Thursday, May 3, 2012

The incredibly gorgeous and immensly talented Bethany Hale Talks FANDOMFEST

Bethany Hale and I are real, honest to God friends. I value her opinion above most others, and lean on her constantly as both a writer and a friend. She has been speaking about FANDOMFEST  for a few months now, and with such vigor that I had to find out more. I am not only planning on attending the convention (June 28- July 1) but I will also have a vendors table where most of my books will be on sale. I am hoping some of you stop by and say hi to Bethany and myself, as well as the dozens of other amazing writers.
Since she did such a good job of getting me there, I couldn't think of anyone better to talk about the convention to y'all.


Bethany Halle

Well, for those of you know do know me you know I write as Cassandre Dayne – erotic romance, DH Black – erotic thrillers, and Dakotah Black – campy murder mystery but today I’m coming to you as the real girl. Why? Because I am lucky enough to have been asked back to the fabulous Fandomfest, being held at the end of June in Louisville Kentucky. Just what is Fandomfest? I’ll give you the official blurb…

“WELCOME TO FANDOMFEST. A convention within a convention within a convention. What started out as one of the top Horror FilmFestivals in the country has now grown into one of the biggest shows of it's type. Consisting of MID AMERICA COMICCON, FANDOMFEST AND FRIGHT NIGHT HORROR WEEKEND AND FILM FESTIVAL, Fandomfest is one of the Largest Multi-Genre Conventions in the region. Whether you are a fan of Movies, Comic Books, Gaming, Horror, Anime, Monster Classics, Collecting Autographs to Books, Filmmaking, Literary, Arts, Makeup, Cosplay and much more then Welcome to the NEW World of Fandom. Where all things POP Culture Collide.”

This being said, it’s also a place where writers can show off their wares and guest on several panels. That’s what I’m going to be doing there. I met Stephen Zimmer at another Con called Mysticon in February of 2011. He was a guest on my blog talk radio show as a film producer and in truth he and I hit it off and remain very good friends. The lucky man handles a hell of a work load behind the scene working with the literary guests. He asked if I’d be interested in attending last year and I had a blast. I was a guest panelist on several discussion including podcasting, erotic writing and BDSM and even had a book signing. On top of that I met a hell of a lot of wonderful people who have since become my friends on and off on the writing world.

This year the event is even larger and is going to be held at the fabulous Galt House. For those of you who have never been to a convention of this type, it’s nuts. It’s educational and fun and you are able to mingle with writers and readers and talented folks from the entertainment business. You know what that means…you never know what the connection might lead to. I love being involved and will be on several panels of course this year. Because I am lucky enough to be able to write in several genres, I will be giving you the finer points (no laughing) on writing passion in your romances, a bit about kink in your sexual escapades and I’m also going to be discussing writing thrillers and the perfect methods to kill people. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


What I think I value the most is the wonderful friends I’ve made and since Fandomfest last year a group of us are blogging on the official Fandomfest site allowing you into our literary worlds. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look at some extraordinary talent. We call it the Zine  If you haven’t been involved in something like this before its so beneficial for your career and if you’re a reader or a film lover, you can meet some of your favorite literary and film stars. What’s not to love about a convention in which you get to wear costumes and act like a kid if you want to? It’s all in good fun and the folks setting this up are taking so much time in their preparations. I know you’ll have a blast.

Besides, I’ll be there sexing you up with a taste of passion, a bit of BDSM, a lot of saucy writing and perhaps even some readings late into the night. Now just imagine the “toys” I need to bring to enhance my presentations. You interested? Dare to fantasize…




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  1. Great description of the weekend Bethany. Wishing you a very successful event.

  2. I really with I was going. I've heard you guys talk about it so much. It sounds like an amazing thing to attend.