Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding the doorway PART 2

We rushed into the room and found nothing there. The room was just as it had been left, and no one was in there save the two of us. We let out a shaking laugh and I smacked Tony on the back, the fear and trepidation draining slowly out of me.
Until the door to his bedroom slammed shut.
We both jumped at the noise and spun around to look at the closed door, staring dumbly at it like we weren’t sure what it was.
“This is getting ridiculous.” I mumbled.
“TONY!” April screamed from down stairs. Once again we were on the move. “Something is in Amy’s room.”  April was crying now, her eyes rimmed and wide as the fear surged through her body. I could tell she wanted to leave, but to where?
Amy was still on the floor, her face buried in her knees as she rocked herself back and forth, muttering something to herself I couldn’t hear. Tony and I headed to her room and tried to open the door, but the thing wouldn’t budge. Tony’s shaking hands were frantically trying to turn the handle, but the catch wouldn’t disengage. The door might as well have been bolted shut.
“OK, on three again.” Mike said, his hand still on the door knob. A sudden crash from inside the room brought a low moaning sound out of his throat. “One, two, three!” He turned the knob and we slammed our shoulders into the door in unison, but nothing happened. We kept our shoulders on the door, our heads resting on the cool wood as we struggled to catch our breath. Something slammed into the door from the other side, something big enough to shake the house.
I will admit that I screamed like a little girl.
Stanley wandered over from the kitchen, his eyes still looking uneven and half closed, the alcohol not yet out of his system.
“What the hell is all the yelling about?” he muttered a small laugh and quickly snapped to attention when he saw the look of horror on our faces. “Seriously, what’s wrong?”
“Haven’t you heard all the yelling and slamming?” I asked.
“I thought that was just from them fighting.” Stanley motioned to Tony and then over at April. He caught on real quick. “What the fuck?”
“Something really fucked up is going on right now.” Tony explained. “We can’t open Amy’s door, and something is in there tearing it up.”
Stanley motioned for us to move aside and he tried the doorknob like that would have been something we would forget. The he tried to push the door, and finally he pulled on it. Nothing worked. I wasn’t surprised.
“Can’t you do something?” Tony looked over at me like a drowning man with his arm half way out of the water. “You know all about this shit, can’t you cast a spell or call out a demon or get the Ghost Adventures guys here?”
“Sorry, Zac Bagans hasn’t returned any of my calls.” I shot sarcasm like a defensive assault, but deep inside I knew there was a few things I could do. “There is something I could do, at least to get the door open. I would have to write on it though.”
“Dude, I am about to get my chainsaw out of the garage and cut this fucker into pieces. I don’t care if you write on it or piss on it or light it on fire.” Tony headed into the kitchen and brought me a sharpy. “Do whatever you can.” He walked away from me and into the living room where he threw his arms around his wife and held her close.
“OK, here goes nothing.”  I closed my mind and flushed the fear and panic away, taking deep slow breathes into my nose to slow my heart rate and clear my mind. Once I was calm I ran through the Rolodex in my mind and found the right symbol, holding it in my mind like a photograph as I slowly and carefully copied it from my mind to the door.
As I placed the last squiggle in the center circle the door popped open and the noises stopped immediately. I opened the door and looked into the room.
It was trashed.
“What the fuck did you do?” Stanley asked from behind me. I had walked into the room but he stayed out in the hall peaking in from a safe distance away.
“I locked the door.” My eyes scanned the room and took in the insane violence that had destroyed it. Slash marks tore through the walls at vertical angles; even the ceiling was torn up.
“You mean you unlocked it.” Stanley offered. He had gotten a little closer, but I didn’t think he would actually come into the room.
“No,” I turned around and looked at him. “I locked it. I pushed whatever was in here through the door it used to get into the room and then I locked it. This is the safest room in the house right now.”
“So what the fuck really happened here?” Tony walked into the room and looked around at the destruction with a sad kind of acceptance.
“Honestly?” I could feel the vibrations coming out of the room like waves on a stormy ocean. “Jon got pissed and opened a door.” Jon was the resident ghost, a normally quiet and always passive spirit that lived in Tony’s house, a previous owner who didn’t want to leave his home yet.
“What do you mean he opened a door?” Mike looked into the closet like he was afraid something was going to jump out and grab him.
“There is a crossroads that every spirit can call. One leads to the light, the other to the darkness. Both are sealed shut and take an incredible amount of energy to open. Jon came to the crossroads and chose the dark path, and when he got to the door he propped it open and let anything close enough to it free.” I could feel the fear and anger and hatred coursing through the house like a heartbeat. “Things are going to get really bad here, you need to get April and the kids out of here. Now. Tonight.”
“Can’t you close the door?”  Tony looked desperate, like he was going to start begging me. “Lock the damn things out, chain the door shit and weld it shut?”
“That’s the problem; the door is already shut. The things that are here are trapped.” More banging came from upstairs but I ignored it. “I would have to trick them back towards the door and then re-open it. That’s incredibly dangerous, I could let even worse things out.”
“Then kill them or exorcise them or whatever it is you do.” Tony was grasping at straws now, his nice easy middle class life torn to pieces. I don’t really know what he thought I was; I write horror books. I am not a witch or a psychic or anything like that. Sure, I research all that on a daily basis and I know more about it than most, but I am not a wizard. I honestly got lucky with the spell I put on the door. I didn’t have the skill to flush these demons out and cast them back into the void.
But I knew someone who could.

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