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Witches House: the Chronicles of Rosario
By: Chrsitian Jensen

He smiled down at her, the jaundiced look in his green eyes reflected brightly in the wide begging stare of hers, his fingers digging into her throat too tightly and hurting the soft fleshy things inside. Something crunched a little and she tried to flinch but he was abnormally strong, especially for someone so fucking skinny. The nails on his fingers were starting to draw blood in crescent shapes on the delicate white flesh and bright lights began to appear around the periphery of her fading vision.
This is it, she thought to herself. I went out with the wrong guy and I won’t be coming home. Everyone warned her this would happen, all of her friends speaking out at one time or another about her carelessness, her willingness to drop everything and head out with the first good looking guy who smiled at her. Now she was paying the price they had warned her she would eventually have to pay, and it was costing Mary her very life.
“I am going to hurt you.” His voice was deep and heavy in her ear, but it sounded like it was coming from a million miles away.
Mary was getting tired, and the pain was starting to fade away which was scaring her a little. Darkness was coming in around the edges and the bright lights she had been seeing were all but gone now. It was hard for her to see, her eyes had rolled up into her head and she was looking into her eyelids.
He let go of her throat and smiled down at her, the bright white teeth reflecting the soft light of his apartment and shinning down on her like spotlights. Mary sucked in a deep breath and launched herself into a coughing fit. Her throat hurt worse than it ever had, even worse than the days following her tonsillectomy. She tried to remember what that was like, but the red-hot pain that tore through her body right now was eclipsing all other thought. Mary struggled to focus on anything, but the pain was her only world.
“I want to hurt you so bad that you will never forget me.” He moved the thin fingers of his hand down her throat and over the smallish breasts, his fingers running over the fabric and the nails scratching at the printed logo of her shirt as they moved down the small collection of fat on her stomach and curved around to cup the jeans between her legs. “I am going to fuck you.” he grabbed a handful of flesh and squeezed, the pain flaring up again immediately and somehow, mercifully, taking some of it away from her throat.
Mary sucked in a pained and surprised breath and began to cough again. She whimpered and tried to beg him to stop, but no words would fit out of her ruined throat.
“I am going to fuck you and hurt you, and then I am going to kill you.” He laughed a little, but it was a fake sound, something dead and empty. There was a lack of emotion to everything; his smile, his eyes, his laugh. Mary wasn’t sure if he was real, and she didn’t know if that should matter.
He kept one hand clamped between her legs and used his other to rip the shirt off her in one quick motion. She wasn’t wearing a bra; Mary never thought she really needed one. Her tits were just over a B cup, and she liked the attention she got when her nipples poked into the fabric of her shirt. She looked down at herself, her round breasts bobbing around like loosely filled bags of water, her pudgy belly shaking as she forced air into her lungs and let it out in shuddering breaths. His hand was moving slowly over her stomach, the nails leaving small red lines behind them that pooled slowly with her blood. Her skin was covered with gooseflesh and her nipples puckered up and pointed out to the sides.
The fabric of her jeans didn’t tear away as easily as her shirt. He had to place a hand flatly on her stomach and force his other hand upwards, the pain building inside her belly until the seams finally gave way and he ripped them off her, throwing them to the floor with her shirt. She didn’t think it should be so easy to tear blue jeans off someone, yet this guy didn’t have too much trouble with it.
Mary was now lying naked on his couch, her hairless pubis gleaming in the pale light, shinning like a beacon. His hand instantly gravitated there, the fingers running over the cool flesh of her labia. He was being gentle, and she thought that maybe once he got what he wanted he would let her go.
Mary never thought of herself as pretty or sexy, but she knew what guys wanted enough to accentuate her better features. Her wide hips made her stomach look thinner than it was, and her tits stood out far enough that her shirts would hang off them, the nipples visible through the shirts enough to draw the eye away from anything else. She kept her hair long and lipstick on her thick, bee-stung lips so they stood out from her plain face. She used her words more than her body to lure men into buying her drinks or getting her high. It was easy to get someone to buy them a drink when you offered to suck their cock for it.
“How may men have made this thing their home?” He looked into her eyes and there was the same lack of emotion. “How many cocks have slipped into this hole while you lay under their sweating bodies and bask in the attention these men give you? How many seconds of self esteem have you been able to get from their seeds?”  He shook his head slowly from side to side.
The man stood up and began to get undressed. He was slow about it, deliberate and careful. His shirt was unbuttoned, folded, and placed on the chair behind him. His shoes and socks next, placed carefully under the chair. After his pants and underwear were hung neatly on the back of the chair he turned slowly and smiled down at her. His flaccid penis was small, the head pulled into the wrinkled shaft and the fleshy foreskin covering it completely. He was hairless; not a single hair stood out on his body underneath his neck, even his nipples where devoid of the usual thatch of fur most men had. His groin wasn’t just shaved it was smooth. There were no razor bumps that would indicate he had recently shaved it off. If he weren’t so tall and covered in thin ropes of muscle he would have looked like a child.
He lowered himself slowly to his knees and spread her legs easily, Mary allowing herself to be moved around like a rag doll. He brought his mouth down between her legs and she could feel the heat of his breath on the smooth flesh of her lips. It didn’t feel good. She looked down at him and saw the gleam in his eye, something bright and hungry that hadn’t been there before. With one quick fluid motion his head snapped to the side and there was a bright flash of teeth as he bit into her thigh. She tried to scream but all that would come out was a small squeak as tears streaked out of her eyes.
Something strange happened as he sucked the blood from her flowing wound; Mary began to enjoy it. The pain in her neck began to dissipate, and she was able to breath without pain. She even heard herself making small mewing sounds of enjoyment. His mouth was dangerously close to her pussy, but not on it. Still she could feel electric bolts of pleasure shooting through her body much stronger than anything she ever felt when a guy went down on her. Mary’s pussy was swelling and getting wet as he sucked at the wound, her nipples growing stiffer and more sensitive. When she came Mary screamed out, one hand running through the wetness of her sex and the other buried in the thick black hair of his head.
It was like nothing else she had ever felt; pleasure rolled through her body in thick waves, smashing into her again and again, feeling like some magnificent drug. Mary gasped for breath, sweat breaking out on her skin, as she grew dizzy and weak.
“Do you like me?” He looked up from between her legs and smiled, blood covering his mouth like clowns make-up. There was something wrong with his mouth, but Mary was too light-headed to figure out what it was.
She rolled her head back onto the pillows of the couch and giggled like a small girl.
“Yes.” She dipped two fingers into the soaking flesh of her pussy and brought them up to her mouth. They were shaking as she sucked the come off her fingers. “Are you going to fuck me now?” Mary batted her eyes at him thinking this may be her only chance to stay alive. “Please, I want to feel you inside me.”
He smiled at her and nodded his head. She felt his fingers playing over the soft wet flesh as he worked a finger into her, then two. She melted into the soft cushions and moaned out as he worked four fingers, stretching her painfully. Mary gasped as his entire hand was forced into her, the nails on his hand biting into the soft insides of her vagina. She screamed out and tried to sit up as he pushed his hand farther inside of her, his nails slicing her open as he reached up into her body.
“Not what you expected?” He laughed, a humorless sound that echoed flatly in the sparse room. “If I don’t kill you now you’ll turn soon, and I can’t have that. There is only one woman I ever wanted to spend eternity with, and this is her fault. Don’t blame me about this, blame Victoria.” He pushed his hand deeper into her, his elbow and bicep disappearing into her bloody hole.
He felt her heart pounding just outside of his reach. Mary was writhing around screaming and crying, her body flopping around on his arm as he struggled to get the last few inches that would put her beating heart in his hands. He stretched and pushed and caught hold of the throbbing muscle. He gripped it like an unripe fruit and twisted it free, pulling it out of her quickly and showing her dead eyes the organ before biting into it and sucking the thick dark blood from it.
“I gave Victoria my heart,” he dropped the heart to the floor, withered and drained and he stomped a bare foot onto it and ground the thing into his rug. “And she stepped on it. I know just how you feel Mary.”

Stanley is a bad mother fucker. He is one of the Vampires that does not sparkle. He keeps to the shadows and hunts, slaughtering any woman who reminds him of Victoria. You’ll love her; Hot red head with an incredible body and an insatiable sexual appetite.
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  1. Oh you have so totally sucked me in. You are definitely going on my TBR list.

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