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Guest post 5 SIREN By: Alyn Day

Now I bring you guest post number 5 by the untapped talent of Alyn Day. She is a fixture on twitter, and if you’re not following @z0mbiegrl than you are missing a treat. She is funny, touching, and just plain sweet. This girl wears her heart on her sleeve for the world to see. With Alyn Day, what you see is what you get. I can do nothing but respect that.
She started a blog, finally. While that is an ongoing work in progress you need to stop by and say hello. I know a lot of people were telling her she needed to create one, but I am going to take all the credit. Fuck everyone else.
I have had the honor of watching her writing progress over the past couple months, and I am excited to share Siren, her first erotic horror story, with all of you.  She is another young writer who wanted to keep adding and changing and editing her story so that it was perfect. I got to watch the progression from rough draft to finished version 1, 2, wait…I have a few more days let me get another draft done… until I finally was able to rip this version from her hands and post it.
I am sure you will agree it is an incredibly sexy and frightening tale. Enjoy.

By: Alyn Day

Jacob Russell rubbed his temples. His head was throbbing and he needed a smoke. His job as a late shift EMT was starting to get to him. It wasn't the strung out cokeheads who often got violent when he tried to check them out, it wasn't the beaten and abused children he saw on what seemed like a nightly basis, it wasn't even the amount of death, it was that fucking siren. Hearing it over and over again, night after night, was doing something to his brain, he imagined.
He had been having constant headaches since he had begun the job, but he hadn't really associated them with the fact that he had recently given up smoking. Possibly the late nights and long hours were having an effect on his memory if nothing else. If only he could forget Karen as easily.
She had left him less than two weeks prior, citing his smoking as one of the reasons she needed to "move out and move on", as she put it. Jake knew he wasn't the easiest person to live with, his bouts of depression, fits of anger, and over all personality were a lot to take, but he had loved Karen and loved her still. He had decided to give up smoking with the idea of winning her back somewhere in his head, although he would have been hard pressed to admit it. 
He sighed, hunched over the steering wheel in the big, boxy ambulance, waiting for his partner Rick Creegan to come back from the coffee shop across the street with caffeine and donuts. It had been a long shift in a string of long shifts, one that seemed to go on practically forever, although in actuality it had only been 4 hours since he had signed in and taken the keys to #27 off the little hook in the EMT office.
The caduceus, embroidered on his sleeve in shiny metallic silver, caught the orangey light from the arch sodium lamps overhead and reflected it brightly on the window. Jake stared dimly at the image of the twin snakes wrapped around a staff reflected in his window, thoughts returning once again to Karen and the way her hair always fell just so into the shadows made by her collar bones, the sound of her laugh and the way she smelled.
Jake startled when Rick whipped open the passenger door and plunked into his seat, deftly balancing a paper bag, already stained with grease, and a paperboard cup holder containing 2 full cups of hot black coffee. He set the cup holder down between them and Jake picked his beverage up, not even pausing before he took 3 long swallows of the hot black liquid.
"It's going to be a long night. I can feel it." he sighed. Rick nodded, powdered sugar on his lips and a mouth full of jelly donut, as the radio squawked to life in front of them, issuing orders and giving the location of their next call in a staccato filled with static.

A little over 3 hours later, Rick and Jake sat in their ambulance once more, having dispatched and delivered more of the city's dead and dying into the waiting arms of Mercy General Hospital. Both men were exhausted. Jake had pulled into an empty parking lot on the outskirts of the city. It was near the ocean, and the sound of the rolling waves was incredibly soothing. Rick was asleep in the passenger seat, feet up on the dashboard, drooling slightly and snoring.
Jake could find no respite. Thoughts of Karen, of that morning he had come home from his shift a little early and found her packing, of the look in her eyes when she told him it was over, haunted him. Finally, temptation took over and he opened the driver's side door, hopping down onto the uneven pavement and reaching into his pocket for a smoke. He had kept the pack there, in his breast pocket, as a testament to his supreme willpower, but looking back he supposed that was a stupid idea at best.
He grinned sadly as he placed a cigarette into his mouth, brandishing a silver lighter. The flame flickered, highlighting his face in stark contrast to the darkness of his surroundings as he lit up and sat down on the Ambulance's rear bumper. He inhaled deeply and exhaled, almost a sigh. Shaking his head, he looked at his feet, blood from an earlier bout with one of the homeless still smeared on one shoe. He took another drag and looked out to the ocean and that was when he saw her.
She was nude, what he could see of her, but somehow that wasn't what captivated him, held him entranced instantly. It was her eyes, even at a distance they were pools of remarkable depth and clarity and they were fixed on him intently. Her lips were full and slightly parted and the color of coral, even in the dim light. Her long blonde hair was carelessly tousled and the effect was ridiculously sexy. It fell down her smooth, creamy shoulders and drifted past her full breasts, each capped with a rosy nipple like the cherry on a sundae. There it faded from view past her slim waist where the shadows began. Jacob was utterly speechless, transfixed. He couldn't breathe; the sight of her had him mesmerized, as she stepped out into what little light there was. She was completely naked and absolutely stunning, the most perfect example of exquisite feminine beauty Jacob had ever encountered. Her long slender legs moved below gracefully curving hips, smooth flat stomach over a patch of glistening blonde pubic hair. She beckoned. Perfect coral finger nails motioned on the one the end of a slender alabaster arm.
 The cigarette, still glowing like an ember, fell from Jake's lips as he stood, walking towards her as if in a daze.
She stepped back into the shadows, onto the sandy beach, luring Jake after her. He followed without question. The darkness enshrouded them both. Once past the shallow pools of murky orange light cast by the street lamps edging the parking lot, she encircled him in her arms, which were unusually strong despite their slenderness, and pulled him into her.
Already Jake’s nostrils were filled with her aroma, musky and deep, wild and untamed, dangerous. Her skin was cool to the touch, Jake noticed, as he slid his hands down her back and over the firm curvature of her ass. He was pulled close to her and became instantly erect.
 Her mouth tasted of the briny sea. She kissed him hungrily, pressing her body into his, her tongue parting his lips and exploring the landscape of his mouth. She gently yet insistently probed, her hands roaming over his biceps and shoulders, playing over his neck, fingernails scraping teasingly at the base of his hairline. Her delicate hands sent tiny electric shocks throughout his body. There was something primal in the scent of her, and that only excited Jake more.
She moved against him, silken skin sliding over the throbbing bulge in his pants through the thin fabric of his uniform. He noticed that only her mouth and the damp recess between her legs possessed any warmth. They were like flames unto themselves, furnaces burning with the fire of lust and passion ignited between the two of them. She kissed him harder, more fervently, and Jake was powerless to resist her dark embrace. He moved with her as she pulled him towards the sandy dunes near the waves as they lapped languidly at the shore.
Jake's hands moved restlessly over every inch of the maiden's skin, her firm breasts and deliciously hard nipples, the slim curvature of her waist and her long, smooth legs and the graceful arch of her back. He was only dimly aware of being shoved to the ground before he was on his back. She was on top of him, pinning him to the cooling sand.
Her movements belied a desperate intensity as she writhed on top of him. She ground into him, pressing the delicious warmth of her sex against his throbbing manhood. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt, ripping it from his body and casting it aside, the feel of her on his bare skin adding a new layer to the already unbearable sensations of arousal Jake felt. He was powerless against her, his thoughts consumed with nothing but the idea of feeling the stiff shaft of his cock enter her wet slit.
Jake tasted blood as she bit his lip in her fervor but it barely registered as her hands found their way into his pants, the cool velvety texture of her skin as she began to stroke him slowly. Before he knew what was happening he was inside her, stretching her tight glistening warmth with his hardness. She undulated atop him with quickening strokes. Just as he was nearing climax, wave after wave of pleasure breaking over him like ocean tides, she leaned forward and locked eyes with him.
Within her eyes he saw suffering, pain eternal and unending. She tore out his throat savagely with fangs that had sprung to her delicate mouth during their tryst, his hot blood spilling down her breasts and over her stomach, onto the area where their bodies joined in the throes of passion. She rocked herself to a climax of her own.
Jake screamed out his last breath, whether in pain or in pleasure it no longer mattered. His lifeblood poured out of him, mingling with the fluids from both of their bodies and pooling on the sand. She pulled herself off of him, her legs already warping and lengthening, scales springing out on her pale skin where Jake's blood had splashed. Her tail formed. She began to consume his flesh, peeling long hanks of flesh and muscle from his chest.
Somewhere nearby came the sound of a door slamming and shoes on pavement. She hurriedly finished her meal and dragged the remnants of Jake's carcass into the ebbing tide.
Rick stepped onto the beach to the sound of something splashing through the waves and found torn clothes, pooled blood, and tracks that looked like those of a very large sidewinder leading into the ocean...

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  1. Loved this story! Great job!! Want to read more by you.

  2. Thanks, babydoll! I'm so glad you liked it! Check out my blog at! There are a few short stories posted there now and more on the way!