting under my fingertips. Her nipples perked up, the pale nubs standing out as gooseflesh covered her exquisite body.  She smiled at me, and I was immediately lost in the moment. It was that smile that forced the blood from my head and created the erection, that smile alone that made me need her.
We were careful not to disturb the circle of salt on the ground, out sweaty naked bodies rolling around the carpet in the oppressive heat, two lovers exploring each other under the watchful eye of a hundred angry ghosts. Our hands and mouths handled the appetizers, but only one thing would do for the main course.
Meredith rolled onto her stomach as I kissed the backs of her legs and worked my tongue upwards with deliberate slowness, tiny kisses covering her hamstrings and buttocks. I slid my tongue slowly up her spine, letting it just touch the flesh. She shivered underneath me, the throbbing of my erection sliding over her legs as I kissed her shoulders and bit down onto the muscle of her trapezious. Meredith jumped, moaning out and settling in, the bite holding her in place as she wiggled her pert ass around my hardness.
She had her arms tucked under her head, and I slid my hands under them and grabbed her wrists tightly, holding them in place. My teeth remained clamped to the muscle between her shoulder and neck as her hips slid upwards and out, the wet opening of her vagina finding the slick bulbous head of my dick. I teased her with it, working the head into the heat and slowly backing it out. When she tried to force herself up further I bit her harder. This was my game, and I would remain in control.
I knew I had teased her enough, and in truth the incessant need had driven me as far as I was willing to go. My hips lunged forward and I impaled her fully, the tightness stretching out to accommodate me as I tore into her. Meredith screamed out and began to work her hips furiously in time with mine as we pounded our bodies together.
I felt the orgasm rip through her; her hands suddenly flexing and clawing at the carpet, every muscle in her body tightening as she sucked in a breath and held it, the tightness of her vagina at once spasming and growing incredibly slippery, and even though I couldn’t see it I knew her eyes had rolled into her head and she was clenching her teeth.
She let out the breath and quickly drew in another, gasping as she shivered against the influx of feeling, her body going numb and simultaneously tingling as if the blood was boiling in her extremities. She giggled, her body now completely relaxed and limp under me.
“Oh my god.” Meredith moaned, a gentle laugh playing at the edges of her voice. “Now it’s your turn ."

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