Friday, February 10, 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday #2

Good morning everyone. This is my second Flasher Fiction Friday. I popped my cherry last week, and got so many amazing comments I couldn’t wait for Friday again to share another of my twisted musings with you. Writing out my depravity in one hundred (no more, no less) brief words is incredibly difficult, but I enjoy the challenge.
If you don’t follow me on Facebook (what? Why wouldn’t you?) I had oral surgery yesterday and as a result there is a small pharmacy coursing through my veins at the moment, so this week should be interesting. I thank all of you for reading, and invite you to follow my blog. If you like what I read, check out my website for links to my books and other such things.
Without further ado I give you this weeks picture, and my SHORT story:

Blonde hair smooth as silk cascaded off his forearm, the delicate weight of her body feeling good pressed against his hot flesh.
She would be his forever. He had killed her, but death was only temporary in this place.
His back screamed out as he placed her on the bed, the ruined, burnt flesh tearing as the muscles underneath strained. He ignored the pain.
He eased his bulk into a chair and waited. She was so much more beautiful than the others. This had to work.
She moaned out, slowly moving one hand to cup a smallish breast. He smiled…

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  1. But of course my horror king he would have killed her - I only wonder what might happen next and as you can imagine I have my own ideas...

  2. I want to know why his back is burned to a crisp...

    Great post, very visual


  3. I love this post. Who is he, where was the fire, and who were the others? You have to keep writing this!

  4. Great FFF! I loved how you painted a very vivid picture with so few words.

  5. Oh wow, there is a boat load of stuff going on in these 100 words. Murder, life after death and seared flesh. Hot-damn, WTF is going on?? Well, well - what happens next? Does she heal his wounds by throwing him down on the bed and having her way with him. Or does she nurse him back to health with the wet heat of her mouth?

    Dude, this is a "smoking" hot FFF post. Well done.

  6. Ooh l love this! Great storytelling and very fitting with the picture! Well done!

  7. Fabulous - spine-tingling :)
    (I've put you on the sign up sheet for next week!)

  8. Nice. Very nice and extremely detailed. Love it!!!

  9. Wow :) great details and I liked where u were going with it.

  10. Loved it!!! So he killed her to give her a new life. Hm. But what kind of life did he give her? This story intrigued me.

  11. I love FFFs that leave me wanting more and this one certainly did. It was the perfect tease. So many unanswered questions. Who is her? Why her? What is with his back? Awesome.