Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding the doorway Part 6

 Meredith called Jennifer up stairs, and immediately things started crashing around the house. The wall beside Tony buckled outward, bulging fatly and cracking the drywall. He jumped from his chair and cursed under his breath, angry that it had frightened. He pursed his lips together and looked at me and then back at the wall.
“I’ve had enough of this.” Tony said to the room. “I won’t let you destroy my home. If you want to move the furniture around and make scary noises that’s one thing, but I will not allow you to break my families home.” He pushed on the bulging wall and forced it back flush. Drywall dust covered his hands and face. “If you want to torment anyone in this house, you can concentrate on me. Leave Jennifer alone, she’s just a child. Leave April alone. Attack me, damn it.”
I knew Meredith didn’t tell him that Jennifer was the cause of all this, and I certainly wasn’t going to let him know that. Our plan was to keep Tony and April in the dark, let them think it was just a normal haunting. Meredith would explain everything to Jennifer and teach the girl how to harness her power and control it. Once Jennifer could do that than Meredith and I could close the doorway Jennifer had opened, once we found it.
“While Meredith is upstairs with Jennifer we should go fix that door in the basement.” I suggested. I wanted to get Tony’s mind off things, let him open up to me a little bit. That would be easier away from April and everything else.
“I can’t leave April alone.” Tony said flatly.
I looked over at April and saw that she busy making lunch, her shaking hands more controlled now that they had something to do.
“I’ll be fine, Tony.” April turned around and looked at him. “We can’t leave the door off the hinges forever. You guys go downstairs and fix it, I’ll be fine.”  She gave him a brave smile and crossed the kitchen to kiss him on the lips. “Seriously. Go.”
“I can’t.” Tony said.
“Yes you can.” She pulled him reluctantly out of his chair and pushed him towards the basement. “If anything happens you are just down stairs and Meredith is upstairs. I’ll be fine, I promise.”

Once I got Tony into the basement it was easy to get him to open up.
“I hate this.” He was standing off to the side while I removed the remaining wood from around the cement doorframe. “I hate feeling useless. I hate not being able to protect my family.”
“You are protecting your family.” I explained. “It isn’t always something you can do alone. If Jennifer was sick you wouldn’t try to diagnose her yourself, right?”
“No.” Tony admitted. “But she isn’t sick. The house is sick.”
“In a way she is.” I stopped what I was doing to look him in the eyes. “You are all. This isn’t just about your house, it’s about your family.” I sighed and leaned against the wall. What I was about to say wasn’t pleasant and I really didn’t want to get into it, but if Tony didn’t understand this than there was no guarantee this thing would end. “Listen, you have said some really shitty things to your daughter. You treated her like a stepdaughter and made her feel like an unwanted second class citizen. I’ve seen it, Stanley’s seen it, and I know April has seen it. That kind of discord in a family opens the floodgates for things like this. I know you’re not doing it to be mean or cruel, I know it comes from frustration and exhaustion and fear, I get that. Jennifer, however, does not. She just feels unloved by the man who is supposed to be her father. You need to lose the step part of stepdaughter and love that little girl like she is your own. Period.” 
Tony just looked at me, the anger in his eyes becoming palpable. I knew he wanted to hit me, but I had to continue.
“Your heart is closed off at times, and wide open at others. You’re not a bad man; you’re just someone who bit off more than he was used to. When you do that you can’t spit it out, you chew it and swallow as best you can and learn to take smaller bites. You play the hand your dealt, stand the fuck up, and handle your business. If you want this thing to end you have to truly open your heart to Jennifer and April. You have to share their lives completely and give them yours. It sounds off coming from me, but you have to love them unconditionally and completely, no matter what happens.”
“I never…” Tony tried to argue the point with me, but I wasn’t about to let him.
“Right there. The anger you have towards me? That is what closes you off. When you get hit with something overwhelming your initial reaction is anger. You can’t fight me off, you can’t scare me off, and you can’t beat me. Not with emotions like that raging through you. The same thing is true with the house and the shit that’s going on now.”
Tony lunged at me, his thick frame speeding through the basement ready to kill. I saw it coming. I knew his anger and his proclivity for violence. I deliberately pushed his buttons and got him to this point. As he rushed towards me I sidestepped and used his considerable momentum against him, sending him crashing into the wall. He smashed against it with tremendous force, knocking the wind from his lungs and leaving his head spinning.
“Some things you can’t face head on.” I headed over to him and helped him to his feet.

Meredith spent several hours with Jennifer. I finished the rest of the door repair alone, Tony chose to head outside and let my words percolate inside his head for the better part of an hour. By the time I was finished with the basement door and headed upstairs Tony was back in the house cuddling with April on the couch.
The sounds inside Jennifer’s room were reaching a fever pitch, and I was sure I had found the doorway.
“They have been up there for a very long time.” April looked up as if she could see through the ceiling. “Maybe I should check on them?”
“No.” I retrieved my coffee cup from the floor. “They need the time to work things out. Meredith has to explain everything to Jennifer, she needs to teach her things.”
“Teach her?” April got up and followed me into the kitchen. “What do you mean teach her?”
I poured coffee into my mug and looked past her to the living room. Tony was still on the couch.
“Jennifer is a very powerful little girl. She kind of helped this whole thing along with her…abilities.” I disregarded the look of shock on April’s face and continued, whispering to keep Tony from hearing. “She didn’t do anything on purpose, actually she was kind of used. Certain girls are able to develop telekinetic powers around the time of their first period. Don’t know why, but it’s a lot more common than you think.”
“It runs in the family.” April whispered, surprising the hell out of me. “I was afraid of this. I should have known…”
“What do you mean?” I grabbed her gently by the arm and pulled her towards the back door. We crept outside and I closed the door behind us.
“I thought our house was haunted when I was growing up,” April began, “but it turned out that I was the one doing the haunting. My mother knew it was me the entire time but didn’t say anything until everything stopped. It lasted from around my eleventh birthday until I was almost sixteen. My bed would shake, I would hear things moving around in my closet, furniture would shift around, and things would walk around the house when no one was there. A lot of the same stuff that’s happening here. Turns out the same thing happened to my mother. I was hoping it would skip Jennifer because nothing happened to my sister.”
“OK, so we know where she gets it.” I was actually kind of relieved. “Meredith will teach her how to control her power. Once we have that taken care of then we can all set about righting things and closing the door.”
“How do you close the door?” April was a lot less afraid now that she knew her daughter was the cause of this.
“Well, first we have to find it.” I opened the back door and motioned for her to head inside. I didn’t want Tony to see us out here talking. “Then Meredith will usher the escaped souls back in and bind the door. It will never truly be gone, but she should be able to explain to Jennifer how to keep it closed. She will be more than strong enough to do it, and once she gets older and her powers fade then the door will eventually fade away and be gone forever.”
“Let’s hope.” She squeezed my arm and then headed back to sit down with Tony. I chose to stay in the kitchen, knowing he would come and talk to me when he was ready.

Jennifer finally came bounding down the stairs looking like a perfectly normal thirteen year old. She was actually smiling.
“OK,” Meredith followed her halfway down the steps and looked over at Tony and April. “The hardest part is done. I need about an hour to prepare for what we need to do, and then we attack.” She smiled at them, and I could see the tiredness in her eyes.  She looked over at me and gave me a very interesting smile. “Can you come up here and help me get ready?”
I walked to the stairs and looked over at the young family as they all hugged each other. I think at that point I knew things would be all right.
Meredith was standing in the bathroom. Her right hand was leaning against the wall; the other hand traced small circles on her exposed belly. I got into the bathroom and closed the door behind us, locking us in, I dropped to my knees and lowered her pants, helping her remove her feet from them with one hand while I squeezed her flawless ass cheeks with the other. Her hands were buried in my hair, pulling lightly as I brought my other hand up to spread her cheeks apart. I kissed around her navel and down over the soft pubis, kissing gently and letting my lips flutter softly over her amazing body.
She trusted me. The way she was arching her back left most of her weight in my hands, but she was light and I was strong and the hunger inside me burned so brightly for that gorgeous swelling slit between her legs I could have easily held her up for the rest of the day. I slid my tongue into the slice between the fat outer lips, the tip of my tongue just hovering over the gaping opening and dragging it slowly upwards until I hit the distended nib of her clit. I closed my lips around it and sucked gently, pulling it from the fleshy hood and rolling my tongue around it. Meredith moaned softly, her voice struggling to remain contained within the confines of the small bathroom. Her legs quivered as I worked my mouth over her, her hands clamping tightly to my head, pulling me tighter to the incessant heat of her body.
I lapped hungrily, sliding my tongue slowly between her lips and alternately sucking and grinding her clit in my mouth. The more she struggled to keep quiet the more she wanted to scream out, and the more I worked her over, adding to her frustration as I sucked and licked her pussy.
I could feel her getting closer to the orgasm; her muscles tensed up and stood out beautifully on her body, locking her in place. Her breath sucked in between clenched teeth and remained captive in her lungs, escaping in quick bursts that were louder than I would have liked. Her pussy fluttered around my tongue as I slid it inside of her and I knew the orgasm was raging. She bucked her hips and fucked my mouth as I quickened my pace and walked her through the orgasm, finally slacking off as she forced my head and mouth away from her.
Meredith was suddenly pulling me up to my feet, tugging insistently at my arms as she simultaneously lowered herself on shaking legs. My cock was in her mouth before I got fully to my feet, the length engulfed fully, the head pressed against the back of her throat. She moaned around it, sliding it out and then using just the suction of her mouth to pull it back in. She brought her hand around it and began to slide it over the shaft, trailing her mouth with a quick spinning motion as her head bobbed. She was attacking it, her intense hunger building to a fury inside of her as she sucked my cock.
I was quickly reaching the point of no return, my mind reeling to pull myself back from the edge. My erection was so intense it was actually painful.
“I want this in me know.” She held it away from her mouth and looked at through wide admiring eyes. “I need to have that hardness in my cunt.” She stroked her hand over it squeezing, feeling the rigidity and loving it.
I pulled Meredith to her feet and lifted her, my hands clamped over her ribs until she wrapped her legs around my waist. I placed one hand on her ass and slid the other under her left leg. When she was stable and her arms were tight enough around my neck I slid my other hand under her right leg. She adjusted herself so the joint of her knee was directly on my forearm. From there my cock easily found the intense wetness of her pussy, and she forced herself down, impaling her tightness around my throbbing dick.
She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and bit down hard enough to draw blood. Our bodies worked together quickly, her hips and legs lifting and dropping her as I held her aloft, the thickness of my erection stretching her. I felt the muscles on her body begin to lock up and I knew she was close, and so I was. Quickening my pace I bucked my hips and drew myself deep inside of her, releasing myself to an orgasm that threatened to drop me. I saw the small bursts of light exploding in my periphery, the buzz as my head filled with blood, and the rupture inside of my center as I pumped my come into her. She managed to kick her legs out of my arms and wrap her legs around me, my cock holding her up and pushed fully into her as the orgasm continued to rupture my seed deep inside of her. Her mouth found mine and we clamped out lips together moaning into each other’s mouth, sharing each others bread, and feeling the waves roll through us as we came as one.
We remained standing there in each other’s arms, my cock still in her and my seed spilling out in creamy white tendrils that covered my balls and legs and dripped in thick, fat drips to the floor. We struggled to catch our breath in between kisses, the smiled on our lips interfering somehow, but in a good way.
“Wow,” Meredith kissed the tip of my nose and hugged my tighter. “we need to find more haunted houses to fuck in.”

Next up: the end

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