Friday, May 11, 2012

A mind blowing Orgam

It's FFF once again, and without a doubt this is one of my favorites. The picture is so innocent and seemingly safe, yet the perversion in my mind knows no safety or innocence. I really enjoyed not only writing these 100 words, but the process that brought me here. It was a fun little exercise, and I hope y'all enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think.

Sweat covered her pretty face as it twisted in orgasm vehemence. One hand clutched a breast, while the other worked furiously over the swollen wetness between her legs.

“Obviously, she comes,” Jason pointed to the image in front of them. “And then this happens.”

Faded grey eyes roll back into the woman’s head. A plume of smoke comes out of her ear, and then her head explodes sending flesh, blood, bone and brains across the room in a gore soaked mist.

“Now that’s what I call a mind blowing orgasm,” Brian lifted his head off the conference table.  “Get it?”
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  1. Totally unexpected! I love your take on the pic. Well done

  2. Ewww. Brains and blood splattered??? Yuck. You made me laugh though when he said, "Mind blowing orgasm" That was priceless. Great job.

  3. I started smiling before the 100 and you took that smile straight through. So much fun, the yucky and all!! Them are some evil boys. Love it!!

  4. You really ARE sick and twisted, with a dash of wicked!!! Totally ment as a compliment! I agree with SJ, you had me smiling expectantly with the set up. Loved it..........KAPOW!!!:) xo

  5. Ok even with the platter you did a fantastic job..Well done..

  6. Do you know, it occurred to me that people might actually make films like that in the future! Gross but well written as always! loved it!

  7. Absolutely awesome as always.