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I wrote a book a couple years ago called Paranormal Reality. It’s a really cool book, one of my favorites by far. It’s about a single mother and her daughter as they fight the powerful spirit in their house and the paranormal investigations team that comes in to help them.  There is a lot more to it than that, but I’m not trying to pimp my books (for once) so that’s all you are getting on that. Anyway, while researching this book I met with a woman who owned a very interesting bookstore that catered to the paranormal. She was incredibly helpful, and I quickly found pieces of her personality bleeding into the main character of my book.
Her name is Meredith, and she claims to be an eighth generation witch, one of the oldest lineages in America. Physically, Meredith isn’t what you would expect from a witch; standing at five foot two she is shorter than someone would think, considering the amount of the power the woman wields. Her body always took my breath away; a hundred and twenty five pounds of toned muscle that stands out like carved marble, her pale skin glowing like luminescence under the shocking neon red hair that falls in loose curls well past her shoulders and rests just above her tight little ass. Her bee stung lips fight for attention from her glowing yellow eyes, somehow falling short, but not by much. By all accounts the woman is gorgeous, and as such you would expect her to be standoffish, or at least rude or condescending. Meredith is none of these things; she is bright and friendly and outgoing.
She is a walking encyclopedia of all things supernatural, and an intense horror fan. We struck up an immediate friendship, especially since she had read some of my books and knew who I was the second I walked into her store.
We spent a very interesting six months forming a friendship and talking about ghosts and ghost hunters and the supernatural in general, sometimes sitting in her store and talking for hours over a couple dozen cups of coffee, and sometimes laying in her bed, holding each other in post-coital bliss.
Unfortunately for me the relationship was doomed from the start, but the time we spent together and the friendship we formed was more important than making her my girlfriend. She wasn’t the relationship type, and in truth, neither am I. So we had out fun, things faded for both of us, but we kept touch over the last couple years.
She was the one I turned to for help.

Meredith never pretended to be a psychic. I told Tony as much just before she arrived a few hours later. April had taken her daughters over to her sisters house for the night, leaving me, Stanley and Tony to sit around the house listening to things run through the house, slam doors, moan and scream and smash anything that could be smashed.  We sat there like eunuchs, unable to do a damn thing, afraid to speak out against the assault that was plaguing Tony’s home.
“You’re sure this chick is going to be able to do something?”  Tony looked like he wanted to cry; his red-rimmed eyes were swollen and overly dry, his face looking gaunt and pale. He didn’t like being helpless in any situation, and here he was unable to do anything at all while his home was being systematically destroyed.
“No Tony.” I got up and poured myself another cup of coffee. “I told you there are no guarantees with things like this. There is no way to know if Meredith can do anything, and even if she is able to quiet things down tonight neither of us will promise you it’s over.” I hated delivering bad news to my friends, but I prefer honesty to false hope. “Things might just stop on their own, and then start again in a couple days or weeks, or ten years from now.”
“Then I’ll move. “ Mike jumped to his feet and sent the chair crashing back into one of the kitchen counters. “I’ll sell the house and dump this problem on someone else.”
“It probably won’t do you any good.” I hung my head and leaned against the countertop. “It will follow you, most likely.”
“So what can I do?” Tony wanted to scream of hit something or rush into the living room and challenge the ghost to a fight. He felt like he needed to do something.
“You can wait for Meredith to get here.” I tried to sound as calm as possible, but in truth it felt like my head was going to explode.
“I’m going to head outside and cut some firewood.” He dropped his cup into the sink and headed out the backdoor with my pack of cigarettes and Stanley’s lighter.
“Tony’s pissed.” Stanley was finally sobering up, his words losing the slurred quality of drunk-speak.
“No shit.” I was too busy trying to think of what I should do to get ready for Meredith to start another conversation. “Why don’t you head out there and keep an eye on him.”
“You’re going to stay in here alone?” Stanley’s eyes went wide and he slowly got to his feet. “You got some giant balls man.”
“This thing isn’t’ interested in me.” I cleaned our dished off the kitchen table and took a pen out of the junk drawer. When Stanley finally walked out the door I was halfway through my list. Meredith would be here in an hour, and I wanted to be ready for her.

I sent Tony and Stanley out with a shopping list; salt, candles, bricks, chalk, markers, and some herbs he could get at the food store. It was all stuff we would need, but really I wanted to give him something to do, something to think about other than the destruction of his home.
Meredith pulled up to the house less then five minutes after they left. The timing was perfect. It would give us at least half an hour to walk through the house and figure things out before they got back, so we could talk openly about what was actually happening here. I had a really good idea about it, but I wanted to let Meredith walk the place and see what she thought. If I was right there was going to be a big problem with cleaning up this house. If I was wrong? Well, let’s just say I was hoping I was wrong.
“Hi honey,” Meredith rushed up the walkway and jumped into my arms, her soft lips closing around mine, her arms squeezing tightly around my waist. We kissed silently for a couple minutes, enjoying the taste of one another again, the familiar feel of our bodies stirring up thousands of memories, all of them happy.
“Thank you so much for coming.” I kept my hands around her, and she ran a soft delicate hand over my arm, as our eyes remained locked on one another. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”
“I’m sure I have.” Meredith looked up at the house, her yellow eyes glowing in the sodium arc of the streetlights. “Wow,” She paused, looking from one window to the other. “This is really bad.”
She pushed past me and headed to the front door. I had left it unlocked and open, but now it was closed and locked. No surprise there. Meredith just placed her palm on the door and smiled at the wooden face. “Please open.” Her voice was sweet and sounded so young. The door unlocked and swung open of it’s own accord, like it had a mind of it’s own.
“This is the worse I’ve ever seen too.” Meredith said with a giggle. “It’s amazing. There is so much energy here, so much malice.”  She headed into the living room and spun slowly in a circle, arms out at her side. I couldn’t help but notice how amazing her breasts looked, the stirring in my jeans familiar and exciting. A small crescent her stomach was showing above her jeans and under her shirt, just enough pale, tight skin to drive me wild. “”I want to walk the house alone.” She walked over to me and kissed me again, smiling as our lips touched. “Can we fuck after we’re done here?”
“Absolutely.” If it had been anyone else who said that to me I would have been shocked. Knowing Meredith as I did, however, it was almost expected.

She walked through the house, and I let her go. There was no point in following her, she knew where she was going and she knew a lot more about what she was doing then I did. Meredith held her arms out, away from her body with the palms up, the small fine hairs on her arm standing out from the electric energy in the air, her eyes wide and seemingly unseeing, although I knew she was seeing plenty. Her body slid across the floor seemingly of it’s own accord; smooth and lithe, walking through the main floor and then slowly heading up the stairs towards the bedrooms. I sat in the living room, my eyes closed. I felt someone sit on the couch next to me, but I knew if I opened my eyes no one would be there. I could it breathing, a loud mouthy sound that was more animal than human.
Something shouted in my left ear, I wasn’t sure it was human. My breathing remained calm and steady, my eyes closed and my mind open. Things crashed in other rooms, the couch moved, I could feel hands touching me and breath on various parts of my body. I ignored it all and just breathed, concentrating on keeping my heart rate down. The hairs on my body stood out, and despite the seventy degree weather outside I was freezing.
I stayed that way, trying to meditate, trying to concentrate on a happy place I had invented thirty years ago, trying to think about the worlds I had created as a writer. It felt like I was there for an eternity, but in reality I had spent less than fifteen minutes being tortured by everything that slipped through the door and was occupying the house. I was a pull toy, a lover, and a victim. I felt hands touching and punching and bites and pokes. None of it got to me though, I remained calm.
When Meredith finally walked down the stairs I could hear her in my mind, her voice as clear as if she was standing next to me. My eyes shot open and I got off the couch, surprised to find the bulky piece of furniture five feet away from it’s original location.
“Lets go outside. I need to start a fire.” Her yellow eyes still held the same glow, and she walked with such grace that I couldn’t help but stare after her. The bright red hair drew my eyes like lead to a magnet, and I followed her out the back door.
“Can you build a fire over here?” She put her hand on my shoulder and I felt so much heat coming out of her touch that I almost yelped in surprise. She was on fire; her skin so got it came off her in waves.
Tony had a fire pit, a large metal bowl that lay on metal feet and had a screen to cover the flames with. I collected some kindling and a couple logs and quickly made a fire. Meredith just sat quietly and watched me work, her eyes following me as I collected wood and stoked the flames. When the bright orange glow began to illuminate the shadows she finally spoke.
“I hate to tell you this.” Her voice was like music, the sensuality dripped from every word. “You were right.”
I had never told her my theory about the house, choosing to let her build her own hypothesis. I wasn’t surprised though, very little about her surprised me.
“It’s the daughter. She is making this happen, even though she has no idea about it.” Meredith hung her head a little and sighed loudly. “It’s the perfect storm; a girl just starting puberty, the new baby, the new step father, all the angst of being a teenage girl.” She leaned back against the white plastic chair and let the nights breeze caress her skin. A small smile played over her full lips and I noticed that her nipples were erect. “She hates your friend.”
“Things have been tough between them.” I knew the stories all to well, and I wasn’t very proud of the way my friend was handling being a stepfather. “He is having a hard time dealing with the teenage daughter and the new baby. They just bought a house, there is stress coming from work and home ownership and the wife and the new baby. Then you throw the usual teenage girl shit into the mix and things get volatile.”
“It doesn’t help that she has a huge crush on him either.” Meredith’s ability to know things that she couldn’t possibly know never ceased to amaze me. “Every time she acts out now it’s because she wants the attention from him. She wants him to smack her, it’s a fantasy of hers. She is a very dark little girl, with very mature tastes.”
“That’s really creepy.” I moved my chair over to her, the plastic legs scraped against the cement patio loudly. “She really likes that stuff? How does she know?”
“She is a cutter.” Meredith said it so matter of factly that it wasn’t shocking, until her words burrowed under my skin. “She likes the pain, it makes her feel more alive She cuts herself and thinks about your friend. She whips herself with a belt, often while touching herself. It’s not that unusual in older women, and BDSM is normal and healthy if done safely, but that kind of interest doesn’t usually develop until a woman has had a few partners, or at least a lot of sex with one partner. There is something very, very dark about this little girl, something that I don’t think is entirely her.”
The fire snapped and popped behind us, the heat drifting along with the smoke towards us. A loud crash from inside the house made me jump. A car came down the road and turned into the driveway, the headlights casting strange shadows around the yard.
“Don’t say anything to your friend about this.” Meredith said. “I need to meet the girl as soon as possible, and I need to talk to her alone. It’s the only way we can bring this thing to an end.” She reached over and took my hand. “If he knows about this it will only make things worse. I can calm things down here for tonight, but I need to meet the girl tomorrow.”
“OK, I’ll make it happen.”
Tony and Stanly turned the corner and saw us sitting by the fire, his tired eyes looking darker and more desperate in the fire’s glow.
“So what’s the deal?”  He pulled a chair over to us and sat down heavily, the bag of supplies I sent him out for resting in his lap as he leaned back too far in the chair.
“I can help you stop this.” Meredith said. She leaned forward in her chair and I couldn’t look at anything but her cleavage. She really was gorgeous. “But for tonight I can only put a band aide on it. I need the entire family here; I need time with each of you in turn, alone. In order for this to work I need to close the doorways in the house, and then evict every spirit that attached them to each of you. It will be a long, slow process, and it won’t be easy for any of us.”
“We’ll do whatever we have to.” Tony leaned forward and looked at Meredith. “You are sure this is going to work, right? You’re going to clear all this shit out of the house once and for all?”
“Yes.” Meredith was still leaning forward, her yellow eyes looking strangely orange as they reflected the fire. “But it won’t be an overnight cure. It will take time and energy, and a lot of patience. I will need you to work on some things that may seem stupid or unconnected to the haunting. If you do everything I say I can promise you will be free of it. If you only do part of it, or most of it, even if you do 99 percent of it nothing will change, until things start to get worse.”
“I’ll do whatever you want.” Tony was ringing his hands through the grocery bag, the brown paper crunching and complaining. “I’ll make sure everyone does. One hundred percent. I swear it.”
“Good.” Meredith leaned back in her chair and pulled out a tattered pack of cigarettes. She pulled one out with her long painted fingernails and placed it on her lips. I leaned forward and lit hers, than got out one of mine and lit it.
The fire snapped and glowed, keeping the shadows at bay.

Meredith needed time to prepare, so she stayed out next to the fire while I went into the house and set everything up. I had to light candles and pour salt under the doors and windows, and write symbols on the walls and doors. When all that was done I drew a big circle of salt on the living room floor. Everything was done for now, and Meredith walked in and headed into the circle.
Tony had gone to April’s mothers house to be with his family, and Stanley had gone home. Meredith had suggested they head out to get good nights sleep before the real work had to be done tomorrow. Under normal circumstances a change in location wouldn’t stop the haunting, but Meredith would pull all the power into the house and force it down deep where it would lie dormant until tomorrow.
While she stripped out of her clothes I headed to the basement to trip the breakers. I hated the idea of having to walk through the basement in utter blackness, but Meredith insisted.


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