Friday, June 10, 2011

Unfinished Symphony Part 3: The Finale

I waited two weeks so everything would blow over. I never saw the cops again, so I guess I was off the hook. I walked through the field between our houses and snuck up to her window. Mary Beth was sitting in the kitchen with another guy. He looked like a college kid; neatly parted hair, clean shaven, expensive clothes. His hands were neat and clean, like he aint never seen a hard days work in his life.
Mary Beth was handing him a beer, her perfect skin glowing as she giggled at something he said. She stood in front of him and unbuttoned her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The man reached up to touch her, and I headed for the front door.
We don’t lock our doors in these parts. Aint got no reason to. I walked right in and headed for the kitchen as quiet as I could. I got there just as she plunged a big carving knife into his neck. He flopped to the ground and began to twitch, blood pouring out of his neck and covering the floor in a flood. Mary Beth smiled as she looked down at him, her hands clapping like a small child’s.
“What the fuck is the matter with you?” I walked around the ever-widening pool of blood and smacked her hard across the face. She fell to the ground and crawled across the floor to slink against the cabinet. One petite hand covered the hot spot on her face where I slapped her. Her blouse was still open and her breasts hung out looking smooth and perfect and inviting.  “Why the fuck did you send the cops to my house?”
I was furious at her. Not just for sending the cops to talk to me but also for getting me into this mess in the first place. I wanted to strangle her, to watch the life ebb away from the gorgeous blue eyes. I wanted to do a lot of things, but I couldn’t. I loved her, and I always would. Slapping her was the most violent thing I would ever be able to do.
“I…” She began to sob uncontrollably, and this time I didn’t think it was part of an act. She knew she fucked up. “I… Oh god I screwed everything up so bad.” She crawled through the blood and pulled herself up using my pants as a rope. Her face was red and covered in tears and sweat. My handprint stood out red and angry on her cheek.
I pulled her to her feet and kissed the hurt cheek gently. Then I kissed her lips. She let me. I hugged her tight and smelt the familiar fragrance of her hair. Despite the death and anger and fear I could feel my cock starting to grow. Her naked breasts were pushed against my shirt and I could feel her nipples sticking me.
“It’s not that bad.” I pulled her away from me and looked into her eyes. “It’s just a dead body. I can take care of this.” 
She sobbed louder and threw herself back into my arms. She hugged me tight and I could feel her tears soaking through my shirt. I held her, my hand slowly stroking her back. She struggled to breath through the tears, finally regaining her composure.
“It’s so much worse than that.” Mary Beth took my hand and led me to the basement door. She opened it. I turned on the light and looked down the stairs. Five bodies lay in a tangle of limbs. The smell was horrible.  I gagged and turned away from the greasy smell of death.
“What the fuck did you do?” I glanced back and saw blond hair and bright red high-heeled shoes. The tattoo on the ankle cinched it. “Did you kill your mother?”
“I had to.” She screamed at me before collapsing to the ground.

It took a long time to finally get her to calm down again. We sat on the couch holding each other. I whispered quiet words of consolation to her, but nothing worked. I told her it would be OK but she didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe me either. My mind was racing as I tried to formulate a plan. Nothing was coming.
I thought I was the monster Mary Beth had made. It turns out she was twice as bad. Maybe I was the Dr. Frankenstein here. I was the one who agreed to help her kill; I was the one who cleaned up after her. I was the one who made it all work. If I just told her no that first time none of this would have happened.
I would have to save her this one last time.
I covered my mouth and nose with a dishtowel and headed down into the basement. Mary Beth stayed on the couch weeping softly. I think she was asleep, but I wasn’t sure. The smell was like a living thing crawling all over me. It wormed its way into my nose and mouth and lay in my hair. I could taste it and feel it like a greasy brown thing on my flesh.
I managed to get down the stairs and look real good at all of them. It was her mother and three local men. My father was good friends with two of them. The other was a shiftless piece of trash that spent more time in the bottle than at work. That made this a much bigger problem. The locals would be missing, and someone would have seen her with one of them. The cops would be here soon, and this time she wouldn’t be able to flirt her way out of trouble and send them down the road on a wild goose chase to my place.
I could feel the plan snap into place in my head .  It meant I would have to touch these dead things, and the thought of that made my flesh crawl and the bile rise up in my throat. Something big and foul dislodged inside my stomach and splashed around down there sending bitter tasting nastiness up into my mouth. I had handled a few dozen dead bodies before, but they were still fresh, still human. These things were anything but.
I grabbed the biggest guy first. He weighed over two hundred pounds when he was alive, and seemed to have doubled that since he had died. I could hear the constant drone of flies buzzing around him and the wiggling of maggots just below his flesh. I tried to keep my hands on his clothes but everything was so loose I kept slipping.
Finally I gave up and ran to the kitchen for some gloves. I took a sheet from the hallway and brought it down into the basement. I think the smell got worse while I was gone. I couldn’t shake the sound of those flies. They filled my head and invaded everything except my sense of smell. That was dedicated to the sickly sweet smell of rot as it permeated off the four corpses.
The sheet got spread out on the ground and I rolled the big man onto it. I had to grab his wrists to do it, and the skin kept slipping and peeling away, the muscles like pudding as they squished and ran in thick liquid blobs between my fingers. I managed to tie the sheet around him tight enough o drag his body up the stairs and get him into the bedroom. I did the same with the other three corpses, carefully placing her mother on the bed and laying one of the dead men on top of her. I figured she wouldn’t mind spending her death the same way she spent most of her life.
Damn whore. This was all her fault.
I went to work on the college kid. It was almost refreshing dealing with a body as fresh as his, but the coppery smell of blood did nothing to cleanse my nose of the smell of decay. I made quick work of him and managed to shove the body into six garbage bags. After I tossed him into the bed of my old truck I paused outside for a minute. A few deep breaths made me feel a little better, but there was still something I needed to do before I left this place of death. Something that would make me feel a lot better.
Mary Beth was lying on the couch, her dace resting on one of the ancient pillows and her feet tucked up to her belly. The smooth flesh of her naked breasts was illuminated by a wash of moonlight that drifted through one of the windows. I placed a hand on her back and gently touched her skin. It was cool and smooth and perfect. Just feeling her skin on my hand everything I did that night worthwhile. I really did love her.
“Is everything alright?” She looked up at me with those big eyes and something inside me melted. “Did you fix it?”
“Most of it.” I whispered. I dropped down to my knees and she rolled over a little, her arms going around my neck as her lips found mine. She kissed me deep, her tongue invading my mouth and dancing around. I placed a shaking hand to her breast and squeezed a little, the supple flesh cool and heavy in my hand. She pulled me closer and went to her, our kisses becoming more urgent. Finally the stench of death was gone, all I could smell was her perfume and the musk of sweat and need on her skin.
Her hands left my neck and she unbuttoned her jeans. I did the same, and within seconds I was laying naked on top of her. This was the moment I had waited my entire life for, the one thing I had needed since before I was old enough to understand such things.  My dick felt like it was going to explode as it lay in the field of long thick hair between her legs. As badly as I wanted to be inside of her I was afraid too. I had dreamt of this moment forever, obsessed over it for so long and now I was finally here.
Mary Beth finally did it herself, and that it made all the more special. She slid her hips up and took my hardness into her hand, stroking it slowly as she brought it to her wet opening. She lifted her hips a bit and pulled me in.
She was so incredibly hot and wet. Her nipples puckered and her back arched as I slid fully into her. That was enough for me, this moment, right now. Our hearts were beating out in rhythm. Our eyes locked together, our smiles identical. I leaned down and kissed her. She had her arms around my back, mine were wrapped under her arms and my big hands clamped down on her shoulder, the dirty nails digging soft half circles into the perfect flesh.
She worked her hips slowly, rolling them around under my weight as the muscles inside of her massaged and worked around my cock. Every second was excruciating perfection, and I pleaded that the universe would let this last forever.
Of course it couldn’t. I wasn’t skilled with women the way some men, and this being my first time making love meant it wasn’t meant to last. I struggled against the tidal wave for as long as I could, but she felt so fucking good and smelt so sweet and tasted better than anything else in the world. I came. It was an experience I’ll never forget, something I will play in my mind forever.
I didn’t know if she could tell or not until I looked into her eyes and saw the smile light them up. Her hips bucked faster and the muscles inside of her sucked out every last drop. I fell on top of her, my muscles as loose as discarded rope. I couldn’t move, and she didn’t want me to. I could feel the sweat between us and the heat our combined bodies made threatened to light the couch on fire. My dick was shrinking inside of her, but the tightness of her pussy help me captive.
That was how I fell asleep.
Sunlight struck my eyes and when I opened them she was still underneath me, her arms wrapped gently over my back. I was still inside of her, and making the decision to finally get up was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I moved a little, pushing myself up on my arms, but that little bit of movement was enough to make my penis start to grow. I felt it like a slow tingle, then the blood opened like a floodgate and filled me. I arched my back as my cock slid deeper into her, exploring the recesses of her. The more I grew the better it felt, and was soon pumping my hips into her wetness.
Mary Beth opened her eyes and smiled at me, quickly finding my rhythm and joining, her hands grasping the cheeks of my ass as she pulled me in deeper. Her legs lifted up and I found the right spot. Her mouth opened wide as a loud “Oh!” escaped between those full, sexy lips. She smiled, her eyes a light with glee as something happened inside of her. Mary Beth spread her legs wider and slid a shaking hand down her belly and between her legs. She began rubbing the swollen pink button just above the opening to her cunt, wet slipper sounds getting hidden under her moans and dirty words.
Her hips bucked up violently and her eyes rolled back into her head, a sudden tightness gripped my cock and as the muscles inside of her moved around like waves. Her muscles seemed lock up and she clutched at me frantically, bulling my weight down onto her as her teeth sank into my shoulder. She was panting like a dog.
The tightness relaxed but she was so wet it felt like I was fucking a bucket of water. Once Mary Beth regained herself she pushed me off and lay me back on the couch. Her mouth went over my cock and she began to suck it hard, her small hand slipping over it as she bobbed her head. There was a devious light in her eyes, a need so great it matched my own. After several minutes of the most amazing agony she positioned herself on top of me and lowered her weight onto the rigid shaft. She moaned out and leaned back, her flat belly sucking in and exposing the rows of ribs and light shadow of muscle, her massive breasts hanging and bouncing, the nipples relaxed. I noticed a cross thatching of delicate veins that all seemed to lead directly to her nipples. Her head was thrashing from side to side as she pounded her body onto mine, the feel of my cock hammering into her driving me crazy. I couldn’t get my hands to her body quick enough.
One hand squeezed her breast while the other kneaded the supple ass like dough, the pale skin alternately tight and loose as she pumped her hips over me. I could feel the hot wetness dripping down over my balls and soaking the couch. I was close, struggling to hold back the feelings and concentrate on her and what she wanted, what she needed. It was always about what she needed, and I knew instinctively that she needed to come now, that she was working towards something big. Her breath was coming in the same rhythm as her hips, her mouth open in a constant smile, eyes closed.
She swung her head around and her long hair covered her face, the sweat plastering it there and sticking to her shoulders and the top of her breasts. I had both hands covering them now, the feel of her nipples poking into my palm and rubbing on the rough flesh with each thrust of her hips. Mary Beth was in complete control now, and I guess she always was.
She purred. Not human sounds of contentment, a completely feline sounding purr, like a sound that would come out of a tiger. I realized then that something was moving under my palms, and I lifted my eyes from the thin muscles of her belly to the heavy breasts my hands covered. There were a lot more veins then before, and they all stood out thickly just under the skin. I could trace them up her chest and over her shoulders and down her sides. Something fluttered under my right hand and I snatched it away.
The perfect pink nipple was gone, replaced now with a slowly opening eyelid. The thing that looked back at me was solid black. I recoiled in horror, my other hand immediately leaving her breasts just as the other eye opened.
Then something happened inside of her. I can only describe it as the most intense pleasurable suction, like her mouth was sucking my cock while she simultaneously fucked me. The way the muscles moved over my body was amazing, and I caught another waft of her musk, the single-minded passion and need coming off in waves.
I couldn’t help it; I bucked my hips into her and found the rhythm. She worked closer to the orgasm she needed, expertly timing my own with her.
We came.
The scream that erupted from Mary Beth made my ears bleed and shook the walls of the tiny farmhouse. A window shattered. I could feel hot wetness spread over my crotch as her come covered me. Her nails dug through the flesh of my chest and into the muscle, but I was beyond caring. The orgasm that tore through me was like nothing I even knew existed. The power of it threatened to drive me insane, and Mary Beth was only drawing it out longer by using the muscles inside of her to suck every drop of come out of me.
When it was over she collapsed onto me, the tightness of her pussy holding my dick hostage inside of her.
“You belong to me now.” She said between ragged breaths. Her body lifted off me slowly and she rubbed her belly. “He is growing inside of me right now.” Her smile was the happiest thing I had ever seen in my life.
“You mean…”
“We are going to have a child.” She leaned down and kissed me. I didn’t know women could know that so quickly, but I had no reason to doubt her.
I was so thrilled at the notion that now Mary Beth was finally mine that I forgot about the eyes on her tits or the veins that were now standing out on her body like a roadmap. When she finally got off me and turned I noticed the tail. I knew she hadn’t always been this way. Like everything else that had shaped her life I figured I made her this way. And as always I would protect her and watch out for her.
Everything changed in that moment; I was going to have a family.

I finally got what I wanted. Mary Beth is my wife, we live together on my father’s farm, and everything is better now. My parents are dead. They gave their life to the greater good. You see, my wife is eating for two now, and her appetite is voracious. Death is a way of life here now, but at least I don’t have to burn the bodies anymore. Mary Beth takes care of them.
As for the child; it took some getting used to, but when I really sit back and think about it he won’t be the first monster I ever made.
Gotta go now, my wife is hungry, and what Mary Beth wants, Mary Beth gets.

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  1. I had to read it twice. How perfect in its awfulness. I LOVE it! "what Mary Beth wants, Mary Beth gets." I'm still laughing about that.