Friday, May 4, 2012

FFF once again, but hey, this time it's JUNE!

It's FFF once again. Time is short for me this week, so I am going to get right into it. Enjoy.

The idea to start staying at haunted hotels was one Samantha made out of desperation. Charles was growing bored with her, and if she lost him, she lost his money.

Sitting now inside room 2214 of the historic Peddlers Inn, Samantha was reconsidering her decision.

“Booooo” Charles came out of the bathroom clad in a white sheet, arms outstretched as he slowly moved towards her.

Samantha vaulted over the couch, sending the pillows flying as she tried to escape, a look of abject terror masking her usually gorgeous features.

Samantha wasn’t looking at Charles, but as what was behind him.

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  1. Christian, very well done..Now I want to know what is behind him...or who...Fantastic FFF.

  2. Uh oh!! Hmm. Demon? Vampire? Soul Sucking Shredder? Freddy Kruger? Intriguing. I want to know what's out to get them!

  3. This is excellent, Christian! I didn't see that one coming. Great take on this.

  4. oh, so very creeptastic! I loves it!!

  5. Well done and beautifully executed, Christian!I loved what you did with this and what a goulish idea:) xo

  6. That was great! I'd love to know what she saw.

  7. What was behind him??? I want more!!! Good thriller!