Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unfinished Symphony Part 2

Hope you like the story so far. I still haven't finished it. Don't know how it will end. Maybe it won't. Maybe this is just the start to a novel and I don't realize it yet. You are along for the ride every bit as much as I am. So sit down, buckle up, and hang on. The road gets a little rough here...

“You don’t mean it.’ She purred. I was on my hands and knees and she ran a thin finger down my spine. It sent a shiver through my body that I can still feel. “You won’t go anywhere. You love me too much to leave me.”
I don’t remember getting up, but I was suddenly on my feet. I looked her dead in the eye and smiled. “Either we fuck or I leave. Forever.” There must have been something in my smile that let her know how serious I was.
“Why would you do that to me?” Playing the innocent victim wasn’t working. She was naked and gorgeous and I needed her.
“Why do you do this to me?” I motioned to her naked body. “You show off your tits and that gorgeous body, you tease me and lead me on, and then when I say something about it you try to make me think I am the bad guy.” I ran a bloody hand down my face and took in a deep breath. “I can’t take it anymore. My balls are going to explode. I can’t concentrate on anything, you’re all I think about. I love you Mary Beth, but I can’t be played like this for the rest of my life.”
She started to cry. It was her last line of defense and I knew it. I was finally breaking through the defenses. I was going to win this.
“Well, if you’re going to leave, then just leave.” She motioned to the door so quickly that her breasts bounced and jiggled in the wake of her arm.
I was shocked. I thought I was fnally getting somewhere, and in a way I was. I was getting out of the house.
“If I leave I won’t come back.” It was the last resort of a man who had lost. “Ever.”
“That’s just something I will have to deal with.” Mary Beth wiped her eyes with a blood covered hand and just shot me an angry look.  “I thought you were different.”

The night was hot and sticky. I was covered with blood and it seemed to attract the misquitos. I swatted at them absently as I drove through the fields towards my pit.
I had already set it up with the tires and wood and gas. All I had to do was toss in the body and drop the match.
I played the conversation in my head over and over again as I threw the body parts into the fire. At some point I lit it and the fire bloomed bright and hot in front of me. I casually tossed arms and legs and organs into the pit and heard them sizzle and pop, but nothing meant much to me anymore. I would never see Mary beth again. It hurt, that kind of loss. It was really just my own stubbornness that was going to keep my away, but I had to do something. She was driving me nuts and if she was going to tease me like that then I had no other choice. I had to sever all ties.
Or I could kill her.
Or I could rape her.
The thought of either didn’t make me feel any better so I chose to ignore them both and reject them as options. She would come back to me. Sooner or later she would realize I was the best thing that ever happened to her.

I spent the next week walking around like a zombie. I couldn’t shake the feeling of loss or the anger of her letting me go. I had no bodies to burn and no one to kill, and the only thing I could think about was her.
I was just as haunted without her as I was with her. I cursed fate and god and love and myself over and over. The hole in my heart was like a burning ember that didn’t let me eat or sleep. Still I remained stubborn and refused to let myself go see her. I could only hope she was suffering and badly as I was.
To keep myself busy I filled in the fire pit and removed all the ashes. I mixed up enough cement to finish off the fence posts all around the property and stayed busy pouring it and setting the posts. It was perfect farm weather; raining at night and hot and sunny all day. That week was all it took to fill in the dirt patch that used to be the fire pit with weeds. I went looking for it one night and couldn’t find it. I figured I was better off.
It turns out I was.
A state trooper was looking into the disappearance of the one of the men we had killed. He was last seen sitting in a bar with Mary Beth. The cops came and questioned her, and she sent them over to my house. She told them I was crazy jealous of anyone she liked or spent time with and I was always burning massive fires. She told the cops that I probably killed the man and burned him up.
“Do you mind if I check out your property?” The cop asked. He was a tall black man with a bald head and bright white teeth. He never smiled, his eyes bore through me like twin drills. I didn’t give him anything, just explained that I didn’t even really know Mary Beth except for the bus rides to school we used to share. Said I didn’t like her all too much on account of her mother being a whore and the apple not falling too far from the tree. I was a good Christian man and didn’t much like the way she flaunted herself and didn’t go to church.
The cop must have been satisfied with my answers. He drove through the field and even rode right over the old fire pit. It took him a couple hours of snooping around before he gave up and came back.
“Your neighbor says she sees giant fires burning back here at night.”  He rose an eyebrow and looked at me like I was supposed to volunteer the information.
“Fires?” I kind of laughed. “Sir, you would be hard pressed to find a fire burning on a farm unless its winter and you’re looking in the fireplace.”  I motioned out to the field and the crops that grew beyond. “If my crops burn I lose everything.” It was true, I had been incredibly cautious while burning the bodies.
“That’s about what I figured.” The cop looked into my soul. “Why do you think she would send me over here to question you?”
“I recon it’s cause my father got into it with her mother a few years back.” That much was true. “Our fathers were friendly, two old farmers sharing equipment and helping each other out, you know how it is.” I didn’t think he did, but the cop nodded and listened. “Then her father dies and her mother starts whoring around. Made it real public she was looking for another man. She remarried some fella who doesn’t know the first thing about farming. He sold off some prime land to a housing development instead of my father. The old man got pissed and saw her mother in town one day. He called her a whore and got into a fight with her new husband. My father kicked the hell out of him. I guess she still holds a grudge.”
The cop left, and with him went the ember in my heart. She was trying to get me arrested. She was playing dirty.
The monster that Mary Beth created was rattling at it’s cage. I thought I had put him down, but it looks like he had one more murder left in him.

The story ends with the next post. I have the ending now, kind of.
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  1. At first I was, "no, no, no...stay on the farm! be a good boy!" Then on second thought I was, "take care of that bitch!" Oh my pesky dark side. Can't wait to read the end!