Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Very Special Guest Blog: UNLAWFUL ENTRY By Joe Kesonu

My good friend Joe wrote this delightful piece of sin which I thuroughly enjoyed. I was actually laughing loudly and hooting while i read it, much the chagrin of my dogs who found the whole thing rediculously amusing. Its a slight departure from my usual style, but isn't that the idea when you have someone do a guest post? I hope you enjoy this tasty bit. Take my hand and walk with me off the beaten path and into the shadows where it is cool and frightnening. Be careful of the shadows, they bite with sharp teeth and what they touch tends to turn green and fall off. Mind your manners as we head deeper in, the life you save might just be mine.
Enjoy the guest post.

Unlawful Entry
By Joe Kesonu

                Jodie got off his bed and walked to the bathroom to wash himself, he turned on the light and saw his hand, face and cock were covered in blood.  “What the fuck?” he thought. It hadn’t been the first time he’d fucked this bitch and it was always the same, no matter what. The bitch always bled. He turned and looked at her on his bed. She was still withering in delight and ecstasy.
                “Any of your friends want to come by tonight?” Lori asked, her voice filled with hope and excitement.
                “Nah, I called most of ‘em and told them you were coming over tonight but they all said they were busy.” He lied easily to the dumb 18 year old cheerleader. The truth was, he really just wanted to fuck her himself. Abuse her the way he wanted to without the pressure of all his buddies watching.
                “That’s too bad. I was really hoping to have a cock in my ass, cunt and mouth all at the same time again.” Her statement immediately made his cock hard again and when he looked down he saw the mixture of jizz, blood and female cum dripping into his sink.
                “Well, I think I can manage to fuck your ass if you’d like. Just let me clean up a bit.”
                “No need for that.” Lori said, “Bring that cock over here and let me clean it up for you.”
                Jodie walked over to the bed and looked down at the little slut lying there in the glow of his bathroom light. She was covered in sweat, jizz and blood from her pussy. “Damn babe, you look as if you just walked out of a slaughterhouse.”
                “I like being bloody.”
                And it was true, he remembered she’d told him that when she was 14 her stepfather and brother had raped her for 4 days straight and she’s grown to love being treated like a cesspool. “Alright, well, clean my cock off and make it nice and slippery for your ass.”
                Lori sat up, grabbed a hold of his cock and started licking off the co-mingled juices of their bedroom lust.
                Damn. Jodie was really fucked up over this. He knew fucking his co-workers kid was out of bounds but the little whore just loved to be abused. He’d even used a couple of his ball peen hammers on her cunt while he fucked her. She loved it and screamed for more. When he tied her tits up with rope and then duct taped her nipple she asked to be electrocuted. He obliged. When he found his ex-girlfriends curling iron under his sink and started to fuck her ass with it she demanded he plug it in and lube her asshole with WD-40. He did. Man did that little bitch fuck his cock hard then!
                He just couldn’t get a handle on her. She wanted, no she needed to be beaten, fucked, ridiculed and abused till she was unconscious. And when she woke up, she wanted more. Jodie had never met a bitch like this. He didn’t know what to do. But, he thought, if this is what she wants, hell, I’ll give it to her.
                “You like the taste of all that shit on my cock? Don’t you, ya little skank.”
                Lori stopped sucking his bloodied prick, leaned back and placed her hand onto her bleeding, cum filled cunt, scooped up a wad of genetic expulsion in her hand and lapped it up like a dog. “Ruff! RUFF! I’m a bitch in heat!” she screamed.
                Jodie’s cock started throbbing harder than ever before. He grabbed her head and forced his eight inch cock down her throat and held her head there until she started gagging. Her fists beat on his chest and stomach, he felt her throat convulse on his prick and then he felt a warm, lumpy mass of mucus and vomit cover his cock and balls. He pulled her head off his groin. “What the fuck? Bitch? You vomit on me?”
                “Not for long!” Lori said and then started to lick up the regurgitated mess of her dinner. Once she’d cleaned Jodie off, she got on all fours and started to lap up the puke that had spilled onto the floor and sides of the bed.
                “Don’t just stand there.” She demanded. “FUCK MY ASS! STICK THAT COCK IN ME! TEAR ME APART!”
                Jodie did just that. He mounted her ass and shoved his cock in until his balls hit the bloody walls of her snatch. Lori bucked and screamed out in rage and pleasure and demanded more. “Punch me! You PUSSY COCKSUCKER! BEAT ME! MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE!”
                Jodie grabbed a handful of her crimson hair and slammed it into the side rails of his bed. Lori screamed and her pussy squirted bloody juice all over his thighs. “MORE! FUCK ME! BEAT ME! KILL ME!” She demanded.
                He didn’t know what to do. His mind was absent of thought and creativity. Until… he saw his buck knife gleaming on the bedside table. He grabbed it, and in one swift motion flipped it open and started to cut Lori’s flesh. It felt good… real good. The bitch screamed, he screamed. Blood flowed, his cock throbbed. She came like a water faucet that had been left on all night. He came until he was numb and then passed out.
                Jodie woke up to the sound of slurping and a pleasant yet uncomfortable feeling. He was face down on the floor and there was a firm weight on the back of his thighs. Something warm was tickling his ass and his cock was still hard. “Ugghhh.” The warm feeling on his ass stopped.
                “It’s ok… It’s ok.” The soothing voice of his bitch said. I was just a bit hungry.”
                Jodie tried to roll over but he realized his hands were tied to the feet of the bed and his legs had been tied to the feet of his dresser.
                “You fucked my good. Now it’s my turn to fuck you. Hope you don’t mind if I invited my family over to help.” Lori said in her most innocent of voice.
                “What?” Jodie said as he turned his head to the left. He saw 5 pairs of feet attached to legs but saw no faces.
                “You see,” Lori explained “if your friends had come over to help you fuck me right, then I never would have had to call my family. Pop-Pop is gonna video tape this shindig so we can watch it over and over. And brother Ray even brought his favorite bat so we can fuck you properly.”
                “Dat’s right Boy!” A voice said behind Jodie “You fuck our little girl…. We gets to fuck you. Dems da rules of the family and now dat Lori-girl has cleaned out your poop hole we gonna have us a real nice time.”
                The ensuing pain was only relieved by the blackness that descended him.

                                                                          THE END

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