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I know return you to your regularly scheduled nightmare.

Mary Beth leaned her arms on the table and exposed her ample cleavage. Blood splatter covered her arms and face and the tops of those perfect tits, and I suddenly wanted to lick them clean very badly. She wouldn’t let me. It was fine for her to spend time with me killing people, but when came to having sex I might as well have been one of the corpses.
“What do you think?” She asked. Her shoulders swayed a little and her breasts swayed, heavy and full.
“Um, what?” I had a hard time concentrating when she showed too much skin. It was part of our relationship; she would show off her gorgeous body and tease me with it, but never let me touch. I hated that.
“I said we should cut him into smaller pieces.” She nudged the severed head on the floor and ran a finger down the center of her throat leaving a smear of blood behind. “It will be a lot easier for you to get rid of that way.”
“I’ve never had a problem before.” She wasn’t interested in making anything easier on me, she just wanted to play with the dead body some more. She loved hacking into them and getting covered in their blood.
“What do you do with the bodies?” She was practically purring. It was her way of getting me to do something I didn’t want to. It was how she got me to kill her stepfather three months ago. It was what started all of this.
“I’ve told you before what I do with the bodies.” And I had. Several times I told her. I burn the bodies out back. My father had a hundred acres and since the stroke he didn’t get out into the back pastures anymore. I had a nice deep pit that I loaded with wood and tired and poured in enough gas to get the fire burning quick. The tires burned a lot hotter than wood and turned a body into ash in less than six hours.
“Tell me again.” The strap to her bra was hanging off one shoulder and driving me crazy. I cursed myself for falling into this trap. I was dying to touch her, to suck on of her nipples into my mouth and lay her down on the blood floor and fuck the shit out of her. It would happen one day, I would make it happen no matter what.

Mary Beth was my neighbor. We lived nearly a mile apart, but our parents had been friends until her dad died ten years ago and her mother started whoring around looking for a new man. My father forbid my mother from spending time with a woman of loose morals, and that was that. Mary Beth’s mother got remarried and the only time I got to see her was on the bus to and from school.
I always had a crush on her, ever since we were little. As she got older she developed into a gorgeous woman and I was head over heals for her. She was trying to head off to college and I was stuck taking care of the farm now that my father had suffered a stroke and didn’t much leave the house. School was over for me, so I didn’t even get to see her on the bus anymore.
I was shocked when she showed up at my door one night. Her eyes were streaked with tears that night and she told me that her step father had raped her. She begged me to kill him, and I did. I bashed in his skull with a baseball bat and then cut him up into a dozen pieces and burned him out back. Hs ash went into a cement mix and I poured that into the footings for my new fence.
That was the start of it. After that Mary Beth discovered she had a taste for killing, and I had a taste for her.
It wasn’t hard for Mary Beth to lure people back to her house. Her mother was usually out whoring it up again trying to find another husband, so we had her house all to ourselves. She would head out and pick up some random guy, bring him back to her house, and I would kill him. Once the poor bastard was dead Mary Beth would cut him up and I would throw the parts into my old Ford pick up and head out to the field for burning.
Mary Beth told me she loved me. She said I was the only man in her life that didn’t let her down. She liked to change in front of me, taking her clothes off slow and smiling as I  moved around uncomfortably with an erection burning in my jeans. She showered with the door open knowing that I would watch, knowing that it drove me crazy. She liked it when I begged, stared, drooled, and whined. She liked having that power over me.
I hated it.
I hated her.
I had spent a lot of time thinking this through, and I was done playing her game. If she was just going to use me than I was done with her. She had turned me into a monster and I wanted to go back to just being me.

“I aint telling you nothing anymore.” I started tossing body parts into a black garbage bag. I kept my eyes on the pieces and ignored her tits. It wasn’t easy, but I was mad. “I aint killing people for ya anymore either.” I threw the bag over my shoulder and carried out to my truck. When I came back in she was sitting on a chair, legs spread wide. Her thighs were a cream color, smooth as silk and covered in thin muscle. Her blouse was unbuttoned to her belly button, the smooth flesh of her stomach exposed and looking delicious. Her full breasts were hanging free of her bra, the nipples poking through the fabric.
I walked right for her and got down on my knees. My face went between her tits and I rested my hot face against the cool skin. Her hands came up and held my face there. She smelt like blood and sweat and flowers. My hands were around her waist. I brought my left hand up and pulled the fabric away from her breast. My mouth went to the pert nipple and I sucked it in, moaning with near insanity. I wanted her so bad I could feel my heart beating in my ears. Everything was growing grey and fuzzy around the edges.
She pushed me away and put her breast back into the blouse. Her smile never faltered.
“What are you doing?” She pretended to be shocked, but this was her plan all along. She shifted in her seat and pulled the dress up a little more. I got to my feet without bothering to hide the erection that was straining in my jeans.
“I want to make love to you Mary Beth. I love you.” I was standing in front of her, five feet away but it could have a mile or more. She was too distant to ever reach, like a girl in a dream who is always out of reach no matter how fast you run towards her.
“We can’t.”  Her smile said we could, but she didn’t want to give up that power. She fidgeted in her seat again and this time I saw the delicate slit between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties; her smooth hairless pussy was staring up at me, laughing at me.
“Why not?” I was whining again, and that pissed me off. The blood in my face was starting to get hotter, my face flush with the fever she infected me with. I cleared my throat and put the bass back in my voice. “If you don’t have sec with me right now I swear I won’t ever kill another person with you.” I meant it.
“Sure you will.” She lifted on leg and placed it on the seat of the wooden chair she was on. I could see the pink inner lips peaking out the fleshy slit. She was wet down there. I could smell it. Her leg drifted to the side and the flower blossomed, opening up in front of me. I moaned a little in my throat and rubbed my crotch.
“No.” I shook my head to clear some of the thoughts from it. “I won’t. I’m sick of playing this game. I’m sick of running home to jerk off thinking about you when you’re right here, right now. I could drop my pants and shove myself into you. Looks like your ready for it.”
“Stop talking so dirty.” Mary Beth giggled.
“You’re the one showing me her pussy.” I motioned to the wetness between her legs and took one last look at it before her leg went back to the floor.
“I was just sitting her.” She lowered her eyes and tried to look angry. It was all part of her game. “You’re the dirty pervert who tried to suck my tit.”
“You let me have it for a couple seconds.” The happiest seconds in my life. “And I mean it. If you don’t fuck me right now I aint killing anyone else.” I thought I might kill one more person. I could just kill her and fuck her, or fuck her and kill her. Either way I was good.
“You don’t mean that.” Mary Beth pouted. Her fat lower lip drooped and I suddenly wanted to suck it into my mouth. I wanted to taste her.
I didn’t say another word. If began to toss the rest of the dead man into the bag without another word. She said things, a lot of things but I ignored her. She was the one who made me like this. She was the one who turned me into this monster who could kill and destroy the bodies time and time again. It would be her own fault if I killed her. It would serve her right.
The bag was heavy but I didn’t show it as I hefted it over my shoulder and carried it to the truck.
When I got back into the house Mary Beth was standing there naked. For a second I thought this was my moment.
“Oh, I didn’t think you would be back in so quick.” She covered her nakedness with the sheer fabric of her sundress. She feigned humility.
“So we aren’t going to fuck?” I asked her one last time to be sure. I didn’t know if I was just going to leave or if I was going to kill this cock teasing little bitch.
“We don’t have that kind of relationship.” She smiled at me.
“But I want that kind of relationship.” I was looking over her delicious body and thinking bad thoughts.
“No.” She dropped the dress and exposed herself to me. “You are more like a brother to me. You are the only man in my life who hasn’t let me down. I don’t want to ruin that with sex.” She walked over to me, her wide hips swaying, and the delicate shadow of muscles fluttering like butterflies under her tight skin. I couldn’t drink in enough of her.
“Well, if you don’t fuck me tonight you are going to lose me.” I pulled another garbage bag out and began to pick up the little pieces. There was still so much blood to clean up. It was going to take another hour at least. I couldn’t stand the thought of being stuck in this house with her for that long.

To be honest I have absolutly no idea how this story is going to end up. I have no ending for it yet, but I havent posted anything in a few days and I don't want you to feel neglected. Like me children so often do.
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