Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest post from Shay MacLean

Today, Shay MacLean is stopping by to tell everyone a little bit about herself, as well as her new book Falling Star.

Shay MacLean is a multi-published author of Erotic Romance. Shay is a proud member of Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of several special interest chapters, Passionate Ink (of which she currently holds the position of Workshop Coordinator), RWA Online , Hearts Through History and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal. Shay is also a member of Savvy Authors and Romance Divas. When Shay isn’t immersed in her writing projects she enjoys photography, graphic/web design in addition to spending time with her wonderful husband and four amazing children.


Falling Star Blurb:

Willa Brock possesses everything a woman could hope for – great friends, a rewarding career and a loving husband – until her world begins to crumble. Almost overnight, she doubts her abilities as a doctor and must battle some inner demons she thought she’d laid to rest.

Although head over heels for his wife, Schyler still harbors a desire to be with men. When Willa confesses an attraction to the hot male nurse, Keenan, Schy goes out of his way to befriend him, hoping to satisfy his desires and ignite new ones with his wife. But he may not be able to convince Willa that loving Keenan won’t change how he feels about her.

Playing the role of odd-man out, Keenan needs to carve a place for himself with the two people he wants most; otherwise, he risks losing everything.

Just when it seems like the sky is falling they must close their eyes and wish upon a star…and embrace the possibility that combining three hearts will strengthen the love each holds for the other…


His eyes were intense, stormy and wild. He clenched his jaw as though trying to contain the emotion she saw swirling in their depths, an emotion she’d rather not contemplate at the moment. "Is that what you believe we think of you as, Willa? A possession?"

"Isn’t that what I just said? I don’t think I stuttered." She tried to pull free of his grip, but only succeeded in making him tighten it.

"That is so not how either of us sees you," he said, his voice thick and husky as though he was trying to hold back what he was feeling, but not quite succeeding.

"Really? Then tell me how it is that you see me, because from where I’m standing that’s what it looks like."

"We see a woman who’s intelligent, vibrant, commanding, and sexy as hell. And we both just want the chance to hold onto you, even if only for a moment."

Willa tried again to pull free. "That’s all good and fine, Kee, but have you forgotten that I’m married to Schy. You shouldn’t be thinking about holding me. Ever."

Kee raised his hand and cupped her cheek. "You know good and well that he and I both want to have a ménage with you. We’ve hinted at it for several weeks now, Willa. I know Schy has discussed it with you. He told me how he described in detail for you how much he wants to watch while I fuck you. How he wants to fuck your pussy while I work that delicious ass of yours."

The look in his eyes burned deep into her soul. Tempting her ... beckoning her to taste what he … they were offering.

Kee leaned in closer. His breath feathered over her lips. "He also told me that he explained to you about wanting to fuck my ass while I fucked you." He stuck his tongue out and licked her lower lip. "I know how hot that made you, Willa. How you went crazy on Schy at the images he painted for you. So tell me again how you don’t think of me holding you? Of both of us holding you?"

Willa opened her mouth, willing her tongue to form the words she knew she should say. But nothing came out. Instead, she found herself licking her suddenly dry lips and leaning toward Kee, when she should be pushing him away.

He must have sensed her reaction, because the next thing she knew he was licking her lips, too. Angling his head so he could press his more firmly against hers. He backed up and gazed into her eyes.

She could imagine what he saw there. Confusion … denial … lust … Whatever it was, he seemed to consider it for a moment before he claimed her mouth in a scorching kiss.

Kee slanted his mouth across hers and stroked his tongue over her lower lip. Nipping until she whimpered and opened for him.

She met his tongue with hers, moaning deep in her throat as he pulled her flush against the length of him. She didn’t realize she’d wrapped her arms around him until she felt her back pressed into the door behind her as he stumbled forward a step.

He ground his hips into hers. Letting her feel the ridged length of his cock pressed against her stomach. Oh, God! What the hell am I doing? The thought fled her mind as quickly as it was formed when he cupped her ass and pulled her tighter against him.

She couldn’t help but kiss him back. She reveled in the taste of him. Chocolate. Mmmm. He must have been eating his favorite dark chocolate M&M’s again. She wasn’t much for chocolate in general, but the taste of it on his tongue proved decadent. And she couldn’t get enough of it. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, savoring the flavor.

Kee lifted her leg and thrust against her. Grinding into her. Mimicking fucking her.

She rubbed along the length of him. Her pussy was dripping … begging for him to plunge his cock inside her. Filling her until she screamed at the pure ecstasy of his possession.

Willa froze in his embrace at the sound of someone jiggling the doorknob to the room. She lowered her leg and pushed him away. She scrubbed her lips along the back of her sleeve as though that could erase what she’d been doing. She glared at Kee as she bent to pick up her purse and cell phone from the floor. "Don’t ever …" She was forced to cut short what she was about to say when Vanessa entered the room.

She looked back and forth at the two of them. "Am I interrupting something?"

Willa didn’t bother to look away from Kee. "Not at all, Nessa. I was just leaving." She snatched the door out of Nessa’s grasp and fled the room as fast as she could, but not before she heard her friend say:

"What the hell were you thinking, Kee? You shouldn’t have kissed her here. It could have been someone other than me who’d walked in just now."

Great! Just what I need. The whole hospital staff knowing I was kissing someone other than my husband in the locker room. She shook her head. No, Nessa wouldn’t say anything, and at least she hadn’t heard what Kee had said before the kiss. She exited the hospital and headed to her car. She didn’t have a clue where to go. Schy would be waiting for her when she got home. But, how could she face him with what had just passed between her and Kee?

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